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Dubai is one of the Emirates in UAE. Tourism is in boom due to many tourist attraction sites present in Dubai. So for Sierra Leonean citizens to visit Dubai they need a visa. The processes for the visa are explained in the following contents. They use the money called Dirhams. So before visiting Dubai change your currency to Dirhams.

How to apply Dubai visa for Sierra Leonean citizens:

Visit the Dubai Visa Center website. You can now select the Dubai option for applying for a visa. Then choose the option Sierra Leonean option as citizenship. Then select the visa as per needs for getting a Dubai visa online. Fill in the details like passport number, phone number, Email ID, and a few more. After that upload the documents required. Then you can pay the required amount for the visa chosen. The payment transactions for the visa are highly secured. The payment methods are the following options bank transfer directly, debit or credit cards, and PayPal. You can select the payment option which is suitable for you. There is an option for tracking the visa process or status online. You just need to enter the passport or the reference number and passport expiry date. After submitting the details will appear on-screen about the process. After the approval of the visa, you can download the visa from the mail mentioned in the form. This is the basic process for applying for the Dubai visa for Sierra Leonean citizens. You can follow this process and get the visa easily.

Documents required for Dubai visa for Sierra Leonean citizens:

For getting the Dubai visa you need to submit few documents. The scanned copies of the Sierra Leonean passport are a must. The copies include the bio, first, and the last pages of the passport. The passport must have a validity time of at least a minimum of 180 days (6 months). There must be 3 pages empty for sure for further purposes. They also need one to two photographs for getting a visa. The photos must be on clear white background. The photos that are in colour are only accepted. The pictures in black and white are not accepted for the visa process. The next documents are the hotel names and details along with the number of days of stay. If in case you are visiting any family members you need to submit their details along with the ID of emirates. The final document is the flight ticked booked for exiting Dubai is also important.

Visa types:

The first is the tourist visa for visiting Dubai. The 30 days visas are of 3 types. The single entry, multiple entries, and the visa extension are the 3 kinds. The processing for all the 3 kinds takes the same time of two to four days. For all 30 days, visa the validity for expiry is for 2 months (60 days). The cost of the visa differs from the place you apply for the particular visa. The 90 days visas are also of 3 types same as the 30 days visa. The processing time is also the same. The difference is the stay validity is increased and the expiry date is increased to 6 months (180 days). The other tourist visas are 7 and 14 days visas. Both 7 and 14 visas are only 1 entry visas. The expiry date validity is for 2 months (60 days).

Long Term Visa

The next is the long-term visa availability. There are 2 types of long-term visas. The one is the two years long term visa. This comes under the category of many entry visas. The expiry and the validity are for only two (2) years. The processing time for the visa takes a little long for about 2 weeks (10- 12 days). The approx. cost for the visa is up to four thousand (4000) dollars. The other one is the three (3) year investor visa. This also comes under multiple entries visa. The expiry and the validity of the visa are for three (3) years. After that, you need to renew or reapply for the visa. The processing time approx. takes about 2 weeks. The cost of the visa is about six thousand approximately.
The final one is Dubai transit visas. The 48 and 96 hours transit visas. The processing time takes about 1 week or less time. Both are only one entry visas. The expiry date validity is for 30 days (1 month).


The visa application procedure explanation is given in detail. The visas available and the features of each visa are also explained in detail. The documents required by the Sierra Leonean citizens for getting the visa are also given in detail. By just following all these you can get the Dubai visa easily.

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There are many benefits of applying Dubai visa for Sierra Leonean citizens. Few of them are they provide customer service 24/7 days. The form is simple and not complex to fill. The visa process takes less time for processing. The process is for making the application error-free. You can get a visa and travel to Dubai.


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