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things to do in dubai marina

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The true meaning of sophistication and uniqueness is Dubai Marina. It has a surface of 50 million square feet of waterfront in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai Marina is a manmade marina built on the Persian Gulf coast, 2 miles (3 km) away. In this article, we have jotted down things to do in Dubai Marina, so read and find out. 

Plan a journey here and explore this rich and exciting residential area. Get the sun on Jumeirah Beach Residence on the sandy beach (JBR). Stroll along the beautiful Dubai Paseo Marina with cosmopolitan restaurants, cafes, and shops. Shop to Dubai Marina Mall that has chains and brands of luxury fashion. Cruise in the upscale yachts through the marina. Stun the spectacular skyscrapers with stunning views of the marina with their unique architectural styles. 

Top 8 Things to Do in Dubai Marina

  1. Walk around Dubai Marina Walk

A palm-lined waterfront path with a greenery landscape is a 7 kms (4.3 mi) Dubai Marina Walk. Walk while enjoying a view of the emerald waterway with the passing of luxurious yachts. Dine-in one of the numerous cafés, restaurants, and food stores that satisfy most food cravings. Marvel the wonderful architecture of this human-made port for the numerous skyscrapers. Dubai Marina Mall shop which has well-known brands of fashion, beauty brands, electronics, and home design stores. Make sure the beautiful Dubai Marina Walk fountain captures photos.

  1. Enjoy at Dubai Marina Yacht Club

Feel the excitement of dining on a yacht or just being in the water. Rent a private yacht and take a luxury water cruise. On an artificial canal, Dubai Marina Yacht Club offers unique bars, restaurants, and lounges. It is a boat haven during the day and transforms into a lively waterfront during the night. It also offers sheltered berths for more than five hundred yachts and helps their seafarers with berths.

  1. Enjoy the Food at Pier 7

For a great dining experience, visit Pier 7. On every floor of the building, there are seven different restaurants, each with different tastes, presentations, atmosphere, and style. Experience the atmosphere and the stunning views of the city, the Gulf of Dubai, and the marina. Choose from a dining experience indoors or fresh. The food is very good and delicious. Here, for your money, you will surely get value. Explore Pier 7 in different kitchens to taste them.

  1. Explore the artworks at Gallery One

In Gallery One, you will find beautiful works of art and gifts by renowned and emerging artists. Many authentic and original works of art can be found here. They include giftable art presented in a magnificent gift box, wall art, and Clarus editions, which are works of art and photographs of well-known creative abilities. Brighten up your home with these wonderful pieces, or get your friend's amazing gift.

  1. Plan a Tour to Dream Explorer LLC

Specializing in the organization of adventurous sea, air, and desert tours. In a powerful hummer, go for a desert safari. In the event of a mechanical problem, enter a dune buggy equipped with roll cages, seat belts, seats for seating, bucket seats, night lights, extinguishers, helmets, and a back-up truck. The hot air balloon, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, and jet-boat riding are other options. Prepare yourself on any of these tours for an exciting adventure.

  1. Enjoy Dubai International Marine Club Water Sports

The Dubai International Marine Club is located on Dubai's seafront and home to Dubai's water sports. Almost 40 local, national, and international water sports events take place each season. Watch these events with pleasure as you cheer for your preferred team. More than 300 yachts, a helipad, a boat school, and six exhibition halls are also available at the marina. This is a nice way to have a day.

  1. Enjoy Your Time at Skydive Dubai

Feel the rush of adrenaline as Skydive DUBAI rises high. Tandem skydive allows you free falling to more than 120 kilometers per hour (193.1 km/h) while being securely attached to a trainer. You can choose the option of a gyrocopter flight which takes you to an aerial view of the highlights of Dubai such as Ain Dubai, Palm Jumeirah Island, Atlantis, and Burj al Arab in 1500 feet (457,2 meters). This flight takes you 20 minutes. You can also be taught by instructors using the latest training techniques on how to skydive on your own. Don't miss this amazing experience.

  1. Have a Relaxing Time at Westin Heavenly Spa

Enjoy the Westin Heavenly Spa's day of self-love. Leave your stress behind when you relax in this wonderful spa. It offers massages, body treatments, facial treatments, and Shellac nail therapies. The spa includes saunas, damp rooms, whirlpool facilities, and a fitness area. They use ELEMIS products by the British skin-care brand, which has been recognized for the award. Regardless of your treatment choice, be sure that your inside and outside feeling is beautiful. This is the perfect place to relax and to feel rejuvenated.

These were some of the great Things to Do in Dubai Marina. So plan a trip to Dubai and enjoy these mind-blowing activities, and have a fun time at Dubai Marina. To get the Dubai Visa, you can visit the Dubai Visa Center and avail your Visa through an easy-to-follow process and full-time assistance.

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