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If we talk about visitation and travel in the UAE, Dubai comes out to be the most famous among the tourists. This modern and cosmopolitan city has engrossed everyone by its beauty, its sky-high buildings, its splendor, its lavish outlook, and all the other achievements that make it the prime spot for all the tourist attractions. However, one thing that all the tourists traveling to Dubai needs to know about is the Dubai visa information with this one can apply for a visa of their own. Dubai visa center provides this information to its customers for a much simpler and faster application.

Dubai is heaven for luxury but also at the same time providing an opportunity for budget travelers. Thousands of visa applications are flooded every year from people all around the world to witness the glamour of this city making tourist visas the most popular. A perfect blend of pomp and subtleness with adequate means of transportation as well as entertainment and amusement makes this city contagious to visit.

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Tourist Visa: 

This is the most common visa that is issued for all the tourists willing to explore the city. This visa is issued for a time period of 30 days and the visa holder is required to leave the country after this time period.

Visit Visa: 

This visa is issued for the people who intend to visit any friend or relative in the country. The GDRFA office issues this visa. The applicant must have the approved permit before leaving for the country.

Transit Visa: 

This visa is issued to the people who have some connecting flights and a waiting period of at least more than 8 hours then this visa is required. This visa is not valid for more than 96 hours after which the applicant is required to leave the country.

Employment visa: 

This visa is a work permit that is issued to the foreign nationals who are working in UAE. This is issued for a time period of two months by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

Residence Visa: 

This visa is issued when the person has ensured the employment visa. This visa provides the person access to the Emirates ID and makes them the resident of UAE after which the person also brings their family to the country.

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The first major requirement for obtaining a Dubai visa online is the passport of the person. Scanned coloured copies of passport are required to be submitted, the black and white copies often tend to be rejected. The passport must be valid for a duration of at least 6 months. The scanned copies of the passport must include the bio page and the last page of the passport.

Application form: 

The next thing the individual needs to fill out the application form for the visa with all the fields and without any discrepancies.


the individual needs to submit their coloured photographs. These photographs should not be more than 6 months old and should be submitted according to the rules laid down by the government.


A travel itinerary is required to be submitted by the individual to ensure the authorities a valid, safe and legal stay of the individual ensuring he has all plans to leave the country within a specified time period. This includes the details about the stay or accommodation, copy of the flight tickets indicating the dates of the travel.

Proof of residence: 

this is generally required in the cases when the present nationality of the person and the present residence country are not the same. In this case the person needs to submit a proof of his residence.

US citizens receive their visa on arriving at the UAE airport. If the stay of a US citizen is more than a month, he has to apply to the immigration officer to get a permit at the airport itself.

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For the individuals who do not tend to have time to apply for a Dubai visa in person can also apply for it from their homes using the Dubai e visa facility which is quite very easily available nowadays. All the Dubai visa information along with the Dubai visa application form is available online which makes it easy for the people to apply. Here are the steps to apply for Dubai e-visa:

  •         Fill the Dubai e-visa application form.
  •         Fill all the fields carefully without any discrepancies.
  •         Upload the electronic and scanned copies of the required documents.
  •         Pay the required fees.
  •         Wait for the application to be processed.

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Leaving the transit visa of 48 hours and 96 hours, all the visas vary in the number of days thy are valid for.


Nearly 50 nations are entitled to a visa on arrival and do not require a pre-arranged visa.


The validity of the stay depends upon the type of visa issued by the individual ranging from 14 days to 180 days.

Now that you have got all the Dubai visa information needed for travel you can now have your backpack readied to travel. 

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