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dubai international boat show

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The Dubai International boat show is managed by the Dubai world trade center and is your perfect statement of luxury upon the sea. The high tech city hosts the most famous boat show in the world that you can be a part of. The intriguing Dubai boat show logo and the list captures the attention of every single person who is a fan of cruising through the ocean.

If you want more details about the same, read this article till the end. 


The event hosted by the DWTC, which is an event organizer providing world class service in the middle east since the past three years, provides unmatched experience with this unique event too. The first sail was done by this event 28 years ago, and since then it has become one of the most unmissable marine events. It showcases luxe superyachts and also the finest leisure crafts from all over the world. This event provides the buyers, sellers, as well as boating enthusiasts a perfect chance to see and discover the greatest and latest in the market. The Dubai boat show 2020 was a treat to the eyes.

The Dubai international boat show 2021 takes place at the Dubai harbor, which poses as the biggest marina in the region. You will also get the opportunity to explore the new and improved yacht technology and designs, and also get the chance to see the glamorous boats all around.

Whether you are an exhibitor looking for new clients or a buyer interested in purchasing, this boat show has opportunities for all and is a must attend event.

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This information regarding the boat show 2020 will help the tourist get through the event in an easy way.


The UAE experiences pleasant weather during the winter months that is between October and May. The rest of the year, the temperature is mostly hot and humid. During the summer time, lightweight cotton clothing could be worn to avoid sweating, but you should remember that the temperature drops suddenly at night during the winter months. You should pack a tube of sun block, sunglasses, and hat whenever you visit the country.


In most of the stores around the country Visa, MasterCard, and Diners Club is accepted. However, you would get better bargain if you pay in cash,.


The UAE is a muslim populated country influenced by the Arab lifestyles. However, great tolerance is shown by the locals towards the eastern and western practices among a large community. There are a number of temples and churches across the country that you can visit.


The official currency of the country is UAE dirham. One dirham is divided into 100 fils. The notes come in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000. The government has also announced new coins that are smaller than the old ones. However, both types of coins are legal tender The dirham is fully convertible and is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of Dh 3.67.

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The global links including pagers, internet connections, and GSM mobile telephones are abundantly available and inexpensive. Along with that foreign and local radio, television, newspapers, and magazines are also available. You can also get pre paid GSM mobile sim cards at the airport and also at the Etisalat offices and business centers around the country.


The health care standard is high throughout the country. It is expensive; hence, a clever decision would be to get decent travel insurance in case some emergency arrives. The emirates is also clear of all epidemic diseases and is mostly mosquito free. No vaccinations are need prior to visiting the country, however if you are coming from a health risk country, you must check about the same beforehand.


The official language of the country is Arabic; however English is widely understood as well as spoken. Same is the case with Hindi and Urdu also.


Alcohol is freely available around the country in clubs, bars, and restaurants. It is also available in member only spaces like country clubs and sports clubhouses. The restaurants that are situated outside the hotels do not have the license to sell alcohol though.


The country has a very low crime rate and some very strict rules and regulations. The country is a safe place even for women who are traveling alone. It is however advisable to take general precautions to safeguard your personal belongings and safety. You should remember that no country is totally safe. The most liberal emirate in the country is Dubai, where the western lifestyle is accepted at most places. Modest dresses are expected at public places. Beach wears can be worn at beaches or hotel pools though.

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The Dubai boat show exhibitor list is as follows:

·         Ahmad Mohammad Bin Suloom

·         AIX investment group

·         Aksum Marine

·         Al Ahlam Tourism group

·         Al Falasi Marine

·         Al Khorayef

·         Al Masaood L.L.C.

·         Al Rubban Marine

·         Al Yousuf motors L.L.C.

·         Al-Can

·         Altarish Yacht

·         Amit Internation group

·         Amper Auro SRL

·         AquaService- BG ltd.

·         Arabian radio network

·         Armare SRL

·         Ascom spa

·         Atlantic Marine

·         Augustus DMC

·         Auto Sport- SUZUKI

·         Azimouthio yachting info

·         Azimut benetti spa

·         Barche

·         Behnemar

·         Beijing Octotech ltd.

·         Belassi GMBH

·         Bermuda diving center EST.

·         Boat exclusive

·         Boat Lift SRL

·         Burgess

·         Carter and White

·         Cayago AG

·         Cayman Yachts international

·         Charterworld LLP

·         Chris Fallows

·         Cigispeed middle east

·         Cimolai technology SPA

·         Classic global

·         Cluster yachting Monaco

·         Confindustria nautica

·         Danish business council

·         DG Marine trading L.L.C.

·         Dhow marine general trading

There are many other companies too that are included in the boat show exhibitor list.

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Along with all these, you can try out the vast boat show list ranging from super fun activities like:

  • The ultimate sailing experience
  • Dubai fishing competition
  • Watersports village
  • Divers go free
  • Superyachts at the show
  • Non stop entertainment
  • Dive mena expo
  • The ultimate yacht trend expo
  • Boats at the show

The Dubai international boat show could be the most fun activity that you choose to do in the Emirates. 

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