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10 things you should know about dubai

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There is no denying saying that Dubai is the center of attraction for the tourist in the world and is the most luxurious city across the globe. It has many astounding places, structures, buildings, and beaches to visit. But certain things need to be followed to maintain the modesty of the country’s culture and traditions. One should always know about the country's rules and regulations. So, here is the list of 10 things that you should know about Dubai prior to the visit.


  1. Dress code 
  2. Drinking in Dubai
  3. Eating in public Transport
  4. Laws of Ramadan
  5. Public Display of Affection
  6. Photography in Dubai
  7. Drugs
  8. Weather in Dubai
  9. Criticizing the Islam
  10. Weekends in Dubai

10 Top things you should know about dubai

Dress code 

In public: Dubai has strict rules for dress. One has to be very careful, as wearing the cloths that are restricted in public is considered as the disgrace to the country’s modesty and one you may to send to jail for the same or have to face a heavy fine. According to Dubai dress code rules one cannot wear shorts, skirts, bikinis or any other clothes that are too exposing in the public. As long as you are in your hotel room or home or beaches it is okay to wear such clothes but in public area like mall, airport, and market, one is now allowed to wear such clothes.

In mosque: Some Mosque in Dubai requires women to cover their hairs and the entire body and to wear Abaya. And for men one is not allowed to wear shorts or sleeveless shirts though men don’t have to cover their hair but it is necessary to follow rules while visiting the mosques so as to respect the cultural values of the country.

Cross dressing in Public: Dubai has very strict rule for homosexuality. Wearing the dress of the opposite sex in Dubai is considered as gay and you can be sent to jail for such acts.

Drinking in Dubai.

Drinking alcohol or carrying it in the public place is a crime in Dubai. According to the Ministry of the Interior, one has to issue his/her license for drinking alcohol in Dubai. However, tourists are allowed to drink alcohol in hotel, bars and restaurant.

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Eating in public Transport:

It is not allowed for the tourist or the citizens of Dubai to eat in the public transport. Taking any kind of food or beverages can cause you a fine of 100 dirham’s. 

Laws of Ramadan:

During the holy months of Islam, it is prohibited to eat during the daytime in public. It is considered a public act of indecency in Dubai. However, there is certain exception also that is people with health problem and children can eat in public.

Public Display of Affection:

It is illegal to hold hands, kissing or hugging the partner in the public place in Dubai. Restrict actions are taken against those finds guilty is such acts or one has to bear a heavy fine for breaking the rules.

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Photography in Dubai:

There is no such restrict law against for Photography in Dubai. But photography of the restricted areas such as government buildings, military base is considered as crime. Also taking photograph of the women without their consent is not unlawful, anybody doing such acts will be fined heavily.


Consuming and carrying drugs or any narcotic substance is illicit in Dubai. Dubai has a very strict rule against drugs. Narcotic substances such as poppy seeds, marijuana, opium, codeine, and other are prohibited in the country. However if the people have health issues then a medical prescription is needed to carry the medicines or drugs. If some is found guilty in drugs case he or she will be sent to jail for four long years.

Weather in Dubai:

Generally the weather of Dubai is hot since it is a gulf country. So people are advised to travel in Dubai during the winter season in the months of November to March. During this time weather is pleasant and atmosphere is cool. It is the perfect time to visit in Dubai to enjoy the vacations.

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Criticizing the Islam:

Dubai is an Islamic as well as liberal country. But if someone deliberately mocks the Islamic religion than you have to face the music, as Dubai has strict rules against those who disrespect the religions. Also you are not allowed to criticize the government as it is also an illicit act in Dubai. 

Weekends in Dubai

Generally, Saturday and Sunday are considered as the weekend day but in Dubai there is a little difference. In Dubai, Friday and Saturday are weekend it is because the Friday is the holy day of Islam and people offer their prayer in the mosque at noon on Fridays.

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Q. Can people of other religion visit mosque in Dubai?

Yes, people of any religion can visit mosque in Dubai. 

Q. What happens if someone caught drinking alcohol in public?

Fine will be levied or some time jail if caught doing such acts.

Q. Is it okay to wear shorts on beaches?

Yes one can wear shorts in beaches but it is not allowed to wear in public places.

Q. Can I dance in public in Dubai?

Dancing is public places is not allowed in Dubai.

Now that you have an idea about the 10 things you should know about Dubai you can have your own journey fulfilled. 

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