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Reality of women traveling to dubai in 2024

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Many people believe like women are limited, unable to travel openly and must be covered up. But in this article, we will check out the reality of women traveling to Dubai. Let me tell you that Dubai or, more broadly than any other Middle Eastern nations, the United Arab Emirates is distinct. Dubai is in many aspects, much more progressive and liberal. In reality, even as a woman, this is one of the safest places in the world. Then, you're just perfect as a single woman, whether you're considering moving to Dubai or just planning a holiday!

This doesn't mean that you don't have to obey any guidelines.As for every country, foreigners must value local culture and traditions, so the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country with very deep religious roots. 

Dress Code for Women traveling to Dubai

No issue if you wear a jacket, shirt, skirt or sweatshirt that doesn't cover your shoulders or knees any time you visit either of the beaches and bars.There's no challenge, and everyone sits like any other destination in the world.

However, you can be a bit more considerate when you go to shopping malls. Carry a top that hides your shoulders and trousers or a skirt that covers your legs a bit longer. On all access doors to the centres, there are signs that encourage guests to dress modestly.

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Safety of Women

If you are a single woman, there would be several nationalities who look at you a lot. But this is about it. It's not a lot, but there are more solos because it's all looking.

Nobody's there to threaten you or harass you. The most likely incident is a cab driver or salesman at a souk who asks where you are and whether you are dating. Don't just be too easy. Be firm, and you won't have any difficulties, perhaps pretending that you are married.

Lady taxis are also available if you feel more relaxed. Dubai is generally very secure. You don't have to pay attention to your handbag or artefacts. There really are no pickpockets. Perhaps it is linked to the population structure. 80 percent of people live in Dubai are expatriates. They need a job to remain in the country unless they have a husband/wife visa.

It's paid for most jobs. There are also people who gain less, such as the Indian subcontinent's construction workers, who will never dare to indulge in crime because it means that they would return home and risk their revenue to help their families.

The remaining 20% are local Emirates that normally have a lot of income.

Basically, burglary is almost non-existent for some reason.


There are some more constraints in the holy month of Ramadan, as in every Muslim region. Obviously, these laws apply to any foreigner as well as to all women.

And it does not matter whether or not you are a Muslim, and it is anticipated that you stick to the laws. If not, be able to pay a certain penalty.

  • You should dress more moderately throughout Ramadan than during the year. It is advised as a woman that you still cover your shoulders and knees everywhere you go.
  • Don't drink, eat or smoke, or use openly chewing gum from sunrise to sunset.
  • Before dusk, beer is not served.
  • Do not perform or dance loud songs.

What to Wear

While you can see plenty of female visitors in shopping malls and other public areas wearing skimpy shorts and tank-tops, you do not think it's appropriate. Whereas they also are too reserved as hosts to say something, this disrespects most Emirates. Given the relative populism of the United Arab Emirates, it's wise not to parade various ideals and be very dear to your country and its customs. There's a touch of common sense (e.g. from and to the pool party or a night club by taxi) that helps keep the calm.

In general, the 'modest' benefits of dressing are that it is less attractive to you; you are welcomed warmly by locals (who deeply admire your ability to follow their customs); the heat would be higher. Simple dressing ensures the shoulders, elbows and neckline are hidden. Baggy t-shirts, cotton pants and skirts are not only cool but also protects your skin from the light. That is the perfect way to shield your skin. Bear in mind that social standards are more traditional elsewhere in the UAE as you fly beyond Dubai.

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Tips to Travel as a Women

Dubai is one of the best places in the Middle East for women, but unnecessary publicity is almost unavoidable, and solos often misunderstand 'working women' whatever the age, appearance or style. While it does not exist officially, prostitution in pubs, bars and backstreets of Deira and Bur Dubai for both expats and local residents is popular.

Here are few tips to help avoid unwelcome attention and to make it easier for women to travel:

  • Carry a wedding ring - it's less 'disposable' (but be ready for awkward questions about abandoning your home and kids).
  • Avoid overt men's eye contact (dark sunglasses help).
  • Don't sit on the taxi front if the driver isn't a woman.
  • Sit in the women's section to the front by public transit.
  • Ask a woman first if you require any assistance (guidance etc.).
  • If you eat by yourself, ask to be at the 'party' of the nearby restaurants.
  • Take a picture in his licence plate or just get your cell phone out if someone follows you in his vehicle.

Final Words

So this is the whole Reality of Women Traveling to Dubai. We may conclude that Dubai is a safe country to travel as a solo woman, and you can freely roam around the nation without any issue. Remember to take the Dubai Visa to avoid any complications and have a beautiful trip. You can get your Visa without hassle from Dubai Visa Center.

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