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best places to go shopping in dubai

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A variety of foreign brands are sold in Dubai from traditional souks with authentic bazaar vibes to high-end shopping malls. You will find a range of everything you need to choose from - gold, clothes, souvenirs and electronics.  Many tourists who go to Dubai would like to visit Dubai's traditional markets on Meena Bázar or Al Fahidi Street to explore cultural heritage in an enriching way and buy local craft from their incredible tour. So here is our guide to Best Places to go Shopping in Dubai.

If you want to upgrade your mode, gain insight into the Arab world's cultural markets and shopping, choose a market and do not wait.Hit one of these market places if you have time to spare, and you'll have an excellent time strolling and shopping.

22 Best Places to go Shopping in Dubai

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall, spread over an impressive 500,000 square metres, is the world's second-largest mall and a top-rated tourist attraction in Dubai. Facing the tallest building in the world, the mall provides stunning views, offering all sorts of luxury brand shops and designer clothing, making it one of Dubai's finest shopping locations.

This will be an absolute paradise for the fashionistas and shopping lovers amongst you. And after a day of shopping, when you are tired, head over to the Rainforest Cafe to get some snacks.

Mall of the Emirates

Do not forget to pop in and witness the architectural marvel called the Mall of the Emirates, one of Dubai's most famous shopping locations, when visiting Dubai. It also features world-class hotels, chic restaurants and the largest indoor ski lodge in all of the UAE, with 700+ stores that sell anything and everything. Skiing with children is an incredible thing to do in Dubai.

Deira Gold Souk

Step into a world of glitter and sparkle at Deira Gold Souk, one of Dubai's most beautiful shopping locations. As the name suggests, in every shape and size imaginable, the place is home to jewellery shops. There is a wide variety of types of jewellery you can find here from conventional gold and silver to stunning diamonds and precious stones.

You will literally find all sorts of ornaments here from 18-carat gold to 24-carat gold, from fake diamonds to genuine ones. This is a must-visit spot for your honeymoon trip to Dubai, as you can shop for your lover here.

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Souk Madinat Jumeirah

At one of the most beautiful shopping places in Dubai, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, experience the confluence of traditional and modernity. Explore the shops and luxury brand stores of the boutique as you shop at stalls and stands.

Here, find some of the most distinctive souvenirs and purchase some of the most exclusive jewellery pieces you'll ever see. And if you're tired, enjoy fine dining in one of Dubai's finest restaurants, or just grab some café snacks. Here, shopping is one of the best things to do at night in Dubai.

Al Fahidi Street

For those of you who want to discover Dubai's rich culture while still indulging in your favourite shopping hobby, Al Fahidi Street is the perfect spot. Under the stars, enjoy shopping therapy as you visit this vibrant bazaar where you can purchase something.

Polish your negotiating skills and enjoy the twinkling neon lights that turn on at night, making you feel like you're in a different universe altogether.

Burjuman Centre

The Burjuman centre is probably the most well-designed shopping complex in Dubai, the perfect destination for getting into fashion products without burning a hole in your wallet.

From affordable brands accessible to all to luxury garments and couture accessories, you can find everything. If you are travelling with your mates, enjoy shopping at the toy store for your little ones.

Deira City Center

For the true lover of shopping, Deira City Center is a one-stop store. There is everything you might like in this mall, from household products to clothing, children's wear to lingerie, carpets to watches. You may even enjoy your favourite drink gazing at picturesque views, but that's not all. In one of the pubs, or enjoy fine dining.

Perfume Souk

Perfume Souk is a very amazing and calming place to be even if you don't want something to buy. Even before you reach the place, the tantalising aromas bewitch you, and the sheer array of fragrances and perfumes from which to purchase makes it difficult to pick. When you feel a mysterious serenity settling over you, step into this marvellous place and feel your senses invigorated.

Spice Souk

Spice Souk is one of Dubai's most fascinating shopping areas, as the name suggests. Every year the place attracts thousands of tourists who are food lovers and love cooking, who want to explore the dizzying range of products available in this market.

The myriad of local and foreign spices, both famous and lesser-known, is enough to overwhelm everyone's senses. Take a stroll around the Spice Souk and have a lifetime of practice.

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Global Village

The Global Village is a class of its own with numerous pavilions built according to different countries, true to its name and unique in its shopping approach, where you can shop for products unique to that country and enjoy traditional foods.

The architecture of Global Village itself is a marvel, and the country's style is expressed in every pavilion. To experience shopping memorably, enter this place.

Al Ghurair Centre

Al Ghurair offers you everything you can wish for by providing a rare confluence of shopping and dining along with entertainment and luxurious stays. You can also indulge in delicious food and catch a movie here in addition to being a dedicated shopper's paradise with signature outlets and all the chic styled couture. Or just book a room here and feel the glow of it like never before.

Dubai Festival City Mall

The City Mall, where you can enjoy shopping for your favourite jeans amid light shows, music, giant Caribbean ships and neon lights, is one of the genuinely flexible malls in the UAE. In addition to the regular shopping enjoyable fare, there are a host of rides to enjoy. You can go to the pirate's tale and enjoy the water slides. If you are travelling with your family, there is also a fun area for kids.

