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sponsoring widow mother in the uae in 2024

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In order to sponsor a widowed mother in UAE, one first needs to get in check with the whole process, and then it makes them eligible to head forward in order to apply for a widowed mother visa or to sponsor a widowed mother visa in UAE. And, one needs to apply for a widowed mother visa or to sponsor for the same for several reasons. Whether it be that you want to call your mother to your working country which is UAE when there’s no one to take care of her in your home country.  Also, if the sponsor is unable to get her residency there, then also they can apply for a visa for his/her widowed mother whenever required.

Who can sponsor a visa for a widowed mother to UAE?

  • Anyone can apply or sponsor the visa for a widowed mother, but the person sponsoring the visa has to be a resident of the UAE or someone residing in the UAE for any purpose. Any government can also sponsor a visa for a widowed mother in the UAE. A person who earns at least Dh20,000 and lives in at least a two-bedroom flat in the UAE can sponsor his or her widowed mother to come to the UAE whenever they need to.
  • Furthermore, if one parent dies, his or her child must provide a death certificate that has been officially notarized and legalized in the parent's native country. On the other hand, if theirs is a matter of divorce, one can then the legal, documents of it and can go apply or sponsor a visa to his or her widowed mother in the UAE.


Documents required to sponsor a widowed mother in UAE

  1. One sponsoring a widowed mother visa needs to get in check with the following visa requirements and the documents so that they can get eligible to get a visa for the same. The widow's mother will be needed to apply for a residency extension through the appropriate GDRFA channels, along with the necessary documents:
  2. All the documents stating the case, that is the death of the husband or the divorce. Whatever the reason could be, one needs to provide proof of it.
  3. Proof of availability of a house for the woman in her home country or wherever she is living.
  4. All the important information regarding the woman such as her full name, her occupation, her citizenship country, her date of birth, etc will be required.
  5. Details of her family or her children will also be asked for and is necessary to provide.
  6. Health documents of the woman being sponsored for the widow visa will also be needed.
  7. Emirates ID and proof are also among the most important documents that the woman needs to carry.
  8. All the travel details of the woman.
  9. Medical insurance cards are required in several emirates.
  10. A valid passport of the woman carrying a validity of over 6 months should also include at least 2 blank pages.
  11. She is also needed to provide her passport-sized photographs and the ones are needed to be clearly visible and should not be older than 3-6 months.



Sponsoring a widowed mother in UAE is not a long process as it sounds. One is only needed to dive straight into the required and the important information which is needed to sponsor the widowed mother visa. Also, to sponsor the same, one needs to really take it since it is somewhat of a delicate case and the information is needed to be filled very accurately so that the applicant can receive the visa on time and faces no hurdle in between the entire process of the application of the widowed mother visa.

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