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everything you must know about the desert safari in dubai

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Desert Safari has become so joyful for all tourists visiting Dubai. Deserts are places full of dryness, but a trip to the desert may fill your moments with some good freshness. Dubai was a land full of desert sand, and all the buildings have been shaped so well with future innovations. The rich culture is still preserved, irrespective of how many man-made lakes and beaches develop, the one who stays connected to its roots always experiences massive success in the future, and Dubai is a living example of this line.    

Why do People Consider Desert Safaris in Dubai?  

Desert Safaris in Dubai are famous for their origin in the actual city, Dubai, which has so far developed through the experimental creations it has offered. Tourists often visit deserts to understand more about the culture of Dubai and connect locally with the residents. This brings about harmony in people and the two different culture-based countries together.   
Deserts are the best places to watch the sand get heated up, and catching a glimpse of the dunes is what most tourists prefer to do while exploring the desert safari in Dubai. At the campsite, tourists can ride camels, take Arab cultured dresses and take snapshots of the moments. People who visit safari during the night are entertained by the belly dancers during dinner.  

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Top Desert Safaris ideas in Dubai  

Desert Safaris in Dubai start from very affordable prices, which is why it is the top most loved thing to do by Dubai tourists. There are as many ideas as one cannot think to plan the perfect kind of desert safari in the deserts of Dubai. Here's a sorted list of examples through which you can plan your top desert safari in Dubai:   

  • Choosing the hot balloon over the dunes is the most loved idea by the tourists  
  • Plan a dinner with your family with lights and music over the desert sand  
  • Sand surfing with the camels  
  • Explore the desert with a Quad bike  
  • One can also go for Dune Bashing, self-ride  
  • Sandboarding is the cheapest option to explore the deserts  
  • Sand surfing with bulky cars and sand gazing at the campsites  
  • Visiting the deserts and wearing Arabian dresses for photoshoots   

Clothing tips for Desert temperature   

The best part about dressing up in the desert is maintaining the inner temperature with the external one. And according to the Dubai temperature, one can choose to wear clothes made of cotton material and have spaces for the air to pass on, leaving a tremendous impact on the person's body as Dubai summers are the main temperatures of the city.
The best clothes to wear during desert safaris are- Shorts, Cargo Pants, T-shirts, Long dresses with full sleeves, and most importantly wearing, a cap. Remember to keep some suns-cream with you to protect yourself from the heat and burns of the sun's rays.   

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Things to the checklist before going on a Desert Safari  

To visit desert safari, one must prepare a list to have a great time visiting Dubai. Here's a list one can refer to:  

  • Visiting the Dubai Visa Center and acquire a visa 
  • One must pre-book the desert safari to avoid last moment cancels.  
  • Have light-coloured clothes  
  • Have caps, suns-creams, and sun visors to protect yourself from the external heat  
  • Have glucose bottles to stay hydrated  
  • Carry everyday flat footwear with you to walk in the desert without any trouble  
  • Remember to capture the perfect moments of your safari trip.  


Dubai is considered one of the most modern epitomes of the Emirates, built from scratch in the deserts in the UAE. The city has a unique topography along with the beautiful architecture of skyscraper buildings all around the city. Dubai has genuinely grounded in the sandy deserts all around, and hence this has attracted tourists to the landscape of Dubai city.

The Dubai Desert safari has the most thrilling experience and a beautiful depiction of Arab culture. The drive occurs with the four-wheel expertise up to the boarding point of the campsite. The desert safari is a must-do in Dubai and has the most beautiful adventure across the Emirates. 
We hope that you'll enjoy the Dubai desert the most! The cuisines served at the desert safaris are worth tasting; you must try the barbecue and shisha cuisines. Those going for a night stay remember to keep sleeping bags and blankets.  

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