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know all the misconceptions on how covid spreads

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Are you aware about the misconception on how COVID spreads?

The massive outbreak of the fatal virus in the nation-wide pandemic has coupled the world in apprehension and fear. It is being instigated by various researchers and scientists that the second wave of the pandemic will soon be sweeping the lands of the earth. There were a few countries where the lockdown was lifted but due to the elevated number of the virus the case, the countries were compelled to re-impose the lockdown and extend the lockdown period. There have been rising contentions with coronavirus going airborne. This is the reason why clearing the misconception on how COVID spreads is of paramount importance.

Thousands of scientists around the globe claim that evidence is suggesting the presence of novel coronavirus in smaller particles suspended in the air which can infect people and are fervently urging the World Health Organization (WHO) to revise the rules and recommendations.

Whether carried by large droplets that flow through the air after a sneeze, or by smaller exhaled droplets that may glide or float across the length of a room makes the coronavirus airborne and this can infect people when inhaled. This is what most of the researchers and scientists are claiming.

“However, the World Health Organization agency reverted that the evidence for the virus being airborne was not that convincing. Especially in the last couple of months, we have been stating several times that we consider airborne transmission as possible but certainly not supported by solid or even clear evidence," said Dr. Benedetta Allegranzi, the WHO's technical lead of infection prevention and control.

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What are the misconception on how COVID spreads?

With the world battling COVID-19 for over a year now, a certain pandemic fatigue has set in due to people getting used to the new normal. People have started to come up with theories that are not backed by science and research but due to the herd mentality of people and the bandwagon effect these practices have started to become a deformed norm that some of them have started to follow. This is concerning as it has deluded many people to comply with these deformed norms which could turn the matters grave for the times to come.

Although, despite the downfall of certain communities, the UAE has been doing a stellar job in keeping the virus curbed and potentially at bay. The country has now begun to ramp up its COVID-19 vaccination drive.

However, there are reports of myths that are spreading fast and thick among residents and are thereby contributing to the spread of the virus. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has publically tweeted on Twitter to list out some common misconceptions that people have started to hear daily. To spread these myth busters is highly imperative to ensure that you act responsibly and don't fall for these misconceptions

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List of the misconception on how COVID spreads:

  • Do not stop wearing masks people the pandemic fatigue has gotten people to stop wearing masks! You can shield yourself from the virus by wearing double masks as it offers protection from new COVID strains.
  • Do not come in contact with those who claim they are a close contact but their test results are negative. This is because regardless of the test results a close contact is mandated to quarantine for 10 days since he/she could be a potential virus carrier.
  • Do not think that if you have recovered from COVID, it would mean that you are immune to COVID. That’s never the case because if the exposure to the virus at any point of contact is significant enough for another infection, you can have COVID again. Therefore, exercise extreme precautions.

However, travelers going in and out of the UAE have been granted enough relaxation to ensure that you do not have to face too much hassle. Therefore, after a successful completion of its trial phase, Dubai airport has potentially started using a new technique and officially rolled out a smart travel system wherein you will not be required to carry your identification documents due to the invention of new integrated biometrics contactless pathway has been formally unveiled.

The new smart travel system places the utmost importance on safety in the post-pandemic era as it cuts contact with staff at every point of interaction from checking counters to boarding the flight. Through the latest biometrics technology, you can now check-in for your flights and complete the immigration formalities, visit the lounge facilities and board your flight by simply strolling through the pathways in the airport and directly walk on to your flight without any hassle. To ensure that you have complied with the right guidelines, you must take all the precautionary measures deemed right by the WHO guidelines on COVID-19 regulation and prevention, therefore, it is essential to be aware about the misconception on how COVID spreads.

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