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how to renew immigration establishment card

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We will first know what an immigration establishment card is and why do we use it in our company's in Dubai. Establishment card can also be called a company card which is used to show that your company is established under free zones through Immigration Authorities and for local companies, the same applies but the only difference here is that the local companies will have to do all of independently but the ones registered with Free Zone have it done by the immigration company from their side.

How does the Immigration establishment card issued in Dubai?

An Establishment card is issued to Dubai Free Zone company once the company is established all the procedures are administered by the Immigration Authority by requesting the Free Zone for the establishment card and for the local company they will have to independently go to the Immigration Authority for registration and the card will be handed over immediately after signing all the required and valid forms.

The issuance of an establishment card for Dubai Free Zone Company is only after 8-12 days of registering for the card. The card that you get is a plastic card nothing less like your bank debit or credit card. It will have all the details of your company such as your company name, Card number, and expiry date.

The charges for Dubai free zone companies and Local companies differ because the charges are included for the Dubai Free Zone right when the registration for the card was been administered by Immigration Authority according to the costing package applied and it is issued for 1 year, charges can be approximately from AED 650 to AED 1,500 per year.

While the local companies have to pay separately for the establishment card when they register for one. The approximate charges for local companies are AED 4,940 to AED 5,000 every 3 years. The period of establishment cards for the local companies in Dubai is 3 years' term.


Who can apply for the Immigration establishment card?

The establishment cards are mainly for applying for any resident visa both for the owner and the employees of the company as well. When an individual applies for a resident visa, the Visa documentation has to mandatorily have your company establishment card as a document. But every individual applying should apply for the Visa only after the company receives the Establishment card as an original or soft copy because it will take 8-12 days to generate an Establishment card for the Dubai free zone companies.

This card also files your company with GDRFA-General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai. This card also permits the company to hire staff from abroad and apply for foreign partners, employment visas, and investors. 
 Make sure you have your establishment card safe so that you will not misplace/lose it and you avoid the re-application or replacement charges for a new card for the company. 
Now that we have known all about what an Immigration Establishment Card is let’s know about how we can renew the card what documents will be needed for the renewal.

How to renew the Immigration establishment card?

Every company should ensure to keep all the documents of renewal and expiry in one file to avoid penalty charges from the Immigration authorities. You should be renewing the establishment card few weeks in advance before the expiry of the establishment card if you are a local company in Dubai.

Whereas the Dubai free zone companies have their card renewed by the Authorities directly as the charges are included for Renewal in the company renewal costs. But if you are being charged separately by the free zones you will have to approach the registration authority for the renewal separately and do it with their help instead of paying extra charges from the free zone. 

In case of a late renewal, the Authorities charge your company for late renewal penalties. So you need to remember to have the renewal and expiry date tracking in one file to avoid the penalties. 


 List of required Documents for the Immigration establishment card 

  • Original Emirates Sponsor
  •  Color passport of Local sponsor
  • Trade License 1st and 2nd copy both
  • Copy of tenancy contract with the online application 
  • Passport and visa page of all the partners for the LLC company.
  • Printed and authentic letter by the company where the company states that the company will be responsible for the shutting down of company from GDRFA officials.


These are all the required documents and steps to be administered while renewing your company's establishment card. As mentioned above the company should have all the documentation for renewal and expiry in a secured file to avoid missing renewal dates and avoid the penalty charges payment that is charged by the Immigration authorities.

These things seem to be very minor to the companies but if any company fails to renew the card as well as miss paying the penalty charges, the Immigration Authorities who provide free zones and local companies have right to charge heavy fine or even demolish the establishment card of the companies which will withdraw various rights and benefits that come along with ard for the company owner and the employees of the company. 

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