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guide to sheikh rashid bin saeed street

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Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed was actually the second Prime Minister and the vice-president of the UAE(United Arab Emirates) and he was also the ruler of Emirate of Dubai. He was responsible for the transformation of Dubai. He also helped to work for the development of economy in Dubai and was also driving the force behind the number of major infrastructure projects to promote the Dubai as a regional hub for trade:
  • Dubai world trade centre
  • Port Rashid
  • Dubai Drydocks
At sometime, he was became the rules of Dubai follows the armed border dispute between the two emirates. 


We can visit the one mosque near this street which is named as ‘Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’ which is basically located near the Al Wahada Mall which is easily accessible by the public transport. If we want to go by car who are the residents of Dubai, then they can go in just a 25 minutes by car from the Corniche. Those who want to visit from Dubai cab catch the bus which is located towards the Abu Dhabi bus station which is actually followed by the another bus and it will transfer to the beautiful landmark.
Basically, it is located at Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street- Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates and its timings for opening are 9 am to 10 pm from Saturday to Thursday and 4:30 pm to 10 pm on Friday.


Sheikh rashid bin crossing is also known as the sixth crossing which was reported in 2008 and it is considered as a future bridge in Dubai, UAE. When it will completed then it will actually become the world’s largest arch bridge. The bridge is designed by famous architects and it is actually lightning by the lightning designers.  It was maintained by the roads and transport authority.  This street will basically have the six lanes of traffic and will be in each direction and it is able to carry at least 20,000 vehicles per hour. 


If the Indian is travelling to Dubai then he must have a Dubai visa. This visa is basically the ideal for an Indian for the purpose of tourism which can be a holiday or even to meet their family in Dubai. The Indians who are the passport holders for it can also apply for the visa online and once the application is accepted, then you will receive the copy of the e-visa through email. If we are applying for the Dubai visa online then it will be considered to be the easiest procedure.
If you are applying for the Dubai visa online then some types of that visa should be clear to you i.e., whether it is a 48 hour visa or 30 days visa or 90 days and so on. The documents which are required for the Dubai e visa are the first and the last page of passport, colour passport size photograph should be scanned and it will be in white colour background and then a confirmed return flight tickets as well. 
The four step procedure to book the visa online for Dubai with the OTA :
  • You will first get a quote from OTA
  • Then you have to pay the fee using the debit or credit card
  • Then you have to upload all the documents which are required for it
  • And at last you will get an update on the Dubai visa status online and then you will receive the e-visa on your registered email-id.
But before going through the above process, you need to be clear about what type of visa you are applying for.


If you are travelling to Dubai then you can get the Dubai visa from Dubai visa center. This site will help you in getting the visa as the expert team members in the field of visas will help you to get your visas within just days. All they have to do is they will check your all the documents and will make sure that you will be eligible for the visa and not get turned down when you are submitting your application.
The steps which we need to follow while apply for the visa are the following:
  • Firstly, you have to fill the application form and in that form you need to select the country, then you have to select the type of visa, details should be filled and scan the documents and then upload it.
  • Secondly, you have to do is you have to choose the type of payment in which you will pay the fees of that visa and it can be from debit card or credit card and after that you will get a mail by confirming your payment and then you will get the application ID.
  • At last you will get your e-visa, you have to download it after the approval and then you will get it.


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