Dubai Flea Market

The flea market is one of Dubai's most visited shopping locations. It is also the UAE's second-biggest second-hand market. Throughout the year and for all the right reasons, this vibrant place is a tourist hotbed where you can find such a wide range of items at such cheap prices.

There's no lack of cool things to find here. Find exclusive household products and quirky, arty pieces, buy funky jewellery and limited-edition shirts.

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Farmers' Market

In the weekly farmers market held in Dubai, foodies and cooking enthusiasts can find a paradise. Get new herbs, organic and locally grown fruits, freshly baked cookies and a lot more. The farmers' market, held under the open sky, is so much more than a place to shop, enjoying the vibrant environment, homely atmosphere, and serenity like never before.

Friday Market

The Friday Market, held weekly, is one of Dubai's unique shopping areas, where you can take your old and used things that you no longer need and sell them for cash. The Friday Market is busy with locals and visitors alike because, at a much cheaper rate than the regular market price, you can find anything from clothes to funky antique items.

There is everything available at this place, from expensive things such as cars and gadgets to finding flats for rental.

Naif Souk

Naif Souk is one of the most vibrant shopping spots in Dubai, a general market with a traditional atmosphere and a great range of authentic Arabic products. Visited by locals and visitors alike, this market has many stores where many items are sold at fair prices, ranging from leather goods to abaya.

If you're talking about the vibes of this marketplace or the items on show, all for any shopaholic in Dubai is heavenly. So, if you want to buy some authentic Dubai souvenirs from your family without burning a hole in your wallet, you can find so much here.

Meena Bazaar

One of the oldest shopping hubs in Dubai is the market at Al Ghubaiba Road, unofficially called Meena Bazaar. A touch of the traditional bazaar atmosphere and the busy market scene makes it one of Dubai's best places to shop. You will be welcomed by dozens of vibrant stores, spice and incense aromas, and a mixed crowd of locals and visitors when you arrive here.

To update your fashion statement, taste the local treats, buy souvenirs for your dear ones, and try out traditional dresses. This marketplace is a favourite among women due to the large selection of conventional jewellery and textiles available here. However, as you can also find a decent variety of ceramics and furniture, there is more on the market than that.

Dragon Mart

Spend a couple of hours at Dragon Mart if you find budget shopping exciting, and it will definitely become one of your favourite shopping experiences in Dubai. Dragon Mart is the leading Chinese trade centre in Dubai and is said to be the cheapest mall in Dubai, brimming with a wide range of goods at unthinkable prices. The broad shopping centre, divided into two parts, contains a set of 5000 stores that are further classified according to the items available there.

Virtually everything is stored in the vast complex-hardware and equipment, clothes, toys, appliances, and whatnot. Besides, if you are well-versed in the art of negotiation, you can be able to save even more money.

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The Outlet Village

The Outlet Village, Dubai's favourite destination for retail and apparel shopping, is an outlet mall where more than 100 fashion and lifestyle brands can be found. The architecture of The Outlet Village is influenced by the old European marketplace, which adds to the joy of shopping here, not like any other shopping malls. You can find almost everything here at incredible prices, from perfumes and cosmetics to clothing and fashion accessories by leading international brands.

So, if you want to stuff your bags at discounted prices with the new collections from Adidas, Aldo, Roberto Cavalli, Police, and many more brands, The Outlet Village is one of the best shopping spots in Dubai.

Dragon Mart

Shopping in Dragón Mart will undoubtedly become one of your favourite shopping experiences in Dubai if you find budgeting exciting. Speaking of being Dubai's cheapest mall, it is the leading Chinese trading centre in Dubai, and it is full of a broad range of items at prices unthinkable. The broad shopping complex comprises a set of 5000 businesses divided into two divisions, which are further classified by the available items.

Virtually all of the large buildings – hardware and equipment, clothes, toys and electronics. Furthermore, you may be able to save even more money if you are well versed with the art of trade.

City Walk

City Walk Dubai is one of the most popular shopping areas in Dubai with a range of shops, cafes and restaurants. The City Walk is an excellent location for shoppers and gourmets to spend a memorable weekend with family and friends.

Along with all the facilities, this city's innovative concept and architecture attract thousands of tourists daily, and items that can be bought here. Enjoy shopping and take your lucky time to select your favourite brands for the best things. And there are many entertainment options when you're done shopping.

The Outlet Village

The Outlet Village is a favourite shopping destination in Dubai where over 100 fashion and lifestyle brands can be found. The Outlet Village is not influenced by an old European marketplace like every other shopping mall but adds to the excitement of shopping here. You can find here almost anything at incredible prices, from perfumes, cosmetics, clothes and fashion accessories by leading international brands.

If you're looking to fill your bags with Adidas, Aldo, Roberto Cavalli, Police, and more at discounted prices, the Outlet Village is one of the best shopping spots in Dubai. 

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So these were the best places to go shopping in Dubai. Get your Dubai Visa book from Dubai Visa Center and plan a trip to beautiful Dubai and go out shopping to these best places listed in the guide.

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