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find out what to wear when you visit dubai

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It depends on the place you intend to go to. Some regions are more traditional than others in Dubai. You'll see people dressed more casually if you're in Jumeirah or Downtown Dubai. It is prudent to dress more modestly if you go to some parts of old Dubai, such as the Spice Souk.While watching the fountain show, you might be a little sweaty in a sleeveless summer dress, and then instantly wish you had long sleeves as you walk inside the Dubai Mall. There is a lot to know about What to wear when you visit Dubai. So let us discuss it out.

Dubai's summer months can reach up to 55 degrees Celsius.

The heat can be very overwhelming, making breathing difficult. Wearing light and airy cotton clothes is best because you're going to sweat a lot!

As it's so hot outside all indoor spaces, have full blast air conditioning, and it can feel freezing. For individuals in Dubai, this has always been a problem.

Guide to What to Wear When You Visit Dubai

Shopping at the Mall

There are also local families shopping in malls around Dubai. As long as it's fitting, you can dress as casually as you want. In Dubai, you can wear shorts. If they are at knee length and not shorter than that, even skirts.

What Women can Wear in Dubai

  1. Knee-length short-sleeved, or sleeveless dresses
  2. T-shirts such as this neat travel tee from Bluffworks
  3. Skirts and Shorts
  4. The Jeans
  5. Trousers
  6. Long dresses such as this flowing on-trend number by ASOS
  7. Any tank tops and tops
  8. Any shoes, flip flops like Havaianas, sandals, etc. purchased in the US or UK

What Women cannot Wear in Dubai

  1. Too tight and styled dresses
  2. Bikinis and Swimsuits
  3. See-through garments
  4. Any apparel that discloses too much cleavage
  5. Tops where one can see your bra
  6. Dresses that do not cover the region of the midriff
  7. Shorts or skirts that are excessively short (no bums hanging out please)
  8. They might be funny to some but also insulting to others. T-shirts with inappropriate slogans or jokes.

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What Men's can Wear in Dubai

  1. Pants in Cotton
  2. Trousers
  3. The Jeans
  4. Singlets, tank tops, vests such as this Addidas classic as it's not too small
  5. Any t-shirts or shirts
  6. Knee-length shorts
  7. Shoes, sandals, flip flops and so on.

What Men cannot Wear in Dubai

  • Singlets which are too low hanging, no nips
  • Any tops or trousers that could be seen-through
  • No one asks if you have a good-looking back like David Beckham. Tight pants
  • Shirts that are too tiny to expose your belly, soz Daddy Bods
  • Bathing suits

You should wear whatever makes you feel relaxed in the malls in Dubai. Only be conscious of the fact that a lot of families and kids are there.

Do not wear swimsuits or bikinis in shopping centres. Even if you have just come from the beach, do not walk around shirtless.

Please ensure that your outfit covers them appropriately if you have any tattoos that might annoy anyone.

What to Wear When Visiting Dubai Beaches

In Dubai, there are public and private beaches. A lot of famous hotels have private beaches and swimming pools of their own. They are more open to encouraging visitors to wear whatever they want. In hotels, families and children are mostly on holiday on their own, so the mood is different. On the other side, public beaches are where local families go. Many of them may be conservative.

What Women Can Wear on Dubai Private Beaches

  • All sorts of tops and bottoms for bikinis
  • Any swimsuit-no material or G-strings for see-through

What Women can wear on Dubai Public Beaches and Waterparks

  • One-piece swimming suits
  • Athletic suits
  • Wet Costumes
  • With Burkinis

The dress code for men on the beaches in Dubai is simpler. Except for bottoms that are white in colour, they can wear any swimsuit on both private and public beaches and waterparks.

White swimsuits as you come out of the water, become translucent and see-through. Be careful of other people on the beaches, please.

What you can wear at Brunch or Dinner in Dubai

Brunch in Dubai

Restaurants that host all-you-can-eat brunch buffets in Dubai are often in hotels since alcohol is permitted to be consumed in licenced venues.

Each hotel has its own dress code, so when you book a table, it's always best to check their website.

The dress code is relatively relaxed since brunch usually is on Friday afternoons. Men and women should wear the same casual clothing they would wear in a shopping mall.

And if you have just been to the hotel pool, please do not wear a swimsuit. Always make sure you're wearing shoes as they drive people away after a swim to arrive barefoot.

During the year some brunches also have such themes. For instance, many Dubai Restaurant might host a brunch on Halloween theme and encourage you to wear a scary costume. The theme of The Great Gatsby was a few brunch restaurants, where people had to dress in character. Let your imagination run wild and make sure you're not near a naked human.

A traditional Dubai brunch offers packets of all-you-can-drink alcohol. Getting drunk in no time is very convenient. Make sure that you choose an outfit by the end of the day where you can always look decent.

Do not wear something that could slip, and any private parts could be revealed. Make sure they are tied correctly if you have any tops with straps around the neck.

You will possibly take a taxi from your accommodation to the house—the brunch and then back again.

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Dinner in Dubai

The dress code for both men and women is mostly casual if you are going to have dinner at restaurants that aren't in hotels. Dresses, t-shirts, tops, pants, jeans, shorts, or skirts are what you can wear.

