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explore the best indian restaurants in dubai

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If you're a vegetarian finding warmth or a non-vegetarian exploring food delights, Indian restaurants in Dubai are not missing. Dubai's streets offer exquisite cuisine, from street shops to Michelin-star restaurants. You just need an empty stomach and more full pockets to enjoy Indian cuisine. So here is the list of the best Indian Restaurants in Dubai you must visit.

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15 Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai

Indigo by Vineet

Indigo is one of leading Indian restaurants in Dubai. Chef Vineet Bhatia opened the restaurant, who has a Michelin star in his work. Some of Indian's best foods with authentic spices and fresh ingredients are available here. Every dish looks so good that it is deserving of a spot in your social media.

Also, the restaurant's decor is Indian. The paintings are decorated with Indian gods, Phool genda, and even juttis framed in the wall.

Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal is a colourful food company that offers a great atmosphere and delicious food. It is located in JW Marriott Marquis Hotel by a famous chef with a Michelin star and published several cookbooks. He is expert in this beautiful restaurant, which is expressed in the classy atmosphere and delicious dishes.

Efforts to make Dubai one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai with the best dining experiences.


It's all about royalty and heritage, as its name implies. It is located in the Holiday Inn, a luxury hotel and makes you feel relaxed. The restaurant delivers an enriching culinary experience and makes you want more.

The most striking characteristic of this place is its decoration, considering its delicious food. The interior has the feel of an Indian restaurant that holds rich culture and traditions intact. The welcoming squad, the Indian music behind them and the smell of local tastes will make you feel like you will never leave the 'Land of Gold.'

Antique Bazaar

Antique Bazaar in Bur Dubai is the right option between the Indian restaurant in Dubai if you're a food lover. When you enter, you are confused by the grandeur of this hotel. By his tag, Antique Bazaar, he indeed has the rustic, old atmosphere that takes you back to the Maharajas period.

Many Indian dishes such as Diwan Handi Ghost, Sheekh Subz Bahar, Ghost Angar and many others are also available. The food is influenced by royalties, which make the restaurant heaven for food.

Raju Omlet Restaurant

It will be 'Eggs' if we have to explain the restaurant in one section. This restaurant stands out for its sheer simplicity. Many branches of this restaurant peculiarly serve Indian street food.

There are numerous omelettes, roasting eggs and Chai, even the national Indian drink, available from the Raju Omlet Menu. It's a beautiful place for lovers of breakfast.

Bombay Chowpatty

Chowpatty Bombay is one of Dubai's most well known Indian restaurants. Bombay Chowpatty in Dubai is currently 18 outlets and is still growing. As soon as you leave the Dubai airport, you will find one. The restaurant offers tasty and delicious Indian food with its culinary excellence. If you like non-vegetarian cuisine, don't forget to try chicken curry.


Ushna is located in the heart of Souq Madinat in an upscale and sophisticated city. It has an exhibition kitchen and a large terrace, which provides a relaxing and aesthetic ambience.

China is one of the few high-end Indian restaurants in Dubai. The variety of vegetarian choices available on the menu makes them a sanctuary for vegetarians.

Calicut Notebook Restaurant

Calicut Notebook Restaurant is as Indian as it can be in the busy vicinity of United Hypermarket. A small hotel full of people, finding a decent seat is a challenge. Most of the menu is Indian, but several plates contain traces of fusion. The service is flawless and with a smile and a welcome drink welcome customers. It is hardly that we Indians neglect our beliefs.


In the ground floor of the Dubai Marina Mall, Zafran is an Indian Bistro. The bistro has spectacular views of the Dubai Marina and is suitable for a romantic holiday. The menu, full of well-done Indian and Pakistani dishes, is quick and easy to follow.

It is the best restaurant to enjoy the Dubai Dining experience with its welcoming workers, delicious food and views to die.

Rajdhani Street

It's known to serve Thalis on Rajdhani Lane. One of Dubai's first Indian Rajdhani restaurants serves more than Thalis. They have several Indian snacks, such as Chaat, Jalebi, Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Chole Bhature and Lassi. Rajdhani managed to steer the Jumeirah Lake Towers with its original flavour.

He has received the Times Food Award many times and must be on the list of all foodstuffs.

Yellow Chilli by Sanjeev Kapoor

Yellow Chilli is a paradise for Indian food fans in Dubai by renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The restaurant serves Indian organic food from the north-west of India and a strange twist.

New and hygienic, with ingredients of local origin. The Yellow Chilli Mughlai delicacies are exotic and something that you will always remember.

Bombay Brasserie by Taj Dubai

The Bombay Brasserie is all Indian while the idea of the restaurant was born in London's streets. Situated in the newly opened Taj Hotel, it is the best Indian restaurant in Dubai.

You have a degustation menu that you can enjoy from the streets of Bombay. Each dish is artistically presented to make way for your Instagram.

Mumtaj Mahal Indian Speciality Restaurant

A fine dining restaurant at Arabian Courtyard Hotel, Mumtaj Mahal is a restaurant. The menu consists of delicacies from the north-west and Mughlai. To deliver authentic Indian cuisine, the chef utilises organic Indian flavours and spice. Service is swift, and the workers are polite and contribute to an overall experience.


A gem in the magnificent Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Naya Restaurant is a gem. The restaurant blends traditional Indian cuisine with a modern approach. Naya offers a panoramic view of Burj Al Arab and provides an opinion to enjoy your food.

In the 24th floor, the Uptown Bar is also to relax and enjoy some of the best cocktails with the area's finest views.

Rasoi Ghar

Rasoi Ghar provides a fanciful gourmet experience among the Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai. Their menu is rich and pleasant with a variety of curries and pickles and bread.

You will discover the real Indian dishes such as Dhokla, Samosa, Shrikhand, malpua, halwa and many other desserts. The rustic atmosphere, warm Indian vibes and Indian music make the dining experience perfect.

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Final Words

So these were the best Indian restaurants in Dubai. So get your Dubai Visa from Dubai Visa Center and visit the beautiful nation and enjoy its delicious Indian Cuisine.

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