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The Dubai metro is a rapid transit rail network in Dubai city the red line, green line are operational. With the route 2020 branch line from the line to the expo 2020. This site is open from the start of 2021. The Dubai Metro is a rapid rail network in the city of Dubai. Both the Red and Green Lines are considered to be operational. 

Metro routes:

The Dubai metro was the city's answer to the consequences. The construction began in 2006. With the first station opening in 2009. Trains are driverless, this was a super idea in the world record. It includes the first class, women, children sections. It has two mains line. The red line runs from rashidiya near the Dubai international airport. This reaches to UAE exchange. All stations are open now. In al qusais to the creek in al jaddaf. All stations are not operational. Route 2020 is a fifteen-kilometre extension of the Dubai metro

Metro maps:

The metro connects to the Dubai tram system at the Dubai Marina metro station. The Dubai tram connects to the palm Jumeirah monorail at palm Jumeirah tram stations. An interactive map of the Dubai metro system can find in the station. The Dubai Metro runs every day to the week. The operating times are
The red line is from morning five to midnight Saturday to Wednesday. 5 am on Thursday. The 10 am until on Friday. The green line is from 5.30 am till midnight Saturday to Wednesday. The next shift from 5.30 am till 1 is on Thursday.  The route 2020 is from 5 am until midnight Saturday to Wednesday.
The metro time is frequent though. No timetable is necessary. Metro trains arrive every four minutes on average during peak hours. And every seven minutes during off-peak hours. The journey along the entire length of the red line takes one hour. The green line is shorter. The trip from Etisalat to creek takes forty minutes.

Fares of the Dubai metro:

Fares are cheap compared to other systems around the world. The contactless tickets or cards must buy before commencing a journey. Mainly they are available in all the metro stations. 


  • The passport should have valid for six months.
  • The scanned copy of the first and last page of the applicant’s passport.
  • A passport size photograph is compulsory.
  • The id of the visa applicant is mandatory. (To verify the details)
  • The educational and experience certificate attestation.
  • The copy of the sponsor ID
  • The photo of the employee scanned 
  • GCC approved medical certificate. 
  • The return ticket or detailed itinerary of the duration of the trip.
  • The copies of the bank statement from the past three months.
  • The house permit application form.
  • The signature is by the sponsor.



With an economy based upon financial services, air transport, property development, and tourism. Dubai has growing population the severe traffic congestion problems. This is rising to three million from 2017. Around 1.70 million passengers used the metro in the first month. The average number of passengers travelling on the red line estimated at around 180,000 a day. Green line passenger capacity estimates to be 100,000 a day. So get your Dubai Visa and explore Dubai beauty. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The adult has to pay four dirhams. The prepaid standard adult has to pay three dirhams. The concessionary has to pay one dirham. And the gold class has to pay eight dirhams. 

The Dubai metro is automatic. Its driverless metro network. It runs partly underground. And it partly via elevated viaducts. So far the two lines did. The red line runs parallel through Sheikh Zayed road for the majority of its run.

The monthly pass cost Dh270 for regular, Dh170 for students, Dh200 for elder emirates. The monthly pass will have the owner's photo launched in august. It allows unlimited use of the metro and public transport buses for 30 days.

The longest driverless metro in the world is present in Dubai. Dubai metro red line got recognized by the Guinness book of world records. It has the longest driverless metro line in the world. It is fifty-two kilometers.

Getting around Dubai is quick and easy. Thanks to the city's advanced railway system. It's over seventy kilometers. The fully-automated Dubai metro presents an efficient way to explore the place. They are two lines red and green. This makes it easy to plan the journey. 

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