As long as you're not barefoot, any footwear is appropriate. Make sure you don't wear anything noticeable or revealing that might potentially ruin anyone else's meal. The dress code will be either smart-casual or official attire if the restaurant is in a nice hotel like Skyview Bar in Burj Al Arab or Atmosphere in Burj Khalifa.

You should wear cocktail dresses for the evening, tops, dress shirts, jeans, suits, etc. Shorts and tank tops will not allow you to access the top hotels.

It would feel awkward to hang out even if some of them do because most people in Dubai love to get glammed up for a nice dinner. They do not allow flip flops either, so some closed dress shoes are always safer to have.

On its website or social media accounts, most restaurants and hotels in Dubai will state their dress code regulations. When you are booking a table, make sure to have a short read. You can also phone them to inquire about the dress code before your reservation, and they'll be happy to clarify any questions.

What to wear when Enjoying Dubai Nightlife

Most clubs are in hotels, apart from Barasti Bar. Smart casual to glam is the dress code for both males and females in Dubai clubs.


Clubbing is very costly in Dubai. If they have ladies' nights where women get free drinks, a pint of beer will cost upwards of $20 each.

Bouncers can be very judgmental and inspect each person from head to toe to decide whether or not they should be let in. The more you dress up and the wealthier you look, the higher your chances of getting in there are.

Popular clubs such as White Dubai, Cavalli Club, and Club Boudoir want a very particular clientele and most harshly judge the outfits of individuals.

It is predicted that both men and women will get glammed up to pose like influencers in social media to blend in.

Most women wear high-heeled bandage skirts. While heels are very uncomfortable to dance in, if they're not wearing them, a lot of women get turned away. As long as they have the right heels as well, they may also wear smart casual tops and trousers.

It is expected that men will wear shirts and trousers. Never wear trainers for sports because they're not going to let you in. Make sure your dress shoes are proper for clubbing.

These kinds of clubs have strict entrance rules and are very pricey, but with famous celebrities and foreign DJ's, they even host live concerts. So, if you want to see Akon or Armin Van Buuren perform live, it is worth a visit.

Bars and Pubs

Cosy pubs and sports bars are also available in a number of hotels. They have a much more casual feel and are easy to get into.

All shirts, jeans, pants, dresses, skirts, shorts, and casual shoes, such as sandals or trainers, may be worn by women. No bikinis or flip flops.

Any top, t-shirt, jeans, trousers, shorts, and casual shoes such as trainers can be worn by men. There aren't flip flops or singlets.

Barasti is a popular beach bar, so if they want to, people can also wear flip flops there. A lot of people even wear swimsuits and go with a towel around their waist to the restaurant.

This is good to do in the afternoon, but the mood changes when the bar is crowded in the evening and people are forced to dress a little more.

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What to Wear When Going on Dubai Tour

It's essential to dress semi-conservatively because all the tourist hotspots are in family-friendly areas.

Wearing casual clothes as if you were going to Dubai Mall is the best thing to do. This is because most tours are in the new part of Dubai, and there are fewer people there who are conservative.

Women can wear dresses, shorts, t-shirts, skirts, tops, denim, trousers and so on. Men may wear shirts, t-shirts, skirts, shorts, jeans, etc.

Ensure that it is not too revealing or too brief. Nothing that is at least see-through.

People are more traditional on other tours in the old part of Dubai, such as the Deira Spice Souk and the Dubai Museum. In these places, there are also more mosques, so it's essential to dress modestly.

What Females can wear when Visiting Souks and Museums

Women should not wear short skirts, shorts, or sleeveless tops. Otherwise, plenty of locals would look at you. T-shirts and jeans, or skirts are more comfortable to wear. If it is not sleeveless, see-through, or too short, a summer dress is perfect. Make sure that it is knee-length at least. The safest choice is lengthy skirts.

If you want to be a bit more cultural, you can buy a Salwar Kameez. A Salwar Kameez US / UK, particularly in the heat, is very comfortable. They're basically just long dresses with loose trousers. Don't be put off by the foreign-sounding name.

To choose from, there are several beautiful and colourful choices. It is made up of loose cotton trousers called "Salwar," and a "Kameez" knee-length tunic. Some of them even come with a shawl to wrap around called "Dupatta," If you have seen the Persian Shahs, you may have heard of the U.S./UK Caftans. A caftan is a long, loose and flowy gown, and some gorgeous designs can be selected. You are probably familiar with caftans because, like this trendy version by Elan, they are popular over-beach wear in Europe.

If you forget to buy one before your journey, there are plenty of souk shops selling them. But the thing is, you're going to have to trade hard to get a decent deal. Depending on your bartering skills, the prices for these outfits will vary from $20-$ 70.

Shopping with a friend who is able to speak Urdu or Arabic would result in an instant discount. Since you'll need to walk a lot to explore the souks, trainers and sandals are the best shoes to wear. For both men and women, flip flops are also permitted.

In these places, men can wear anything like shorts and singlets. Just be careful to never walk around no matter how hot it is without a shirt.

