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ripe market in dubai

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A Ripe Market is popularly known to be a community fest or event that is known to run across several networks and locations of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is renowned to be one of the most popular venues and in its very particularity, the most famous of them all is the Police Academy Park. If you are traveling to Dubai, you must tour to explore Dubai and get the most of what Dubai has to offer to you! To get an amazing experience, visit the Ripe Market in Dubai and to guide you through your day’s itinerary, we will help you get covered by taking you through this exciting festival.

Where is this Ripe Market in Dubai located?

Ripe Market Academy Park is located in the green area inside of the Dubai Police Academy on Umm Suqeim road. The entry fees of this ripe market is as inexpensive as Dh5 per person only to encourage inclusivity! Don’t worry, you can always pre-plan your day ahead as this festive event takes place every Friday and Saturday in Dubai! The Ripe Market at the Academy Park season has begun from October 16 2020 until May 1, 2021. This weekly event takes place at its core place in the Academy Park of Umm Suqeim, each Friday from 9am to 7pm and every Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

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What can you find in a Ripe Market in Dubai?

The Ripe Market Academy Park encompasses a large space that gathers the whole community together to show their dedicated support to local homegrown businesses and entrepreneurs. They also feature and play host to the local F&B brands who have containers and creative pop-ups throughout the year.

The characteristic and charisma that makes a Ripe Market so unique, refreshing and absolutely loved by the entire community is the very fact that this venue is open to all and cordially welcomes everyone to be actively present and showcase their skills. At Ripe Markets, you will have an abundance of wide ranging dining options that are freshly produced by the crate-loaders. The Ripe Market is a popular shopping hotspot for all residents as well as tourists. Besides that, a Ripe Market also hosts pop-up events that run throughout the year at various locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is also very children friendly since it has plenty of fun activities for the young ones to partake in such as a petting zoo, slime making stations, bouncy castles, face painting and many more exciting activities which almost suffice for a fun PlayStation.

You can find many adults spending their afternoon by shopping for locally produced commodities and other unique trinkets or souvenirs that foreigners can take away from the land of wonders known as the UAE. There are also a diversity of food trucks that offer delicious sandwiches, healthy salads and sweet treats for all of its customers.

What can I do in a Ripe Market in Dubai?

There are many fun activities in Ripe Market as you can always go for a niche category shop by showing amazing makers and merchants every Friday and Saturday. Go about eat varieties of snacks and explore unique joints such as the Boston Lane, The Burger Stop, The Sweetie Shop, Pizza di Rocco, Dickey’s BBQ Pit, Kitch & Co, Konz Republik, La Patrona, The Roost, The Broth Lab, Abu Ahmed Meat Express, Project Acai, Flora, Dabang and rejoice in many of the diversity they offer.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can also enroll yourself for Yoga classes that take place every weekend with some amazing Gurus teaching you various Yoga exercises such as the Crimson Chamber Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Flamingo Yoga, etc.

Your children can also start their own adventure with the Animal Care Centre’s Mini Animal Kingdom, which is basically an adventurous petting zoo for kids with lots of rabbits, goats, parrots and even a boa snake along with many other animals for your kids to explore. This makes it highly inclusive for family outings! You can also let your children explore their inner artist by engaging them with an extensive range of arts and crafts activities.

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Precautions take in Ripe Market in Dubai COVID-19:

Usually this place undertook several activities before the COVID-19 pandemic, however, without any COVID-19 restriction, their stage usually hosts up with all the upcoming local artists. However, to maintain social distance they play a live DJ spinning tracks with kids dancing among the bubbles to safeguard them from the deadly contact exposure. This complies to all the regulatory precautions of COVID guidelines in contrast to all busy streets, the Ripe Market in Dubai with its Academy Park is a great place for relaxing, eating, reading, and showing your devoted and unconditional support to the local community.


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