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UAE Deportation Law 2024: Complete Guide

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UAE is not only known for its tourist attractions, but multitudes come here with the aspiration of settling. Having settled in the UAE has benefits such as leading an extravagant life, access to several new commodities, and not, to forget, the absence of a tax culture. UAE has several things to offer, but at the same time, it expects its residents and visitors to abide by the rules and regulations and lend a helping hand in maintaining peace and harmony in the nation. They impose their rules and laws very seriously. It is expected of the residents to follow them without any hindrances. Anyone causing a felony or performing actions that cause harm to the nation is, deported.


The repercussions of various actions can lead to deportation. It can either be a legal cause or simple law-breaking conduct that can get you deported from the UAE grounds. Here are some reasons:

  1. Illegally staying in UAE can result in cash compensation or legal action and can get you deported. Therefore, it is best to have a visa made. Websites providing quick visa services are always the best method to approach.
  2. Involvement in criminal offences such as theft, dealing drugs, molestation, or violence, leads to deportation. 
  3. If you belong to the GCC countries and get deported, you will automatically get deported from UAE.
  4. If you continue to stay in UAE after the expiration of your visa, you will not only have to pay a fine for each day of your stay but will also get deported. 
  5. Upon getting reported by the International Crime Cooperation, you will immediately be, deported.
  6. Individuals posing a threat to the public will be, deported back to their countries.
  7. HIV/AIDS carriers also get expelled. 



If any individual fails to adhere to the laws imposed by the government and jeopardizes the working of the emirates, they will immediately be, deported. There are two types of deportation in the UAE

1. Legal deportation

Any foreigner responsible for committing a felony is expelled from UAE by the court. Individuals guilty of committing a sexual assault or misusing religious faith should leave the UAE grounds. The Blacklist contains the names of people prohibited from entering or leaving the UAE.

2. Administrative deportation

Issued by the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority (FICA), this deportation happens on the grounds of public interest and security. The Administrative list contains the names of people restricted from entering the UAE to drop their residence visas and people denied leaving the country to get away from their sponsors.



Getting deported often means receiving a lifetime ban from entering UAE. These bans can sometimes be, lifted under certain conditions. If criminal felony charges got you deported, there is no point in trying. People responsible for criminal offences are not permitted to enter into UAE again. 

If an expired visa was the cause of your deportation, you might revisit the territory after one year. This conveys that your application for a UAE visa during this one-year time will receive a rejection. UAE Visa is brought to you within 3 to 4 working days via the Dubai visa center. Dubai visa center has an expert team to help you with your visa-related queries. 

You might as well appeal for entry into the UAE from outside if your offence didn’t cause any harm to public security and safety. You can submit an appeal via two mediums:

  • An advocate
  • Ministry of Interiors

Before deciding whether or not to lift your ban, your appeal will require scrutiny by a committee. 


Assuming that an outsider against whom a removal request has been issued has errands in the country that require settlement, he will be conceded a grace period in the wake of giving bail. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship will characterize the length of that grace period, which will not surpass three months.



When the conduct of an individual is intolerable or an unforgivable felony, they get deported. In such cases, it is better to have legal guidance help you out. Keeping the rules and regulations in mind will help every person not fall into the clutches of deportation orders. Though expulsion from UAE can be lifted, as a respected individual it is always necessary to not stain your reputation and keep yourself completely aware and up-to-date with the laws imposed by the UAE government. The United Arab Emirates is very particular and strict with the rules it devises. Any kind of misconduct (be it dressing indecently or committing a felony) doesn’t go unnoticed and can often lead to severe punishments. 

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