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know everything about the best beach bars in dubai

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Dubai's diverse nightlife has a lot to offer at night. And the lovely coastline of the Emirates is the ideal setting for beach bars and clubs. There are some of Dubai's top open-air beach bars which use the peaceful environment and comfortable weather to give a chance for enthusiastic people to have fun. In this article, we have jotted down some of the best beach bars in Dubai.

8 Best Beach Bars in Dubai

Bliss Lounge

Bliss Lounge is a well-known spot for a cocktail and for relaxing by the water. The DJ plays one rhythm after the other; you can dance bare feet under the stars.

The bar menu includes bourbon, rum, tequila, gin, vodka, beer, and more. Food is delicious if you feel a little hungry too.

Azure Pool Bar

Azure Pool Bar is one of Dubai's best-known outdoor beach bars. The extensive gardens with comfortable cabins are suitable for modern recreational guests. You can have a Shisha with your mates while enjoying the panoramic view of Ain Dubai and the tranquil sea. The well-designed infinite swimming pool is on the other side. Many of the best brands of spirits and beverages can be found on the bar menu.

The party lovers will engage in large numbers in movie nights and celebrations. Azure Pool Bar has everything you need to become your favorite new resort.

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Barasti Beach Bar

Barasti is known for being the hip place in the city in the past two decades. What more can one ask for with a fabulous beachfront venue, trendy music, live games, delicious food, and a vast bar menu? Dubai's  Barasti Beach Bar is the ideal place if you want to go for a party or with a group of friends.

Stars N Bars

Stars N Bars in Dubai can be categorized as an open-air sports beach bar. For those who visit a famous spot in Dubai last year after many good years of the city, the wonderful location next to the beach is a great attraction. The bar also provides video games, football tables, and flipchart to keep you entertained. You can take live screenings of sporting events. The energy vibration of live music by the DJ is introduced.

Cove Beach

Beach, pool, music, and a full bar; all is on Cove Beach. Particularly for residents and visitors, the bar menu is a significant feature. Most of the leading global brands will order several innovative drinks, mocktails, and liquor. So, regardless of whether or not you are in a bubbly experimental atmosphere, Cove Beach meets your needs.

Drift Beach

One of the top outdoor beach bars in Dubai is this private beach club. The sitting area overlooks the famous skyline of Dubai and the bay of Palm Island. The main beach area is one kilometer long. So even on the busiest days, you'll find a peaceful place to enjoy your favorite drink.


Riva is undoubtedly one of the most exciting places in the area, situated on iconic Palm Jumeirah. The club has received several awards, including the 2018 BBC Healthy Food Best Beach Club, 2019 What's On Fave with, and 2016 What's On Best Day Awards.

There's no reason it won't receive more accolades by 2020 with its pry beach of 300 m, water-operated pools and impressive bar menu, and delicious food.


Shimmers, with an award-winning cocktail list, is one of the few outdoor beach bars in Dubai. This place offers excellent food, beautiful views, and fantastic drinks and is the ideal place for date nights. From 04:00 to 07:00 and from 09:30 to 12:30 hours, the DJ performs fascinating songs.

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Some Other Great Bars to Enjoy in Dubai

Iris Dubai

Chill out in this quirky and contemporary lounge. Iris is the place to go if you want fun drinks, delicious bites, and soulful sounds. Sitting on the 27th floor of Oberoi, Iris Dubai has a rooftop terrace with live music.

The Music Room

The Music Room is a city bar famous for its vibrant performances. It hosts foreign bands regularly and also serves as an artistic center for local artists of all genres. Get a taste of Dubai's underground talent, and the DJs are impressive, like having fun at this bar and wildly going on stage.

Cavalli Club

Please put on your best equipment and take a glamorous night out to this opulent designers club. If you want to impress and be impressed, Cavalli is to go to the club. See Cabaret dancers, sit down for the avant-garde food of Italy and go to the Cavalli catwalk to stroke your stuff.


With Dubai residents, McGettigan's is a favorite. This charming Irish pub opened in Dubai in 2010 and now has four more venues and a number of more around the world. This bar is a friendly place for your friendly football team to take a look—those who perform classics after match dance and sing with the live band. McGettigan hosts comedy nights, movie nights, and advertising quizzes as well.

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Zero Gravity

The popularity of this bar continues to increase. During the day, relax on the private beach or tan in the chic pool. Then prepare for a complete transformation at night. The club is the thorniest in the city. 'Zero G' is famous for booking international sensations and hosting the popular beach festival DXBeach, throwing themed parties with hot special effects.

This concludes our list of Best Beach Bars in Dubai. Some have a more vibrant experience, whereas others have a softening atmosphere. There are many places. So, depending on your mood on the day, you have a chance to pick a bar. Keep an eye on promotional deals offered by Dubai bars. In particular, if you regularly go out.

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