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What is Ok to Board?

OTB - Ok to Board is kind of Dubai visa verification process that an airline follows. UAE immigration authorities found that some of the passengers from Asia traveled by fake visa issued by some non-authoritative entities. Therefore for security purpose airline need to verify your visa and make sure that you have valid Dubai visa issued by Dubai Immigration. Once airline confirms, they mark your flight ‘PNR – Passenger Name Record’ as ‘Ok to Board’. Ok TO Board Approval is mandatory for travelers from below given countries:

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Nepal
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri-Lanka

Free OTB Service with Dubai Visa Center

Passengers traveling from the some Asia countries need OK to Board approval with their PNR to board the flight. If you are from OTB obligatory countries then you need to get OTB approval otherwise airline officers may refuse to board the flight. To get OTB approval you need to send the copy of your visa and flight ticket to an airline with which you are traveling to UAE. Airline authorities will verify your visa that it is been issued by UAE embassy and update your PNR as ok to board.

However, if you apply for a Dubai visa through us, we will contact your respective airline on behalf of you and send them a copy of your visa. We will process your OTB without having you pay an extra cost for the same. The airlines may charge fees to update the status; however, we bear that cost and offer this complimentary service for our customers. You just need to provide us your Air ticket details prior to 24 to 48 hours of your departure and we will get it done for you. Once we get the update from the respective airline on your OTB status, our customer representative will call to update you about the same.

To know the status of Ok To Board you can directly contact your airline with you are flying or give a call us on +91 98 25 25 99 66.

Note: Airline Officers may refuse to board the flight if your PNR is not marked as OTB.