If men want to feel a little cultural as well, they may wear a US/UK "Kurta Pajama." This consists of a "Kurta" top tunic and "Pajama" loose cotton pants.

Dress Code for Dubai Desert Safari 

It's important to dress as comfortably as possible when you're going for a desert safari in Dubai. This is because you're going to be spending a whole day there, and it's going to be really humid.

You'll get coated in the sand as well. Make sure you wear loose clothing so you can walk around more quickly. The desert safaris are run by locals, and it may be conservative for your guide.

You don't have to be covered up entirely, but women should stop wearing short skirts, short shorts, and other dresses that are provocative or see-through. Wearing sleeveless tops is okay if the neckline isn't too short.

After sunset, it gets cold in the desert, so it's best to wear some sleeves. There need to be knee-length shorts. The best outfit in the desert for women is the Caftan. Or any of the long skirts, trousers, tops, t-shirts, etc.

Jeans are also permitted, but when it's humid, you might feel very uncomfortable with them. Men are allowed to wear tops, t-shirts, shorts, and any form of trousers. They can even wear singlets, but at night it gets cold, so it's easier to wear a singlet over a shirt. In the desert, sandals are the best to wear. Try not to lose them in the sand, or you can buy sandals around the ankles that have a strap.

It is really easy to lose flip flops because they can fall off your feet when you walk on a sand dune. You can wear shoes as well, but then you're going to have to keep dusting the sand off them.

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What to Wear at Dubai Airport 

Dubai airport is a place where you want to make a good impression because you're going to meet with immigration officers from the Emirates.

It will give them a poor impression of getting you into the country if they feel like you are not properly dressed. Tourists at the airport don't have to be fully covered up.

There isn't an especially stringent dress code for Dubai airport. Women may wear long skirts, tops, coats, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, sweaters, and jeans. Both sleeveless shirts, sleeveless dresses, mini-skirts, and short shorts are better avoided.

Dubai Airport has a lot to do with walking because it's so big. It's safer to discourage any high heels and just wear lightweight trainers or sandals. And flip flops are all right. Shorts, t-caps, shirts, hoodies, sweaters, skirts, and jeans may be worn by men. Stop carrying singlets, if any.

It is also possible for men to wear sneakers, sandals, regular shoes, or flip flops. If you have a lot of tattoos, it is best to cover them up as much as possible, even if they may not be offensive. On seeing too many tattoos, some immigration officials may frown. Tattoos are not illegal; however, out of respect, it's best to cover them up.

What to Pack when Traveling to Dubai

Many Emirates Airlines flights give 20 kilos per passenger, which amounts to a generous sum. But on vacation, it's always easier to pack less. Here is what you can take to Dubai with you:

What Women should Pack when Traveling to Dubai

  • Vests and tanks
  • Knee-length, long, sleeved and sleeveless dresses
  • Cardigan or hoodie, inside malls, it freezes
  • Shorts (not too short)
  • Comfy Jeans
  • Skirts, not too brief
  • T-Shirts and Tops
  • Sandals 
  • Socks and Trainers
  • The Jeans
  • Kameez Salwar or Caftan
  • For clubbing or fancy dinner, evening wear
  • Flops of flip
  • Clubbing heels for
  • Chargers and cameras
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, sanitary products, etc.-bathroom products
  • Makeup,
  • Moisturizer and Sunscreen
  • US / UK battery pack for tablets, phone chargers and Anker
  • Documents for passports and visas
  • A feeling of adventure

What Men should Pack when Traveling to Dubai

  • Shirts
  • Pants—like Bluffworks' trendy travel pants
  • T-Shirts
  • Shorts
  • The Jeans
  • Sweatshirt
  • Socks and Trainers
  • Jacket 
  • Hoodie 
  • Flops of flip
  • Sandals Sandals
  • Moisturizer and Sunscreen
  • Items for the Bathroom (toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving cream, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, etc.)
  • Cameras and chargers for cameras
  • US / UK battery pack for tablets, phone chargers and Anker
  • Documents for passports and visas
  • A feeling of adventure

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General Tips that you Should Follow while Packing for Dubai Trip

  1. There will be soaps and towels etc. in most hotels. That way, you're not going to have to pack any more stuff to take to Dubai.
  2. It's hard to get drugs from abroad. For all your medications, you would need to get a doctor's note. Some drugs, such as Tramadol, are totally prohibited in Dubai.
  3. Depending on your doctor's letter and medical condition, the customs officer can make an exception for you if you need to carry prohibited medication into the country.
  4. Having a printout of some of your bookings might also help. This is only in case you have trouble getting a link to the internet to access them later.
  5. Dubai has now begun giving tourists free SIM cards when they arrive at the airport. Feel free to grab one on your phone and trigger it. For emergencies, this is ideal because it will have 3 minutes of talk time, 20 MB of data, and 5 SMS.
  6. If during your ride, you want more minutes and info. All the malls have stores for Etisalat and DU that you can go to. For travelers, both companies have special offers to stay connected during their stay.

I hope our guide on What to wear When You Visit Dubai will help you decide your dress code when Dubai.

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