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explore the most expensive food items in dubai in 2024

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Meat, fish, and rice are the main food sources of the Emirati cooking. Sheep and lamb are the more preferred meats, than goat, hamburger and Camel meat. Typically, Dates are overcome with dinners. Famous drinks are espresso and tea, which can be enhanced with cardamom, saffron, or mint to give it a particular flavor. Here you are going to know about Most expensive food items in Dubai.

Dubai has gained notoriety for being a costly spot to go out for supper, however in case you're searching for a genuinely wow-commendable dish, get ready at a strong cost tag. The territory is celebrated for its rich tastes and costly way of life, and you'll spend a little fortune on the off chance that you eat in decent eateries each and every evening. Road food is a modest and delectable choice, and numerous individuals who live in the region eat road food consistently.

Dubai is no more odd to excess, from "seven-star" lodgings, fashioner shops, and extravagance uber yachts, to the tallest structure on the planet touching its amazing horizon. Furthermore, it's the same with regards to food and drink. Here are the most insane costly dishes and mixed drinks to emerge from the city. You can check out to know more about Most expensive food items in Dubai.

Black Diamond frozen yogurt, Dh2,999

This connoisseur parfait is made with vanilla bean frozen yogurt from Madagascar, injected with Iranian saffron and finished off with bits of dark truffle from Italy, and – to wrap things up – sprinkled with eatable 23ct gold-leaf pieces.

You can attempt the carefully smooth treat for an astounding $820 (£658) – however you do will bring home the Versace spoon it's presented with. This is one of the Most expensive food items in Dubai.

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Sea bass at Al Mahara – Dhs980

Al Mahara is the top of the line fish café in Burj Al Arab. Ideal for a unique event or a significant supper, Al Mahara has a scope of wallet-crushing dishes on the menu. You can check out to know more about most expensive restaurant in dubai price

Generally costly, to some degree shockingly, is the line-got ocean bass, which comes in at Dhs980 for an entire fish. It accompanies potatoes and vegetables however, so a deal truly when you consider everything. This is one of the Most expensive food items in Dubai

Golden Phoenix cupcake, Dh3,700

The Golden Phoenix is no standard cupcake: think Ugandan vanilla beans, Amedei Porcelana chocolate from Tuscany, natural strawberries dunked in gold, and a sprinkling of 23ct gold pieces. Albeit not, at this point accessible, this sweet treat was before the priciest cupcake across the globe, costing a powerful $1,010 (£810).

However, it was for a decent motivation; for each one sold, Bloomsbury's, in organization with the World Food Program, given half of continues towards assisting with taking care of oppressed youngsters. You can check out to know more about black diamond ice cream

27.321 mixed drink, Dh27,321

The Skyview Bar acquired a Guinness World Record in 2009 for the world's most costly mixed drink when it made the 27.321 mixed drink; named after the two its cost and area – the 27th floor of the 321-meter high Burj Al Arab. With simply 10 to be made, this restricted version drink costs a marvelous $7,439 (£5,963).

It's produced using a 55-year-old Macallan single malt Scotch whisky, mixed with one of their selective 'dried natural product sharp flavoring's and poured over ice produced using water utilized at the refinery, improved with passionfruit-scented sugar. The drink is served in a 18ct-gold glass, which the purchaser can keep, alongside a cowhide case and endorsement. This is one of the Most expensive food items in Dubai

Royal Pizza, Dh777,000

At first made for the illustrious group of Dubai, the Royal Pizza, stirred up by Pierchic at Madinat Jumeirah, is the most costly on Earth – worth a faltering $211,561 (£169,452). You can check out to know more about the royal pizza

This current pizza's worth is all in the garnishes, just the best and most select sourced from all edges of the globe.

Fixings incorporate Italian white Alba truffles, winter dark truffles from Périgord, Kashmiri Mogra saffron, Almas caviar from Iran, and Japanese matsutake mushrooms. Furthermore, its delegated wonder: a dissipating of consumable gold – two ounces, indeed. This is one of the Most expensive food items in Dubai

Spider king crab, Dh2,875

Acquired from Norway, the sweet creepy crawly lord crab at Peppercrab costs roughly $785 (£630) for a 2.5kg serving size. The crab is known for being flavourful to the point that it shouldn't be prepared.

However, the Grand Hyatt Dubai café slopes this dish up an indent, adding bean stew and dark pepper sauce alternatives for a red hot kick.

Following are the other famous food in Dubai –


This famous dish has gone a long ways past the UAE. Produced using moderate cooked and spiced meat — typically chicken or sheep — a shawarma is a sort of Middle Eastern sandwich.

Served in an Arabic roti, it very well may be presented with vegetables, fries, tomatoes, pickles, garlic sauce — the sides appear to be practically perpetual


A reviving pudding, mehalabiya's most champion flavors come from rosewater and pistachios. It has an aftertaste like a desert spring in a desert — sound, nurturing, and quiet.

Ideal for the cafe who needs an invigorating after-supper treat that isn't excessively sweet; mehalabiya is particularly famous with youngsters.

You can check out to know more about is dubai a country.


Likewise called khuzi or ouzi, this dish is produced using entire simmered sheep or lamb and is frequently served on kebab sticks with vegetables and hazelnuts over rice.

It is effectively perhaps the most well known dishes in Dubai since it is viewed in general dinner in itself. It's likewise the public dish of the United Arab Emirates, which implies any outing to the region without ghuzi is a fragmented one.

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Stuffed Camel

Other than being named by the Guinness World Book of Records as probably the biggest food you can eat in the whole world, stuffed camel is viewed as quite possibly the most sumptuous and celebratory food varieties in Dubai.

You can check out to know more about types of cuisine.

This was all the info on Most expensive food items in Dubai.

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