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The complete travel guide to visit dubai for 2023

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Travelling tips for Dubai 2023. Travellers need to know about their destination in depth 

The best part about being a traveller is you get to experience a lot more about yourself while moving towards your dream destination. The farther we go from our country, the better we know about ourselves; this magic is only brought by the essence of travelling. When planning a trip, ensure you're updating all of the details of finance management in advance to avoid last hectic schedules. Plan your Dubai trip effectively via Dubai Visa Center. 

Dubai and its beautiful destinations

Dubai is known for its numerous shopping centres and infrastructures where it's easier to find almost everything. Explorations have their own value for gatherings of new experiences and getting more familiar with Arab culture by visiting the following places to add more fun to your trip. Some of the most famous sites are listed below: 

  • Burj Khalifa is known to be the tallest building structure worldwide, with a height of 829.8m, and is the most visited spot in Dubai
  • Dubai Frame is an iconic frame connecting the emirate's rich past and its magnificent present. 
  • Cayan Tower- This building has 495 luxury apartments which are at the height of 306m. 
  • Princess Tower- It is the tallest residential skyscraper in Dubai. 
  • Emirates Tower- This building contains Emirates offices and tower hotels. 
  • St. Mary's Catholic Church- Visiting timings include 5pm to 7pm. 
  • Dance To the Peppy Numbers- A shabby chic environment enables free dancing music. 
  • Pentecostal Church- Bible-based spirit-filled church. 
  • Camel Museum- One and only camel-themed museum in the world. 
  • Dubai Mall- World's largest shopping mall, also known as the home of the Dubai shopping festival. 
  • Jumeirah Beach Corniche- Ideal for a long waterfront run. 
  • The Dubai Fountains Display- The fountain runs daily from 6pm for the next 30 minutes. 
  • Aqua venture water park- This enables you to talk to the marine animals at the Lost Chambers aquarium. 

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Top free places in Dubai to visit 

Dubai is surrounded by endless sand but is a land of innovation. The desert landscape that surrounds the city is beautiful. Setting out on a wild ride in the dunes as part of the morning safari will enrich your trip with good sun-desert memories. Here's a list of all the places in Dubai which requires no bookings and advance payments: 

  1. AL Qudra Lake- Take a mat and watch the sunset. 
  2. Al Seef- It has the coolest Starbucks. A waterfront promenade with a rich heritage of modern spaces. 
  3. Bluewater- It is a skylight drone show. Don't forget to take a walk along the canal. 
  4. Pointe- Home to the Palm Fountain, the largest seawater musical fountain in the world. 
  5. La Mer Beach- The most scenic sea and most loved by tourists. 

While bathing in the morning sun, remember to take a solo journey around the dunes on a quad bike or a sandboard while soaking in the morning sun. To top it all off, traditional coffee and camel riding in true Bedouin style await in the end. 

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Travel tips for soloing in UAE 

The idea associated with solo travelling comes from the realization of self-discovery, where all one can understand is independence and responsibility for self-needs. Here's how you can travel solo in your favourite city: 

  1. Choose hostels over hotels as it would allow you to connect to more people around your surroundings. 
  2. Always pre-download the offline map of the city to avoid being lost or tricked by anyone in the new town. 
  3. Get the local sim card with some data and always share the live location with the family when heading out. 
  4. Stay with a group during the night outs. 
  5. Always carry Fanny packs. They are better than slings and backpacks. 
  6. Carry hooks to attach your bag to your clothes. 
  7. Always arrive in a new city in daylight as it's safer to get around. 


To have a safe and convenient trip, make sure you have the contact of some of the local guides or the travel agent just in case you need any help. Plan your trip most affordably so that your soul gets filled with the
adventures that were lacking behind. Dubai tourism now focuses on providing the most luxurious facilities to all the tourists that visit Dubai. And due to this approach, Dubai has effectively driven traffic worldwide. Planning to visit Dubai? Tap on Dubai Visa Center to get further details. Culture-loving tourists visit Dubai mostly during January to be a part of the festivities around the city and keep it all lightened up to provide the most unforgettable memories of Dubai city! The city full of skyscrapers leaves you mesmerized every time you try to recollect some well-spent moments in Dubai with your family. However, the city also ensures that you again come to the town to explore and review the best level of the things that need to be improvised. 

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