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The citizens of Jamaica can enter Dubai by getting a Dubai visa. The process of applying Dubai visa is very simple and not tedious. Jamaican citizens have the opportunity to apply for the Dubai visa online. Only the official original passport and diplomatic passport holders are eligible for this process of applying online. The short period that Jamaican citizens can stay in Dubai is for 1 month (30 days). The long period they can stay in Dubai using the visa is for 3 months (90 days). There are various methods for applying for a Dubai visa for Jamaican citizens. You can any method according to your preferences and requirements.

Visa types available for Jamaicans citizens to visit Dubai:

You will kind varieties of visa about 12 kinds. You can choose the visa that’s required for your purpose of visit. Before applying know the purpose for visiting Dubai and the number of days of stay. According to which you can know which visa to select. There are 3 categories of visas in which there are furthermore options for selecting the visa. The first is the tourist visas there are single and multiple entry visas. The 7, 14, 30, 90 days tourist visas all have availability for one entry visa. The 30 and 90 days visa has the option for multiple entries. 
The extension is only available for 30 and 90 days visas. The cost for the visa varies from site to site so select a price that is preferred for you. The next will be the long-term visas. There are two options for a long-term Dubai visa for Jamaicans. The long-term visa for 2 years with many entries and process time may take up to 2 weeks. There may be few more extra documents for submission. Check the instructions properly and apply for the visa. The other is the investor visa for 3 years. For more details, you can try contacting the embassy. The final kind of visa is the Dubai transit visa. The 48 and 96 hours visa are available you can choose anyone according to the requirements. If you stay in the airport and leave within 8 hours you do not need transit visa.

How to apply Dubai Visa for Jamaicans:

The 2 ways of applying Dubai visa are either apply online or apply through agencies. If you want to apply directly keep the required documents ready. Go to the official Dubai visa Center website and apply for the visa. Select the visa as per your needs and enter the details. Then submit the documents as asked in the application. Then pay the amount for the visa either by credit or debit cards and finish the process. The visa process starts and will be over after verifying details within two to three days. Keep checking the mails as they will send visas through the mail provided. To make the process simpler you can apply for a visa through travel agencies. You just need to provide them it the documents needed. They will complete the whole process of application. You can select the required packages for whole travel also. This is the process for applying for the Dubai visa for Jamaicans.

Documents Required for Dubai Visa for Jamaicans:

We will know about the documents that are important for submission at the time of applying for the Dubai visa. The documents needed are very common and simple. The first document will always be the original passport submission. The passport needs to have a valid time of up to 180 days (6months) even after counting the entry to Dubai. The passport needs to have a maximum of about 3-4 (three to four) pages empty for entering the required details and stamps. Then the photos that’s required for submission. You must submit 2 photos for the visa application process. Only the coloured photos are accepted and not the black and white photographs. The photos must be properly taken in a photo studio. 
No phone camera images with some poses are submitted. The size of the photos must be the same as mentioned on the official websites. The photo should be in plain white coloured backgrounds. The next document will be the accommodation in Dubai. After you visit Dubai you need a place to stay and take a rest. The hotel details like name, address, and the number of days of stay are important for submission. In case you are staying in any of the Emirate resident’s houses, there is a need for the submission ID of the Emirates resident. The return ticket for exiting the country is also required for submission as a document copy.  These are the main documents and details that’s required for the submission of a visa.


We discussed in detail getting a Dubai visa for Jamaican citizens. The process of applying along with methods of applying is also explained in detail. The documents required for Jamaican citizens to getting a visa to enter Dubai are also mentioned above in detail.

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Yes, Jamaican citizens need a tourist visa to visit places in Dubai.

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