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everything about childrens traveling to dubai alone 2024

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Dubai is the most glitzy city in the emirates. With so many tall buildings, beautiful beaches, and a breathtaking skyline, the city should be on the bucket list of each and every traveler. Sometimes children have to travel alone to the country without anyone accompanying them. There are different rules set up by different airlines for the children traveling to Dubai alone. Traveling alone for minors solely depends upon the airline as well as the airport immigration rules for unaccompanied minors. Make sure to check these before you make any decision so that the minor can travel without any hassles. 


Below are the rules as per different airlines on unaccompanied minors traveling to the Emirates:


According to emirates airlines the minors are allowed to travel alone if they are aged five to eleven. However, they will have to pay the full ticket fare as the adults do for emirates booking. Even when the minors are accompanied by someone who is older than 11 but smaller than 18, the same rule applies because the accompanied is not old enough to be called their guardian.

Parents can easily book the unaccompanied minors service for the kids aged 5 to 11 who are flying alone to the city. This option can be selected while they are doing the booking. The airline also provides an unaccompanied minor service for the children who are aged 12 to 15.

Also, according to the airline, the kids who are traveling in another cabin class than their parents or guardians are also regarded as unaccompanied minors, and they too have to fly on full fare.

The kids who are above the age of 12 are capable of traveling alone, and on adult fare. 

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According to Etihad airlines, the children traveling to Dubai alone may or may not be able to travel alone depending upon their age.

Children aged under five are required to travel with their parents or guardian at all times. They are never allowed to travel alone.

However, the kids aged 5 to 11 can book the etihad unaccompanied minor service while making the booking. You will have to pay the adult fare for this purpose though.

The children who come between the age group of 12 to 17 can book their own adult tickets to travel. However, if the parents want, they can book the unaccompanied minor service for them too. You should note that, although these kids can travel alone freely, they cannot escort an unaccompanied minor with them.

The unaccompanied minor form is to be filled in carefully while doing the booking. All the details regarding the itinerary, the details of the minor, and the guardian who will drop off and receive the minor at the airport should be mentioned in the form clearly. You should avoid providing any false details.

The airline urges the guardians to drop off the kid at the airport by accompanying them all the time and also receive them at the airport on time.

It is important for the guardian to present with the child during the check in and provide all the necessary documents that are asked while they travel alone. The check in should be positively completed before two hours from the boarding time.


This airline does not let the children under the age of 12 to travel alone. They have to be accompanied by a parent or a guardian. If they are accompanied by a guardian, they have to provide necessary documents proving so.


According to air Arabia, the children who are aged below 12 are needed to be accompanied by an adult who must be 16 or above. Also, the children who are above the age of 12 are entitled to travel alone.

In addition, the emirates airlines also provide certain benefits for the unaccompanied minor traveling to Dubai without parents. They are listed below:


A specialist member of the airline stays with the minor during the check in. They guide them through the airport in every way possible at the immigration and security till they reach the cabin crew at the aircraft door.


It is the rule for the families and young flyers to always board first. This provides them enough time to settle in their seats and also stow their luggage properly without any difficulties.

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The cabin crew takes perfect care of your child. When you book an unaccompanied minor service, make sure to provide the details about your child. Whether he/she has some other diet requests or what are their sitting preferences, etc.


The kids are given utmost attention and support when they land. The specialist team member will be present at the aircraft door to guide them through the airport before the child reaches their parent or guardian. 

Apart from these rules, you must also know all the rules concerning the country of your origin. You should do a good research on the minimum age to travel alone to Dubai from your country. For example: The kids belonging from France, who are traveling from France to the UAE without an accompaniment by their parents or guardian need to provide authorization letter for minors to travel without parents to UAE along with their passport. The authorization has to be presented along with the identification documents of the parent or guardian.

There are the same rules for Spanish citizens. The citizens of Spain, If a minor, and wanting to travel alone should provide their passport along with the signed declaration of travel permit. Hence, it is advised to contact the airport authorities regarding the rules for children traveling to Dubai alone before coming into any decision.

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