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everything you need to know about the dubai events in 2024

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The Dubai events 2024 calendar is packed with events aimed at making Dubai one of the top locations in the world to live, work, and travel. The renowned Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Food Festival, Dubai Fitness Challenge, and several more popular events are among the most popular.

The 2024 Retail Calendar is jam-packed with activities intended to elevate Dubai to the top of the world's list of the finest cities to live, work, and travel. Ramadan and Eid in Dubai, the legendary Dubai Shopping Festival, the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Collections from the Dubai Fashion Season the Dubai Food Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises, and more are all on the schedule. The seventh annual edition of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, which just began its sixth year, will be released in 2024.

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Here are some noteworthy occasions in 2024:

During the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF):

From Thursday, December 15, through Sunday, January 29,

There is no need to introduce this celebration. The DSF continues for more than a month, beginning in 2022, and is the longest-running retail fair in the area. You can count on fantastic shopping and entertainment promotions and several chances to win extraordinary prizes.

Chinese New Year:

When: Friday, January 20, to Sunday, January 29, for the Chinese New Year

Observing the Chinese New Year? All guests and locals will be able to celebrate thanks to the abundance of exciting promotions. The Year of the Rabbit will come to pass.

Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr in Dubai:

When: from Thursday, March 23, through Thursday, April 27,

There will be various special spiritual and cultural events, family gatherings, and promotions to check out that are all geared at honoring the Holy Month of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr during the whole month.

Release of the Spring/Summer Collection:

With the help of well-known national and regional companies around the city, the Spring/Summer collection launch will highlight the newest fashions and boost sales.

Food Festival in Dubai:

When: April 28th until May 7th

We anticipate that the Dubai Food Festival, which will be held for the tenth time in 2024, will be even bigger and better than before. It will be the ideal chance for guests to investigate for them.

Eid al-Adha:

When: June 29 to Sunday, July 9.

There will be a wide variety of cultural and traditional celebrations for Eid Al Adha that you may take part in. Numerous thrilling offers and activities may be anticipated.

At the Dubai Home Festival:

When: October 13th thru October 27th

This event is for you if you enjoy making over your house. Amazing discounts on appliances, household goods, and furniture will be available all across the city. Explore the expanding home furnishings and interior design industries in Dubai at this time.

Observing Diwali in Dubai (Nov 3 – Nov 16,):

Enjoy a broad range of musical events and concerts, sumptuous cuisine, Diwali promotions, and breathtaking fireworks displays with Dubai's Indian and international ex-pat communities during the "Festival of Lights."

Dubai Fitness Competition:

When: October 28 on Saturday through November 26 on Sunday

Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) will support you whether you're an avid exerciser or wish to begin a healthy routine. Residents and guests are urged to commit to 30 days straight of daily activity for 30 minutes.

National Day of the UAE (1–3 December ):

The three-day UAE National Day celebrations honor the nation and its people with special retail sales, fireworks displays, and other activations around Dubai. They are a testament to the UAE's unity and ongoing progress.

Spend the first weekend of December celebrating the UAE's unity and ongoing progress with various events, including spectacular retail sales, activities, and fireworks displays to honor the country and its citizens. The UAE's 52nd National Day will occur in 2024.

The DFRE's CEO, Ahmed Al Khaja, stated: "The retail calendar contains 12 months of seasonal events and campaigns that support and foster sustainable growth in our solid retail community. The calendar, in line with the interests of our people and residents, is also targeted to our important inbound business and leisure tourist markets, allowing us to take advantage of the increasing visitor volume we anticipate in Dubai during the upcoming year.

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Several fascinating yearly events are held in the UAE, which has long been among the most well-liked tourist destinations globally. These are diverse and provide something for everyone, including athletic events, film festivals, concerts, and more. To not miss some of the most significant yearly events in the UAE, check out what's happening whenever you travel there. Have your passport ready at the Dubai Visa Center to take advantage of this.


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