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explore all the Hidden Facts About Al Bastakiya 2024

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Al Bastakiya was formerly known as Al Fahidi. It is a bit different from modern-day famous Dubai. This place is home to several skyscrapers, hustling cities, gleaming glass towers along with the showrooms of brands such as Gucci, Dior, Patou. Al Bastakiya is a maze of ancient awes which authentic ethics and the heart of Dubai. In ancient times the pearl gold herbal Dubai was a stop for foreign traders including Persians, Britishers, and Portuguese.

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Barsati home.

The local Tribes of Arab are used in simple huts which are known as barsati and these Barsati wind Tower.


This house was built with Palm branches and it was the residence of early residents.


House with wind Tower composed of burlac that is made by combining jute and hemp. This place is a wonderful tourist spot and a great place to fulfill your dreams and Desire. There are several to go places in this place where you can eat in the middle of ancient Arabian culture and Banda the land of ancient Arab to learn about their ethics.

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The Basta Art Caf is called the Arabian Tea House. It is present in the heart of old quarters and provides the great flavor of 150 different styles of tea from all over the world. The lavish is a recipe that is rich in spices Arabian meal.


The artistic triumph of Al Bastakiya XVA hotel and art gallery usually live in the contemporary prominent artwork by an Arab artist. The hotel room provides insight into the cultural heritage and the ancient Dubai Lifestyle. There are 13 different kinds of rooms and they are listed as follows,

  • Disdash room,
  • Jalabiya room,
  • Gallery room,
  • Turboosh room

These rooms are available just to get you the best experience of art tradition culture and familiarise you with the International artist that comes here to spend quality time. This place is filled with several antique colorful artists made of Coral Jade Amber with a perfect blend of art culture history and heritage.


This is Dubai’s oldest art space named after cushioned meeting room known as Majlis in traditional Arab houses. They are beautiful and are made with a middle Eastern theme perfect for all the art lovers and clear unique antique highest quality artwork from all around the world at present.

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The market alleys of this place are spotted with tourists from all over the world that wander around for several souvenirs. There are a lot of things that people buy as souvenirs. The best thing bought as souvenirs are as follows,

  • camel milk soaps
  • Emirati clothing,
  • the finest silks and satins,
  • Pashmina stalls,
  • saffron,
  • the aroma of spices and herbs
  • the fragrance of exotic perfumes in the air. The carpets,
  • Blue Turkish
  • Persian pottery
  • Intensely saturated arts
  • Idols,
  • Showpieces,
  • Mirrors with panels of amber.
  • Jewelry of Gold and studded gems and crystals,
  • Musical Instruments and many more.

Inside the premises of Al fahidi, the most popular Dubai Museum which was made in 1787 originally a monarchy residence that has the role of Arsenal and present provides and great inside on all the ancient Dubai with its Heritage culture and time voyage to the new Dubai. This place is made of sea rocks Coral palm tree trunk mud bricks and motor from imported clay manure and water.

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Al Bastakiya is a great place to visit and experience the Heritage and Culture of old Dubai. This shows you the struggle that Dubai went through to become one of the best tourist attraction spots in the world. If you are looking forward to visiting Dubai and visit this place as well then you will need to have a visa. We can help you apply for the visa and get approved as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It was built in 1700 and The fort is regarded as the oldest building in Dubai. It was originally made as a Defense post.

Al Bastakiya has situated just 8.2 km from Dubai International Airport and it is connected by all kinds of public transport.

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