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Dubai is famous for the luxurious shopping, tradition, nightlife and famous architecture, it's a place where you can explore a lot at the same time you can travel and do a lot of activities side by side, you will find the best hotels and restaurants in Dubai. Having a trip to this place means that you will have to apply for a visa and if you are thinking about how to apply for Dubai visa then you can now get your whole guide easily through Dubai Visa Center along with some tips and tricks on getting your visa at the earliest. 

The tallest building in the world known as Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper.

Dubai is unique in its way, you will explore the best shopping malls, different food items of Dubai with its secret recipes that make it taste more delicious and amazing.

It is known to be the most visited place by the tourists or you can say a famous destination for tourists, you will not only find the richness there but also the history and cultural side make Dubai more special. 

Dubai is also known to be a business hub, people travel from far away places to set up their business and to travel. If you are planning to travel to Dubai you must need a Visa there are different types of visas that are there while traveling to Dubai.

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Famous places in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa:- Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest buildings in the world, you can experience the different vibe of Dubai by going there, people also do base jumping from there, it has 57 elevators and 8 escalators.

Palm Jumeirah:- It is a set of 2 artificial islands which are Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. Tourists can visit Palm Jumeirah which is a famous tourist place. It has the Shape of a Palm Tree and hence has been called as the Palm island mentioning the shape of the island.

Dubai Fountain:- It is known to be the world's tallest and well-choreographed fountain, you can experience the nightlife of Dubai.

Desert Safari:- It is famous for its activities and you can experience the endless scenes of the desert.

Dubai Mall:- This is a place that attracts the crowd, you will be able to see an astonishing structure of the mall and it is also known to be the largest mall in the world.

Dubai Aquarium and zoo:- If you are visiting Dubai make sure that you don't miss the underwater zoo and Aquarium, you can experience the best wildlife here, there are a lot of species in the aquarium you will be able to see such amazing creatures.

How to Apply For a Dubai Visa online 

  • Book your tickets with the airline 
  • Apply for a Dubai visa online with a Dubai visa online application form 
  • Fill in the online details that are required and proceed with it

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Types of Dubai Visas

Business Visa: - A business visa is mainly for business works. A person can obtain a long term visa for them and their colleagues. 

Tourist Visa: - This is mainly for those who are going for personal purposes, it can be issued for 30 days or 90 days, it can also be extended for 30 days twice. 

Transit Visa: - UAE issues two types of Visas one for 48 hours and another one is for 96 hours. It is sponsored by UAE itself and none of them can be extended.

Student Visa: - Students who are above 18 and wish to study in UAE. 

Retirement Visa for UAE residents: - People who are retired and over the age of 55 can get a Visa for 5 years with the help of a Dubai visa application form. 

Documents required for Dubai Visa 

  • One Scan colored picture
  • Scan Colored copy of first and last page of the Passport 
  • Confirmed Air ticket (it is optional sometimes they ask for it)
  • Confirmed Hotel Ticket (It is also optional)
  • Details of the Employment (if you are)
  • For entry permission, you need a sponsor to do so (from tourist visa online you don't need)

How to check for Visa 

  • If you have applied from Emirates then you have to go to the website of Emirates and you can check there. However you can follow the same steps to check dubai visa status online through Dubai Visa Center. 
  • You need to have a reference number or application number 
  • You can check your Visa status by going on the websites of airlines that are affiliated with the UAE.
  • Add your booking reference number and you will be directed to track the status of your Visa 

How much time does it take for processing Dubai Visa

Usually, Dubai visit Visa online take 3 to 5 working days to process the application.

96 hours transit Visa

This is mainly for the passengers who are taking a layover in the middle at the UAE airport and then continuing their journey. It is valid for 30 days and you can stay for 96 hours.

Some parameters that should be met for people who are traveling to Dubai for 96 hours:-

  • The duration should not be less than 8 hours of the two trips
  • The trips should be to two different destinations like one Dubai and the second could be another one.
  • Should have a valid ticket for further traveling.

14 Days 

Mainly issued for the people who are planning to visit Dubai for a trip or a vacation, valid for 58 days and can stay for 14 days, the single entry that can not be extended.

30 days 

Also issued for tourism, valid for 58 days can stay for 30 days, a single entry visa.

90 days 

Issued mainly for business purposes or a long-term vacation, valid for 58 days and you can stay for 90 days, multiple entry visa.

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Q. Can a 30 days visa applied through the Dubai Visa center be extended?

Yes, definitely you can apply for a 30 days visa extension even after the already issued visa is about to get expired. 

Q. How much time does it take to get a Visa through Dubai Visa Center?

It only takes as much as 3 to 5 days to get your visa delivered to you. However, there are circumstances where the visa may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances but the same will be informed to you and will be taken care of.   

Q. How to apply for Dubai Visa Emirates through Dubai Visa Center?

It is quite a simple process and for the same, you can follow all the steps as given above.

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