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know about dubai employment visa cancellation process in 2024

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You have to formally cancel your employment visa if you intend to leave the UAE permanently. With your sponsor responsible for much of the job, the process of canceling visas is straightforward in the UAE. You also need to be attentive and monitor a number of items in order to make the process smooth and secure. In this article, we have talked about the Dubai Employment visa cancellation process.

Before starting the process, pay any debts, sell your car and cancel your tenancy and utility bills. This helps to prevent any problems during the process of canceling the Dubai visa

Who has the rights to Cancel Dubai Employment Visa?

A visa cancelation process cannot be requested on your own. You can revoke your employment visa only through the person/company that funded it. However, you can start the process on your own if you have an investor visa.

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Process of Cancellation of Employment Visa by a Company

If your sponsor is a corporation, you should first apply to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to cancel your labor card and contract. This application needs your signature.

Your employer must also withdraw your work permit. It cannot be achieved, however, without a signed letter specifying that you and your employer agreed on your duties, gratuities, repatriation costs, and other benefits.

Once you have applied for the cancelation of these documents, you will obtain authorization to produce a visa cancellation application at the GDRFA in the near future.

Cancellation of Visa by the Investors

Investors shall prepare the local sponsor's official paperwork, which includes the NOC, as well as liability transfer information. They must also request copies of the Emirates ID of the sponsor. You will also need to check that the bank has cleared up all pending duties.

Dubai Employment Visa Cancellation Process

There are two choices for applying for a visa waiver in the UAE. You may either visit or process a registered GDRFA Type Centre.

Visit a Registered Typing Center in person

  • To start the visa cancelation process, visit any form center registered with GDRFA.
  • Submit the Documents Required

To cancel your Visa, send the following documents to the center:

  • Copy of the passport of your sponsor,
  • Copy of your visa page,
  • All financial obligations clearance statement
  • The ID and passport for your original Emirates
  • Notify the GDFRA Branch concerning your requirements
  • Tell the administration in the GDFRA division to revoke your Visa and your dependents' visas.
  • Pay a Fee for Cancellation
  • Pay AED 110 for your dependents as a visa cancelation fee, while your sponsor pays you for it.
  • Get a GDRFA Application from 
  • You will obtain a form from the GDRFA officers. Sign up for the form and sign it with your sponsor until you get it.
  • Visit the Head Office of GDRFA 
  • After the application for cancelation has been signed, visit the GDRFA Headquarters with a passport copy, Visa, and initial passport.
  • Return the Emirates ID Card
  • Your Emirates ID will be requested to be provided when your passport is stamped and remitted.

Note: If you are unavailable, your sponsor should apply for a computerized extract or the original passport for a visa cancelation procedure for you.

Online Cancellation Process

You can also request an online application for the cancelation of your visa residence. Visit the GDRFA website and start the procedure. Alternatively, you can download and apply for visa cancelation processes by downloading the first-of-kind Dubai government services smart app in town. Visit the GDRFA office when you send your applications. Take your Emirates ID and original passport to complete the cancelation of the residence.

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So these are the details regarding the Dubai Employment Visa Cancellation Process that you need to know about. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll need a passport to cancel your employment visa if you live in the region.

Not only does GDRFA support you with the cancellation of a visa, but it also allows you to verify online your visa status. Here is how the UAE visa status inquiry can be sent online.

After your Visa is revoked, you have 30 days to leave the UAE.

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