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Dubai is a town with superlatives; Dubai is renowned for its record buildings and other wonders created by human beings. The Burj Khalifa draws millions of tourists per year, Dubai's distinguished architectural landmark. Another breakthrough in Dubai's tourism was the Burj Al Arab hotel, which Dubai still updates every year to add new landmarks to the ever-expanding list of human-made wonders of the region. In this article, we will check the details about Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai.

Dubai is not only about luxurious hotels, skyscrapers, and the biggest shopping centres, but also a special culture and heritage experience for its visitors. Dubai is the perfect location to enjoy Arab Hospitality in the Middle East.

The pristine desert and the desert way of life are one of Dubai's most famous attractions. Emirati's lives in the desert fascinate those who visit Dubai. Any of the most common are Dune Bashing, Camel Runs, Quad Biking, Sandboarding and Hot Air Balloon Rides. There are plenty of tours and events in the desert.

Deserts are more than 1/5 of the surface area of the world and about 80% of the land area of the UAE. Just 10 per cent of the world's wildernesses consist of sand dunes, so in Dubai, some of the biggest and finest sandy dunes reside, besides the high dunes, which make Dubai the best destination for a Desert Safari, both the heritage and culture of the Bedouin tribe who crossed the wilderness with its simple lives and customs.

How distant is Dubai's desert? There are a few areas where the dune rubs, such as Al Aweer, Al Marmoom, and the Desert of Lahbab. The Al Awe Desert is the largest desert camp. The desert area in which the dune is squashed requires roughly one and a half.

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Desert Safari History

Dubai's first settlers were the Bedouins who travelled continuously across the wilderness, and the terrain of Dubai consists mostly of sandy deserts and gravely deserts in the Southern portion of the UAE. Sand, composed of crushed shell and coral, is clear, white and perfect. The challenge to navigate across the wilderness was exacerbated by the rugged surroundings and by the shifting surface of the desert. Camels were used to fly quickly through the desert, the camels were known as desert ships, and their ability to drive quickly across the desert made it convenient for the inhabitants. They marched in convoy form in packs. The Camel Desert Safari is designed to give you the same desert camel experience as the Bedouin Tribe.

Oil mining began in the area in 1950 and Dubai was converted from a tiny fishing village into a modern city. In 1950 Land Rover prototypes were used in the deserts, the first motor vehicles used in the deserts of Dubai. If you want to travel in the 1950s from Dubai, the Desert Desert Safari with Falconry is the perfect Desert Safari.

Nowadays, these cars are used to conquer the Dubai deserts through New Model Land Rovers, Land Cruisers, Jeep Wranglers, Nissan Patrol, and so many other off-road cars. Land Rover is the most commonly used off-road vehicle for a Traditional Dubai Desert Safari Toyota due to its comfort and ability to quickly navigate high dunes. Brand New Land Rovers and Hummer H2 vehicles are designed for Luxurious Desert safaris. The Desert Safari is created using Hummer H2 vehicles in special bundles. The two safari packages that are available for the whole safari with the Hummer H2 cars and the set and departure of Dubai Hotels are the "hummer's desert safari" with a typical campsite and Hummer desert safari with dinner at Al Hadeera.

Best Dubai Overnight Desert Safari

Private Overnight Safari & Astronomy Experience

In a 1950's Land Rover vintage with a competent conservation guide and astronomer, a private evening Safari in Dubai will allow you to feel the magic of the Arabian Desert. Discover the Dubai desert landscape and discover the desert fauna in this area by a rare night wilderness expedition on foot.

An exciting and quiet evening, with the opportunity to explore Dubai Desert's nightlife. Night spectacular walk along the dunes with a torch to search for the Arabian Scorpion and other crazy desserts. If you can spot the unusual desert fox or desert eagle owl, you're very fortunate! Experience the typical desert camp of Bedouin outdoors and a real three-day Emirati meal. The evening with the Astronomy Session with your private astronomer will make you interested, and you will enjoy beautiful views of the city.

Overnight Desert Safari With Traditional Bedouin Camp

If you cannot experience the heritage of this region, a holiday in Dubai is not complete. In Dubai, a real Bedouin is all you need to learn the past and patrimony of Emirati people's ancestors. Travel back to Dubai when the city became a modern city in the 1950s. Take a trip to Dubai with a desert safari and stay at a Bedouin camping for the night.

The Overnight Heritage Desert Safari involves exotic experiences including the Dubai Desert Conservation Reservation Wildlife Safari of the 1950s Vintage Country Rowers. It has an opportunity to see indigenous species such as Arabian Oryx and picture stops in Sand Dunes. Spend a night in the heart of a private royal desert retreat in the authentic Bedouin Desert Camp. Watch Arab Coffee Making Arabic Live Sessions and Arab Bread Making. Experience cultural performances such as Yola at traditional Emirati Dinner and participate in the Arabic Drumming Performance.

Relax under the stars of Arabian Majlis's high-quality shisha. Get a good night's sleep in typical Arabic comfortable bedding stone dwellings. Get up the scent of Arabic coffee and have a wonderful buffet breakfast in the camp prior to your return to your Dubai hotel.


Final Words

Overnight Desert Safari is a must to do a thing when you visit Dubai. So plan a trip to the great Dubai and have a fun adventure day during the entire trip. To get a Dubai Visa, you can visit Dubai Visa Center and get your visa in just 2-3 days. Just apply and relax and plan a trip to Dubai.

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