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In Dubai on The Palm Jumeirah island in the Persian Gulf, Aquaventure Atlantis is an awesome water park. This amusement park is one of the largest in the Middle East and not just the United Arab Emirates. It covers 17 hectares, and attractions are created by more than 18,000,000 liters of water. In this article, we will check out details about Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure. So read and find out.

The Palm Islands can be seen as a real miracle in general because they have all been artificially created. In 2008, Palm Jumeirah, the first of the two hotels, became one of the world's biggest and most luxurious hotels. The grand aquatic activities, called Aquaventure Atlantis, are organized within the territory of this hotel for the whole family.

Process of Organizing at Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure

The Atlantis Waterpark in Dubai provides visitors of all ages with a wealth of entertainment. You can take a waterfall and speed rafting down the river here and down the water slides, swim with dolphins, take diving lessons. A special playground is organized for the smallest visitors.

The sequence of water activities is a characteristic feature of Aquaventure. This water park is designed so that visitors could move on after passing an attraction to the next and turn their holidays into a fascinating adventure.

The entire water park is surrounded by a lazy river; its length is more than 1.5 km. The river passes through the open air and the caves, and its smooth flow in some places forms quite stormy flows. You can swim safely along the Lazy River, relax and take a sunbathe by inflating single or double circles.

Several exits from the river are available: wide open spaces with steps up the bank and down the hill. This allows us to move from one fascinating attraction to the next. It turns out that only water can move without even going to land. The Atlantis area is picturesque but walking is a fun thing, too.

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Fabulous Vacation for Adults

The Aquaventure Water Park in Dubai offers lovers of extreme sensations many interesting things: your heart beats faster by naming itself.

Poseidon Tower

The newest tower in the aquaventure complex is this 30-meter high tower. It comprises slides of various lengths and heights. Persons whose height exceeds 1.2 m are permitted to visit Poseidon Tower.

There are many 'Kamikaze' who simply call the attraction 'Revenge of Poseidon' here. At the top of the house, there are transparent capsules, which include vertical slides for those who wish to receive a dose of adrenaline. An individual enters into the capsule, folds his arms over his chest (the door closes, and literally, the ground falls, and a rapid drop into the dark abyss starts at a speed of sixty kilometers per hour. In the foamy waters of the pool beneath the tower ends the descent, where there will even be dead loops.

The attraction Zumerango can accommodate six persons – the laws of gravity will come down to a raft from a height of 14 m. The 156-meter descent seems to last only a moment, but in such a short time, a great deal will happen - fast falls, steep climbing, and zero-gravity flights.

"Aquaconda" is the world's longest water slide: it is 210 meters in length, width – 9 meters, height – 25 meters. They descend on inflatable rafts, which sleep six people. The maximum speed at which water streams blow through the windy and spanning tunnels of various types reaches up to 35 km/h.

The Slytherin riverbed is regarded as unique – the first twin downhill in the world that passes partly through Aquaconda. Slytherin "is 31 meters high, 182 meters long. Special displays are held on the finish line showing how quickly every participant of the event is moving – so that not only the steep curves of the hill can be described, but competitions are arranged.

Neptune Tower

Not everyone is allowed to take part in extreme entertainment on the Neptune Tower. Only those with a height above 1.2 m are allowed to ascend. There is a swimming pool at the foot of the tower and giant ramps, and entertainment is offered here that directly affects this pool.

The slide, which starts at an altitude of 30 m, runs down through the tower and then runs along the bottom of the reservoir. The slide is a shark attack. The diaper has a fully transparent tube, and visitors to Aquaventure that descends are seeing sea predators in close proximity. In pairs, or alone, you can go down.

Another very vivid entertainment called "Leap of Faith" is offered to guests of the Atlantis Water Park. This hill is the most extreme: a crazy descent along an almost vertical 27 meters long, transparent tube that passes through the same pool with many predators. Without a raft, you can go down here alone.

Visitors find an unusual but less extreme attraction on the tower of Neptune. It's a system of slides, which raises people up and lowers them at high speed by flowing water. At the same time, the path passes through dark tunnels and ends in a calm river with sharp turns.

Ziggurat tower

There is a unique Ziggurat tower, which is designed in the style of the ancient temples of ancient Mesopotamia, on the territory of the water complex Aquaventure in Dubai. Seven slides are equipped in this 30 m high building, located on three different levels, which enables visitors to descend from different highs. The Shamal spiral slide is the most popular and extreme attraction on the tower.

Zipline Atlantean Pilots

The cable car, 20 meters above the water park, is another surprise awaiting visitors to Aquaventure. It is not only Dubai but also the United Arab Emirates, which is the first and longest cableway. 

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So these are all the details about Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure. So get your Dubai Visa from Dubai Visa Center and visit this beautiful nation.

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