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alserkal avenue dubai guide

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Alserkal Avenue is one of the best locations to discover the vibrant Dubai art scenery. It was created in 2008, with the purpose of gathering together people from the rest of the world and making them link art and culture by Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal, an Emirati businessman. So here we present to you the Alserkal Avenue Dubai guide.

It goes beyond showing the works of art. Artists from around the world will promote their work to broader audiences. The Avenue also features architecture studios providing facilities such as manufacturing and artwork framing.

The Avenue is situated in a strange and fascinating renovated, gigantic warehouse in the district of Al Quoz. It houses "Concrete," a versatile venue for art & fashion activities, pop-up concerts, museum exhibits, and performing art events. It has been converted into an inspiring place for everyone.

Check out the Center for Cinema, Sima performing arts, The Fridge; The Cinema Akil; The Cinema Akil; The Classic Cars, The Good Life, and the Three Cinemas. The Center is divided into 12 art galleries (1x1 Gallerie, Carbon 12, Elmarsa Gallery), seven communal spaces (Limah, Techarc, LMTD), 14 original concepts (Ame Studio; Chalk; Gulf Photo Plus) (Fashion Exclusive UAE, Tamashee). Some non-profits, such as the Ishara Art Foundation, Jean-Paul Najar Foundation, and the Jean-Paul Najar Foundation, also make up the premises.

Regional and international tourists will enjoy diverse events, such as the Arjowiggins pop-up show, While Elias and Yousef Anastas are waiting for us, Adapting to survive: Future Notes, The Shortest Distance Between Us, etc. Every year it organizes events such as the Dubai Art Week, Majlis Talks, etc.

Alserkal Avenue regularly organizes accessible routes that take people all over the UAE to recent art festivals, performances, and screenings.

Best Time for Visiting Alserkal Avenue

Between November and March is the best time to visit Alserkal Avenue. This is the time when the humidity and temperature are lowest. The Art Nights are also held at the Avenue during the winter night, which should not be missed. At this time, street food vendors, designers, art educators, and musicians come together in a festive atmosphere and illuminate the outside.

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Things to Check Out Near Alserkal Avenue

Here are some of the best places to visit close to Avenue Alserkal:

  1. HintHunt: HintHunt is a thématically exciting gaming area. It offers a range of stunning games that require critical thought and swift action, such as Merry Mystery, the Torpedo Submarine, Zen Space, and so forth. There are eight escape rooms for 4-6 persons at one time. Visit HintHunt in Sheik Zayed Road, First Floor, Times Square Centre, Shop F13.
  2. Cartoon Art Gallery: Catch exhibits, screenings, and discussions at Cartoon Arts Gallery for some of the best cartoon and animation-related exhibitions. It includes works by illustrators and animators from around the world, such as cartoons, comics, art installations, and caricatures. In Al Quoz 4b St, Dubai, the Gallery is particularly popular with children.
  3. Antique Museum: This is the place to collect souvenirs, more a bastion than a museum. Antique Museum. Select thousands of lovely artifacts such as Arab lamps, coffee sets, jewelry, fabrics, black-and-blazing sticks, local craftsman attars. You may also openly engage with local musicians. The Antique Museum can be found on Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, Dubai, Manara Street.
  4. Chillout Lounge: What's better than spending time with an ice lounge to avoid Dubai sun. People enjoy visiting this lounge and looking at the iced walls, paintings, lampstands, sessions, and bright portraits. Try delicious mocktails, hot coffees, and mainland food. Do not forget. Times Square Center, St. 4b Ground Level, Dubai, is located in the Chillout Lounge.
  5. Times Square Centre: A modern shopping center that offers food, haven, and shopping more like a complete destination. It contains foreign shop brands that can only be found in Dubai, such as Sharaf DG, a huge market in electronics and computer products, Toys R Us, Malaak or Palooza, etc. Located at 3.4thInterchange, Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai.

Things to Do at Alserkal Avenue

  1. Explore Art: This is the best place to discover visual art, sculptures, and graffiti for art connoisseurs. Works from well-known and emerging artists from Europe, North Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East will also be shown.
  2. Antique furniture store: Pick-up from the recently opened The Odd Piece of a kitschy and a kind fireplace, furniture, and antiques. These works were produced by Arwa Hafiz, a renowned Saudi artist.
  3. See the best clocks in Swiss Watch business MB&F in the M.A.D Gallery, see the watches like NEVER before. Not only that, but it also contains strange installations of various parts of a watch.
  4. Learn to Paint: there's no better place to learn a spot to paint and create art yourself than Alserkal Avenue. In The Jam Jar, you can study painting and do-it-yourself workshops. Visit the Wisdom Warehouse, artistic Center for learning, exploring, and creating art for children.
  5. Gulf Photo Plus visit: the only photography center in Dubai. You can not only see thought-provoking work from all over the world but can also learn from in-house expert photography.
  6. Test your fitness level: Test your stamina when visiting Avenue Alserkal. Crank has skilled and motivational coaches who challenge you to try high-interval training and to learn dynamic stretching techniques. The state-of-the-art lighting and rapid music will particularly love you.

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Final Words

So this is all in the Alserkal Avenue Dubai Guide that you must know about. So get your Dubai Visa from us and visit the beautiful nation.

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