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know everything about the Must visit the Dubai Miracle garden

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The flora has changed this world to become the best for the future of this earth; along with that, flowers are the essence adders to the barren spaced life. Dubai Miracle garden has the most charming flower species from across the world and turned out to be the lover's land in Dubai as it was launched on Valentine's Day in 2013 in Dubai-land, Dubai. 

If you are planning to visit Dubai, tap on the Dubai Visa Center website to get a more detailed structure of the visa procedure. Remember to see the other tourist attractions in Dubai and fill your soul with the journey that was needed for a long time! You will get to explore all the different varieties of species that will leave you amazed due to their unique features. Before visiting the Dubai Miracle garden, here are all the details. 



The Dubai Miracle Garden has more than 50 million flower species and is considered the world's most extensive flower garden. Dubai Miracle Garden is the nearest competitor. The Keukenhof garden displays 7 million flowers only. In 2015, the Dubai Miracle garden was given Moselle Award for New Garden Experiences by the Garden Tourism Award 2015. 

Flowers blooming at the Dubai Miracle Garden might be 200 million in numbers per season. Dubai Miracle Garden also witnesses various varieties of flowers that are part of this benchmark figure. Seventy different species of flowering plants bloom in Miracle Garden. Furthermore, about 150 different sub-species of these flowers make up a million flowers at the Dubai Miracle Garden. Moreover, all these species and sub-species of flowers produce astonishing and breathtaking floral themes at the Dubai Miracle Garden.  


Growing this many plants, in addition to this wide variety, is practically a task that is impossible for the city of Dubai, which will be merely a wilderness at its core. Nevertheless, the engineers who are botanical in the Dubai Miracle Garden have made the impossible feasible, and that's why the garden is known as the miracle itself. Tap on the Dubai Visa Center website to get a more detailed structure of the visa procedure. Amongst all the species of flowers, petunias and sunflowers have the most dominant presence throughout the Dubai Miracle Garden. Here's a list of all the floral species present in the Dubai Miracle garden

  1. Petunia 
  2. Marigolds 
  3. Geranium 
  4. Coleuses 
  5. Violas 
  6. Jasmines 
  7. Daisies  
  8. Snapdragons 
  9. Sunflowers 

All these constitute the 50 million flowers at the Dubai Miracle Garden.  


 In 2015 Dubai Miracle Garden initiated the Dubai Butterfly Garden infrastructure, which is the world's largest and region's first indoor butterfly garden with over 15,000 butterflies from 26 species located at Al Barsha South3, Dubailand area, beside Dubai Miracle Garden- Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Each of the butterfly domes is built around 6,673 square meters and features over 50 varieties of butterflies. 

Tap on the Dubai Visa Center website to get a more detailed structure of the visa procedure. The metamorphosis of the butterfly can be observed very nicely in the Dubai Butterfly Garden; hence it is a must-visit place in Dubai. The architecture of Dubai presently is modernist architecture which is a valuable addition to the emirate's real estate and tourism landscape. This advanced technology has helped prevent human intervention, manpower expenses, and no corruption chances. The main reason for the expansion of technology is to attract global talent and traffic to its recognition and appreciation. 



The Dubai Miracle yard has achieved three Guinness World Records and hence makes Dubai the most visited city in the United Arab Emirates. In the year 2018, the Dubai Miracle Garden and Walt Disney Company had a pact with each other and created a topiary of flower structures of Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Louie, and many more cartoons that year. 

 The Dubai Miracle Garden is a fun celebration of the blooming flower seasons and hence allows visitors to enjoy the flowerful seasons in Dubai. To book your Dubai visa, tap on the link  Dubai Visa Center and get your visa at your doorstep after 3-4 of applying. 

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