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Camping Sites In Dubai: An Escape to Tranquility 2024

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Camping can be delightful, especially in the middle of deserts and on isolated beaches. We all need to spend several days in solitude, living in the heat and bustle of city life, coping with tension and anguish daily. There are a lot of camping sites in dubai to accommodate campers. This article has jotted down some of the best camping sites in dubai. The calmness of all these places will undoubtedly leave you in a variety of imaginations, hypnotized and lost.

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Top Camping Sites In Dubai

1. Brooq Tent

Brooq Tent, one of the most luxurious camps in dubai offers lodging in Abu Dhabi with a bar. A terrace is accessible in the camp. Relax in the backyard as well. The Grand Mosque of Sheik Zayed is located 11 km from the Brooq Tent. Bateen, 13 km from the accommodation, is the closest airport.

2. Mysk Kingfisher Retreat 

Mysk Kingfisher Retreat is also one of the most luxurious camps in dubai, located in Kalba. It offers terrace housing, a flat-screen TV, free WiFi, and a restaurant and kitchen. Each air-conditioned unit has a seating/dining area. A continental or buffet breakfast is served in the tented camp. A private beach area is on-site, and walking is near the Mysk Kingfisher Retreat. The accommodation is 16 km from Fujairah and 42 km from Khor Fakkan. Fujairah International Airport is the closest airport, 12 km from the Retreat of Mysk Kingfisher.

3. Starlight Camp

Regarding camping sites in dubai, camp starlight is the best place in Dubai, surrounded by dunes in the Arab Desert, in the centre of a natural amphitheatre. The property has a master room with a crystal roof fitted with torches, lampstands, and candles. For visitors, there is an outdoor restaurant, a drink bar, a Nespresso machine, and a seating room. Guests have a telescope, Bluetooth speakers, and a firewood fireplace. A Starlight lounge, a Sunset spot on the dunes, a grill, and a barbecue station with a grill and dinners are all provided on-site. A 4x4 truck provides a desert taxi. The land is 66.5 km from Dubai International Airport.

4. The Retreat

Located in Fujairah, the Retreat provides air-conditioned accommodation and access to a garden and terrace, 39 km from Fujairah Mall. A private bathroom with a bidet and complimentary toiletries is offered. A buffet or halal breakfast is served in the camp. Fujairah International Airport is next to the Retreat at a 37 km distance.

5. Magic Camps

Magic Camps one of the best desert camp in dubai, offers lodging in the middle of the desert in Dubai, 50 km from the city centre. Tents are furnished with beds and private bathrooms in the environment-friendly camp. Some rooms are also equipped with a private sitting/dining area. During your visit, a continental breakfast is served every day. It is 66 km to Burj Khalifa and 65 km to Dubai World Trade Centre. Sharjah International Airport is the closest airport to the property, 50 km from the property.

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Best Places For Camping In Dubai

1. Al Qudra Lakes

The Al Qudra Lakes have become commonplace for tourists to camp in Dubai, among other places. The safest place to camp with children is on these lakes. This place can also serve as an essential trip from the lively city life of Dubai. The lake's banks are perfect for reflection and rest. Many wildlife species have been seen, as the lake houses 26 reptile species and 360 bird species, of which 158 are migratory, in this area. You may then assume your birds can wake up to the sweet chirps. Due to the picturesque scenery from dawn to dusk, the lakes can also be called a paradise for photographers. The lakes will camp safely in the same way as friendly police patrols. Many other campers even visit the site all year round, except for the solitary campsite phobia.

2. Banana Beach

Banana is a rare discovery, a tiny and cosy place to camp in the city someday. The beach is mainly viewed for camping purposes by visitors. The staff offers excellent equipment, including chairs, tents, pillows, etc. The prices are reasonable, although volatile. The beach resort offers 47 camping tents, five chalets, and 12 water sports.

3. Acacia Forest

You can find the Acacia forest in the middle of the mountains if you want to pick up an area to camp in Dubai. Locating the woods through simple maps is a little tricky. It is advisable to visit this place when accompanied by other campers. The easiest way to keep track of the route is to convey to the destination and stay aware of the route. The site offers a magnificent view of Jabal al Harim. This lovely forest usually remains very calm, especially at night. The possible danger for visitors is a military firing range in the area; therefore, it is advisable to take care of restrictive signs.

4. White Sands Beach

This place for campsites in Dubai is situated between the Fins and the Wadi Shab and is enjoyed chiefly because of its low cost. It is a lovely spot for a tent over a sandy beach on a hill. The beach is ideal for relaxing by the coast and looking at the night sky. Adventure activities such as paddle boarding, snorkelling, diving, and fishing can also be enjoyed in the sparkling pools.

5. Arabian Dreams Desert Camp

Situated in the desert reserve of Dubai, this site consists of eight tents with all proper linens and sanitation facilities. Dubai's most popular camp accommodates up to seventeen people, as its itinerary includes camel tours and dune drives. The campsite offers a proper guest itinerary. Falcons and Oryx can also be found!

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These were some of the best Camping Sites In Dubai that you must stay in during your trip to Dubai. So plan a journey to Dubai, and to get the Dubai Visa, you can reach out to Dubai Visa Center.

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