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things that you are forbid from doing in dubai

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The very thing about the beginning of any trip comes from the dream image of visiting it and later getting its tickets done. To book your Dubai visa, visit Dubai Visa Center to ensure quality and affordable prices for tourist, transit and business visas. 
Dubai is considered the top-most visited tourist destination across the world, and hence it also expects respectful behavior and respect to the local cultures of the Arab country- UAE. To express gratitude towards a particular thing, one needs to be spreading simplicity through their smile, and later on, knowing the norms of any country will help them adapt to their culture and can express respect for the same. 

Forbidden things in Dubai 

Try avoiding these things because they might cause chaos on your trip. Some of the items are mentioned here; try noting them down: 

  • Wearing revealing clothes while visiting the city 
  • Drinking in Public 
  • Carrying your Drugs in Public 
  • Drinking or eating during the holy Ramadan month 
  • Expressing affection in public places 
  • Staying in a hotel when you are below 18 years 
  • Do not disrespect the locals 
  • Clicking pictures without the consent of people is punishable 
  • Rude gestures are not considered okay! 

The things forbidden in Dubai city are to ensure that the culture of the UAE is not disturbed by the intervention of all the other citizens visiting from other countries. These things depict how cultural and ethical values are still valued in the culture of the UAE and how the Government is trying to conserve its best! Don't break any rules in the UAE, as it is for your own good and valuable purpose. 


Why Dubai has made so many restrictions checklists 

The main reason behind having restrictions in the city simply ensures that the Government is highly focused on the conservation of the culture of UAE, which is not spoiled by any other visitor of another country. Just to avoid disturbances in the cultural fests of the country, specific rules and regulations have been applied in the city. Dubai is a Muslim country based on the Islamic-Arab religion, and it has its own ethical and moral values which cannot be invaded by any tourist visitor. So, to visit Dubai, one must follow its rules and regulations. 
Make sure that the check-listed things are taken care of by the tourists to avoid the high fines over their common mistakes, and then complain about how strict the rules and regulations are of the UAE. 

Things to the checklist before going to Dubai 

Whenever visiting Dubai, have a look over the things mentioned below. Here's a list of all the things that one must have with themselves just to avoid last-minute struggles: 

  • Passport, if you haven't received it yet, check Dubai Visa Center
  • Medicines if there's any emergency 
  • Full-sleeved cotton clothes 
  • Mobile Accessories 
  • Passport sized photograph 
  • An offline map of the city 
  • A copy of all your official document 
  • Local sim of the city 

Ticking off things while on a flight provides another level of satisfaction in attaining the dream destination.  



Sometimes when we analyze things from what not to do, it becomes easier to evaluate what we should do to equalize our demands that feel fulfilled. When going out for a trip to Dubai, ensure that your checklist is ready to keep you updated all the way along. To protect yourself from the fines of UAE that are highly paid, make sure that you don't make any mistakes, as for the very first time only, you'll lose a lot of your money because that is the most extraordinary way for the UAE government for revenue generation. 
Beware of all the activities you do in public as it depicts your personality and the cultures of your country. Don't give any reason to the citizens of the UAE to ever doubt your country's culture and practices! The most important thing amongst all those stated above is don't wait for the perfect moment because sometimes it never comes, and it's too late for what we dreamt of. Grab your tickets now and visit your dream city, Dubai; if you need help, tap on this link Dubai Visa Center and get your queries sorted. 

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