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things to keep handy during your trip to dubai

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All of you must wonder what the best time to visit a place is? It is best to visit Dubai during the winter, owing to its hot and humid climate. November to March are the ideal months to pay a visit to Dubai. These months are the most feasible time for excursions throughout the day. With new year celebrations around the corner, Dubai has a lot to offer its visitors.

Dubai promotes and supports modest dressing senses. Anything too revealing or body-hugging is considered offensive. Hence for a trouble-free vacation, it is best to carry comfortable and sensible outfits. Considering the weather, one must keep light cotton clothes and a few warm apparels to help you last the cold nights. 

It is best to commute around the emirate in a local taxi since it will save you from getting lost in a new location. Carrying a map with yourself is highly recommended.

Souvenirs and Etiquettes

For travel enthusiasts, Dubai is a mesmerizing people. The entire emirate is flooded with souvenirs to bring back home with you. The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, held once in twelve months, encapsulates several electronic gadgets with exciting discount offers to attract customers.

As the phrase goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. This phrase works with Dubai too. When visiting any country or a new place, learning the etiquettes that adorn the surrounding often come in handy and make the localities feel comfortable around you. It is always better to follow the leads of those who know the ropes. Use of words such as Na’amn (yes), La’ (No), Min Fadlak (please), and Shukrun (thank you) will help you establish a better connection and radiate a positive aura in the new ambiance.

Dubai is not a fan of public displays of affection. Shanking hands (which we use as a gesture to greet people) are also not welcomed in Dubai. Hugging is a big no-no.


Documents and Currency

Albeit availing of a Dubai travel visa isn’t a tedious task, applying for it a month before departure is a prudent step. This way, rushing up at the last moment can be avoided. You can apply for a Dubai visa as and when required and get it within 3-4 days of the submission of your application. 

Carrying travel insurance or applying for visas with your travel insurance is advised for first-timers. Dubai visa packages provided by include the following:

  • 14 days Dubai single entry visa at $ 130
  • 30-days Dubai single entry visa at $135
  • 30-days Dubai multiple entry visa at $310
  • 90-days Dubai single entry visa at $ 390
  • 90-days Dubai multiple entry visa at $800
  • 48-hour Dubai transit visa at $70
  • 96-hour Dubai transit visa at $110

Carrying Dubai’s currency can help you spend a vacation worth remembering in Dubai. AED often referred to as Dirhams, is the currency of Dubai. An individual can exchange cash for AEDs at any given time. Doing so will aid them in purchasing food or paying the taxi drivers. An international debit or credit card can help visitors withdraw money according to their requirements.


Commuting in Dubai

Upon reaching the airport, passengers are directed to one of the three international arrivals terminals. Once all the security procedures are completed, they can head out. You can travel to your favorite destinations in Dubai via several means such as the metro, taxis, or buses.

Dubai Metros 

Metro is the most economical way to travel to your desired locations in Dubai. Metro passes through every significant hotel. It is also fast and secure. The ticket costs range from AED 4 to AED 8.5.

Airport taxis 

When departing from the airport, several airport taxis are present to cater to your needs. These taxis are undoubtedly the fastest means of transportation within Dubai. It is important to note that not all taxi drivers in Dubai are local drivers, so carry a map at all times. 


Bus tickets start from AED 5 and take almost twice the time taken by metros.

Availability of transportation means: Taxis in Dubai are available 24/7 to cater to the need for transportation of their customers but metros and buses shut out as the clock strikes 12. 

Drugs and Alcohol

Dubai doesn’t exhibit leniency toward drug abuse. If in case, you’re bound to carry any kind of medication, do not let the need to take the prescription slip out of your mind. The UAE government imposes a limit on the amount of alcohol you can carry. Every individual can carry only 4 liters of alcohol or 24 cans of beer, anything exceeding this limit isn’t permitted. 



Dubai is indeed a fun place to visit. Every place has its laws and governing factors. As a respectful individual, it is every visitor’s duty to make sure they do not disrupt the harmony of a nation and abide by the rules and regulations. Before visiting Dubai one must make themselves aware of all the rules of the location. They should be known of their requirements so they can enjoy a hassle-free, peaceful, and worth remembering vacation.

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