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How to book the Dubai Airport Hotel

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After hours of traveling to Dubai, let’s scout for a tranquil escape from the haste and check into the best airport hotel in Dubai! Airport hotels are generally considered the best option if you’re traveling abroad because of their proximity to the airport, quick check-ins, and easy traveling to the tourist attractions in the country. This article explains how to book a Dubai airport hotel and lists some important aspects to look into while booking an airport hotel in Dubai.

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Why Choose an Airport Hotel

There are multiple reasons behind choosing an airport hotel rather than the one in the center of the city.

1.   Convenience

Since you’ll be traveling to Dubai sitting for hours on a flight, you won’t be left with much energy to take public transport or book a cab to the city center and search for a hotel. Moreover, a significant number of luxurious hotels are located near the airport because convenience is what a traveler looks for on a holiday.

Another reason behind the location of these hotels near the airport is the influx of foreign corporates and businessmen, who visit Dubai to attend business meetings. They like to stay as close to the airport as possible so that they can fly to their country as soon as their purpose is met.

2.   Better Deals

Airport hotels offer rooms at a much lower price than those located in the city center. In other words, you have comparatively higher odds of getting an attractive deal for a room in one of the best airport hotels in Dubai.

3. Best Option for Transit Visa Holders

Airport hotels must be your go-to option if you’re visiting Dubai on a transit visa. These visas are issued for 48 to 96 hours, leaving no time for you to travel to and from the city center to board your connected flight. In such a scenario, you can book an airport hotel in Dubai and eliminate time-consuming commuting to your hotel.

How to Choose a Good Airport Hotel in Dubai

Clearly, airport hotels are a worth-it option. But a question that strikes one’s mind is how they can spot a good airport hotel in Dubai. Definitely, choosing a hotel has much more than it meets the eyes, and thus, here are a few criteria to judge the worthiness of an airport hotel and get the best hotel in Dubai.

1.   Distance from the Airport

The first and foremost thing to consider is the hotel’s distance from the airport. Some hotels claim to be near the airport but turn out to be hard to access. Make sure that your hotel is not too far from the airport and must be easily accessible through public transport or cabs.

2.   Transfers

Airport hotels generally provide transfers to and from the airport. Still, it is important to check if the hotel is providing free transfers to ensure convenient travel.

3.   Wifi Access

A big issue that international travelers face not only in Dubai but in every country is the network and the internet. And thus, go for a hotel that provides free wifi access to its guests.

4.   Amenities and Luxuries

The rest of the things to look for in an airport hotel is the same as what you search for in a normal hotel. Here is the list of some amenities and luxuries to look into before choosing a hotel.

  • Cleanliness and hygiene
  • Spacious property
  • Gym and spa
  • 24-hours check-in
  • Medical facilities

How to Book an Airport Hotel in Dubai

Don’t forget apart from some additional benefits, airport hotels are the same as ordinary hotels, which indicates that you can book a hotel through 2 different mediums.

Book Airport Hotels Online

Booking hotels online comes with multiple benefits that allow it enjoys an edge over other methods. Firstly, you can book a room in advance so you need not hop from hotel to hotel to get the best deal. Also, online booking offers attractive discounts and other perks like cashbacks, complimentary meals, etc.

You can book an airport hotel using the following two methods.

  1. i) Through third-party booking sites like TVO Tourism and Travels
  2. ii) Through the hotel’s website

Booking at the Hotel

You can also book an airport hotel at the reception of its reception. It is recommended to check the ratings and reviews before checking into the hotel.

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In The End

Airport hotels are a worth-it option. Book an airport hotel today and make your trip convenient like never before.

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