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who are eligible to buy property in dubai

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Dubai is the most gorgeous and amazing country to visit, with far more to offer than you could ever imagine. Dubai has long been known for fascinating modern tourist attractions such as the Burj Khalifa (which is the tallest building in the whole world), retail malls with massive aquariums and indoor ski slopes, a vibrant nightlife scene, and much more. However, in addition to all of the glitzy modern amenities, this city has a plethora of cultural attractions and things to do. And to witness all this beauty, you need to pay a visit to Dubai with your Dubai visa and must take a break from a busy and life-taking schedule.

Buying property in Dubai

  • Dubai's beauty and all that it carries is not left behind by anyone and are, of course, known by the entire world. It’s then very obvious that everyone would want to buy a property in Dubai and would surely want to reside in Dubai.
  • Although, buying property in Dubai is not a really easy task and not everyone can apply for that. To buy a property in Dubai, the applicant must meet certain eligibility criteria and have the required documents and the required information. After that, you have gotten through all of it. It then makes you eligible to buy a property in Dubai whenever you wish to.


Is there some kind of age limit for buying a property in Dubai?

It’s a big no. Yes, you read it correctly, you do not need to have a certain age limit when it comes to buying a property in Dubai. Anyone can apply for that, literally anyone out there in the world. The only important thing that you need to have for sure is a good amount of money in order to buy a property in Dubai. Also, there is no such requirement to be actually working or living in Dubai. You can acquire a Dubai visa with us and possibly visit Dubai whenever you wish to, and yes, you can look out for the property in whatever area you feel like. And there you go, buying the best property in Dubai.

Who can buy a property in Dubai?

  • There is no such hard-and-fast rule for buying any property in Dubai. You just need to invest some time and need to look out for certain requirements for the same. Now that we are talking about who can all buy property in Dubai, the answer to this is that anyone can go for this and that too, at any time of the year.
  • In addition, foreign ownership is authorized in Dubai's freehold zones. Foreigners (those who do not live in the UAE or are not UAE residents) and expatriate residents can buy or own a property in Dubai without any restrictions, usufruct rights, or leasehold rights for an indefinite period of time.

Steps for buying a property in Dubai

  • Now that you are buying a property in Dubai, you need a lot of assistance and research. The last thing is that you need certain documentation in order to buy a property in Dubai.
  • To buy a property in Dubai, you first need to look for the properties available and you can research them in any of your favorite areas in Dubai where you are seeking to buy the property.
  • Next is when you need to contact the developer and can proceed further. Here is when you will need to have a word with the developer and you need to ask about buying the land. You also need to fix the price once you decide to buy a property.
  • Finally, you must pay the required amount of money to purchase the land and may proceed with the purchase of the property.



Dubai is a beautiful country to buy land in and it has everything to assist you with. And once you decide to apply for a property in Dubai, you need to research a lot in order to look out for the desired property in the desired area, and lastly, you can have all the documentation done and can buy a property in Dubai.

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