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things to do in dubai marina full travel guide

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Dubai has the most creative and well-structured skyscraper infrastructures in the city, which is why it has taken global recognition for the famous culture it has amongst its citizens. And for its experimentations and implementation of creating world records, the brain behind the massive contributions has always been appreciated amongst other countries' citizens and leaders.  
Dubai Marina is the highly luxurious place in the world. It is the most popular place for luxury items to be presented as many tourists mix up the gulf nationals to share some connections and similarities to explore Dubai more effectively. The idea of having the finest dinner or star gazing at the seashore has always been fascinating, but Dubai made it possible with the help of Dubai Marina Travel, which is a 3km long stretch of the shoreline. If you are planning to visit Dubai, tap on Dubai Visa Center for all the details. 

Why do people want to settle in Dubai Marina? 

Dubai Marina is a 3km long way paved for a perfect walk and quality spending time in Dubai. As this place is surrounded by luxury restaurants, apartments, Palm Jumeirah, and the world's famous Atlantis hotel at the end of the view, people living in a skyscraper city look for a peaceful place when it comes to settling down as peace is the most expensive thing to afford after you have attained all of your desired goals. Dubai Marina apartments are built in such a way that it provides a splendid view of the night sky along with the high-intensity wind that blows, bringing out the most remarkable effects of the newly built apartments. 

Some of the characteristics and features of Dubai Marina are mentioned below: 

  1. Long drive path is chosen by tourists and citizens to go sightseeing on Palm Island in Dubai. 
  2. Due to water all around, the particular area's temperature remains cool because living becomes comfortable. 
  3. The structure is covered with Marina restaurants, Palm Island, Palm Jumeirah, and Marina mall, which are suitable for entertainment. 
  4. The Dubai Marina has good connectivity across the city with ease in metro and transportation facilities. 
  5. There's always a good number of activities happening at the Dubai Marina, which keeps people indulged. 


Best Things to do at Dubai Marina 

With full-time availability and safety of transportation connections across the whole city, one must genuinely enjoy his precious time without any worries. Here's how you can invest your time in having the best memories for a lifetime. Luxury yachts alongside the winding canal have made it easy for the tourist to capture the blues nicely so that it can be labeled as Dubai's picture-perfect. Here's a list of all the details you can enjoy at the Dubai Marina: 

Top-quality restaurants are mentioned below: 

  1. Carluccio's- With serving authentic Italian cuisine all around makes it the most extraordinary dining place
  2. Doner & Gyros- Blended with the taste of Berlin & Chicago food culture. 
  3. Enter- Famous for its homebrewed coffee and irresistible menu. 
  4. Five Guys- It is a hamburger restaurant. Timings are from 10am- 12pm 
  5. Salt- Famous for its best steak and seafood around, cocktails, craft beers and wine collections. 
  6. Bistro Des Arts- It presents classic French home-style cooked food. 

For the love of shopping, we've made a list below: 

  1. Dubai Marina Mall has the most prominent shopping facility, with 140 stores and 21 dining options. 
  2. Meraas Beach Walk- The Beach has rightful cuisine, unique shops, entertainment, water sports ,and an outdoor gym with regular classes.  
  3. Marina Scape Mall- a 2-storey mall with well-furnished apartment facilities. 
  4. Bateel Boutique- Ultimate luxury gifting destination of gourmet organic dates. 

Explorations are indefinite journeys, be a part of a cruise: 

  1. Dhow Cruise - Gives a glimpse of the historical side of the city. Price 140 AED to 170 AED 
  2. Royal Yacht - The most preferred Luxury Yacht company in Dubai, Starting from 175 AED- 679 AED.  
  3. Yacht Cruise - Weekly sailing rates are from 40,000 dollars- 100,000 dollars. 
  4. Dubai Marina Cruise - Price starts from 15000 AED to 100000 AED a day 
  5. See X Sea Cruise - Has an hourly rate of 999 AED per hour  
  6. Rikks Cruise- The prices are from 89 AED- 135 AED. 
  7. Xclusive Yacht - Price includes 1050 AED. 
  8. Alexandra Dhow Cruise - Starting from 160 AED per person and for children aged between 5 to 11, the prices are 100 AED. 

To all the people visiting Dubai Marina for the very time, here's an ultimate guide list for how you can make this visit your best one and have good memories and time spent at Marina, the hub place of the whole city.  


Fascinating points about Dubai Marina: 

  1. A beautiful sight of the birds can be seen from Palm Jumeirah as it is the end of the Dubai Marina. 
  2. The best way to celebrations is to take the sunset cruise and dine at Pier 7. This provides mesmerizing sunset views leaving you breathless when the sky turns orange with a blush over your face.  
  3. The Dubai Marina Mall building has 140 retail outlets and is perfect for your exploring mood.  
  4. The 7 km Marina walkway is an excellent way to explore the incredible views of the Arabian gulf culture and infrastructure. 

The best ways of exploring Dubai Marina 

The Dubai Marina is surrounded by the tallest skyscraper buildings, giving the best views of the sunset and sunrise from every spot of the very famous Marina. One can explore Marina in Dubai through different means, including the Speed boat tour, Dubai Marina Yacht Tour, and 90 minutes Speed boat tour; if you're planning a short trip to Marina, these would be the best options. The best way of visiting Dubai is through effective planning of the journey; tap on the Dubai Visa Centre link to get your detailed trip planning.
But if you're looking out for a stay in Dubai Marina, then luxury hotels like Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, Marina view, Millennium Place, and many more would be worth the visit as they have the top one percent services across the whole city for tourists who are like family members for their association. To get a perfect stay at such destinations, make sure your slots are booked.  



To build a city like Dubai, one must have patience along with all the plan implementations to be perfect in all aspects. Dubai leaves you overwhelmed at every point you see a building touching the limits because, as we have all heard, the sky is our only limit! But Dubai went beyond it, too, as there was consistency in their plan of action, and with a vision comes immense success through fame. Dubai Marina is one of the favourite spots of the public that visits Dubai.

Dubai Marina is a 7km pavement where the public loves to go for morning and evening walks. It gives us a glimpse of modern-day infrastructure connected with the natural sky and water. The best part about Dubai Marina is it's a manmade invention and is home to a variety of luxurious hotels, apartment buildings, and cafes. The glitters of the skyscrapers at night time make it memorable for all the people to simply stare at the night full of stars and wonder if they could extend their vacation for a while and stop time here itself. 

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