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Process To Get Nanny Visa In Dubai in 2024

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Nanny Visa

For the nanny visa who need to follow all the regulation and familiar rules to get a sponsor of Dubai maids. It is quite responsible work and gets investments are been made for the aka maid sponsorship. for the Dubai nanny, you must be remuneration and fulfilled all the contract agreements are been asked by the sponsor.



  • Whether the housemaid is wondering for a full-time nanny for looking their children
  • Or a housemaid who will look for all the required necessity and domestic needful;
  • The salary of a Dubai nanny on a minimum starter is AED 6000
  • A Housemaid visa can also be issued by the male head family member
  • The Dubai embassy and sponsor charged a rule that they will not offer nanny visa to any bachelor or unmarried person,
  • The minimum age for nanny visa eligibility is 18 years.

If the person is been wondering about obtaining a temporary nanny visa offering, then they can go for the 

  • J-1 Visa- it has been in other terms been recognized as an exchanged visitor visa. This visa validity period is for 1 year’s span, and on a further basis it can rather be extended for another1 year term
    • For it, a passport copy is required
    • Along with the colored image of the Nanny visa applicant
    • Must not permit any crime records
    • And their qualification details are also been acquired
  • H-2B non-immigrant Dubai visa types- this visa types it for the nanny applicant who want to work for a temporary work purpose. The Dubai family does not consolidate their nanny under any DOS sponsorship holder if they qualify the process then they will be eligible for the H-2B visa types.
  • The nanny who obtained this visa can only be hired by those Dubai house owners who have employee id numbers and labor department id condolence, and the owner must inherit their immigrant and citizenship evidential proof, this is quite a costly process,
  • The nanny employee must fill out the ETA application form for the visa granting, as well as their temporary employee detail documentation
  • After the DOUI approvals, the wondering family can be filled a required for the nanny, by providing the I-1129 petition
  • After all these steps the USCIS approval is required, after that the house owner should prefer the nanny or housemaid qualification and all the personal information so they might not face any issues with their services.
  • B-2 visa – according to these visa types, the applicant for the nanny and home maid have to stay for 6 months and they can further extend their period for 4 years. The applicant of these visas must have experience of 1 year with the certified pieces of training, as the owner who is asking for this nanny, will be taking them full time, as the servants will be giving, food, room and proper salary allowance for their service.


Dubai Airport

The Dubai airline services are available and are quite a lenient passenger will be giving all the flexibilities and relaxations which they are been wondering for. The Dubai airports are quite cautious regarding the covid cases, but the Dubai embassy has declared that covid cases are been in a negligible ratio as they are following the mentioned below travel guidelines for their travelers.

  • The travelers who are entering the airport will be going under thermal checking, sanitization process, and will be providing a mask
  • The travelers are been asked for their health examination test reports which they have to submit accordingly
  • The test reports must contain clear information regarding the candidate’s health
  • Must conduct a PCR test within 72 hours
  • Might ask for the biometric test by the airline’s supervisor
  • If any positive covid test reports are been found then they have to go for a quarantine period
  • Passport and visa checking are been conducting contract less
  • The passengers must kindly maintain social distancing in their waiting room when they are waiting for their flights
  • The flights are sequential so that proper social distancing can be maintained
  • The Dubai airport's covid guidelines are following all the essential rules.

Dubai Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of the largest emirates of Dubai city. For its height it has been identified as the skyscrapers of Dubai city, it been famous all around the seven emirates of UAE, and it has been popularly known as Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan. The Burj Khalifa height can be esteemed as 828 meters, it is the main business district of Dubai city. The whole infrastructure is been designed by Adrian Smith. It has been the finest creation till now around the world.


Dubai Visa Online

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