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Dubai is an emirate of UAE that is known for beautiful locations, amazing nightlife, breathtaking skyscrapers, branded shopping, and all the fun you need to have on vacation in UAE. 

Dubai being the most recommended holiday spot for people applying for a visa is not that difficult here. Although you can apply for a visa in both ways i.e. visiting the embassy or online. So Can I get Dubai Visa Online? well, the answer is that online application is the best, fast, and most efficient way to apply for a Dubai visa through Dubai Visa Center.

The visa applied for online is called a Dubai e Visa. 

Below is all the information you need to know when applying for a Dubai Visa online – 


There are 3 types of visas you can apply for on our website. These are as follows –



A tourist visa allows you to travel to Dubai for vacation and leisure purposes. No business activities should be done on this visa. 

VALIDITY OF THIS VISA – The validity of this visa can be of 3 types – it can be for 14 days, 30 days, and 90 days. 

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Long term visas include those visas whose duration are not in days but more than that.

The visas included in this head are –

Student Visa 

This visa lets the student go for higher education in Dubai. Education requires a stay period of a minimum of 1 year when applying for college. You only apply for this visa when you get your institute’s offer letter. 

Employment Visa 

This Visa lets you get employed in the UAE. The validity period of this visa is a maximum of two months after which renewing of visa is a compulsory thing. 

So, applying for a Dubai work visa comes under an employment visa.

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Transit, in itself, means the action of passing through or across a place. This visa lets you visit the country as a stop when you are supposed to stay in the country for a few hours or when you are taking via a flight. 

The visa is of two types of durations – 

  • 48 hours transit visa 
  • 96 hours transit visa 

So, this is a short – period stay visa type you can apply for.


eVisa is an online visa. You can apply for this visa through the website of the country which actually provides an option for applying for a visa online. eVisa is the most efficient and also the safest means of getting a visa. 

Following are the documents you need to submit for the Dubai visa application  – 

  • Your scanned passport–sized photograph which should be colored and has to be clicked before a plain white background for clarity.  Preferably 2. 
  • Your scanned copy of passport. The only requirement is the first and last page copy of your passport. 
  • Make sure your passport is valid for 6 months more when you are applying for the visa.  
  • Scanned photocopy of your Pancard. Needs to be a colored photocopy. 
  • Your return flight ticket which has to be a confirmed ticket  ( ONLY FOR TRANSIT VISA )
  • A copy of the visa of the country you are traveling to, in this case, it is Dubai should be a colored photocopy. (ONLY FOR TRANSIT VISA ) 

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While getting a visa online is an easy and less time-consuming process , still you have to make sure every detail is filled correctly and should always double-check before the actual payment made.

Here we give you all the important steps that should be kept in mind when applying for a visa through our website. 

  • Visit our website Dubai Visa Center
  • On the home page, choose the country you belong from i.e. the country you are living in and the country your citizenship is from i.e. the country passport you hold.  
  • Choose the type of visa.

We provide Transit visa, Long Term Visa, and Tourist visa application online.

  • Fill the Dubai Visa Application Form that you will get when you will be redirected to the next page. 

NOTE – Make sure to fill in all the details i.e. personal information, work information, etc correctly because the failure to do so will result in rejection of the form.  

  • Pay the fees through your preferred payment mode. 
  • Wait for approval mail. You are first going to get an ID that needs to be saved for further use. 
  • Your email id is the place you will finally get your eVisa processed.

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Q. In how many days the visa application will be processed? 

 While the days it takes to process the visa will depend on your visa type. We hardly take 3 – 5 days to process and provide you with your eVisa. 

Q. Will I be able to apply for a Dubai visa without a confirmed flight ticket? 

It again depends on the visa type. For, transit visa, you need a confirmed flight return ticket while for other types it’s not really necessary. 

Q. Is it safe to apply for a Dubai visa online from India?

Yes, it is totally safe for you to apply for eVisa online. Our website is 100% genuine and has a full success rate in providing with visa. 

 Q. What is the meaning of ‘OK TO BOARD ‘?

Ok to Board in simple words is when an airline gives you an approval or confirmation from the airline that states the passenger who is traveling has all the required documents with them for entry and Travel in Dubai. 

So now that your question regarding can I get Dubai visa online has been solved it is time for you to apply for your own visa to Dubai.

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