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Located on the Persian gulf, the city may not have that lush green scenery, but it's desert lands are a stunning piece of creation that adds wonders to the tourists traveling here. The massive desert that surrounds Dubai along with the Hajar Mountains provide enough thrilling activities for the visitors. The popularity of Dubai adventure tour has grown over the years with the abundance of enough outdoor activities. They range from desert safaris, dune bashing, mountain biking or deep sea fishing.

If you want to visit Dubai but do not want to indulge in the lavish Dubai life. You can surely enjoy these Arabian adventures the most. 


Escape the glittery city and its extravaganzas and indulge in these Dubai adventure activities while your stay in the city:


Skydiving is always the most enjoyable Dubai adventure sports. This thrilling action tops the bucket list of every adventure seeker around the globe. Dubai makes this dream come true for the visitors by mixing the sky dividing experience with the beautiful desert landscape view.

The plane drops you off from a height of 4000 m while you swoop down to the stunning desert landscape of the city. If you are an experienced skydiver, you can opt the solo jump option. If you are new to this sport, it would be better if you choose the tandem jump option. The moment that you will get to experience will be a minute of freefall and then five minutes of gentle descent.

As you fall down, you will get to see the Palm Islands, Burj Khalifa, the World Islands, along with the desert all around.

This Dubai adventure is a must try if you want that adrenaline rush down your blood stream. 


If you do not experience the desert safari in the city, then you have not experienced anything in Dubai. This is an extremely popular adventure activity among the tourists. The safari takes you to a camp situated in the stunning desert that surrounds the city.

They are camel riding, sand boarding, dune bashing, etc. Along with these adventure activities, you can also enjoy a delicious desert under the stars with your loved ones and enjoy some quality time.

The various numbers of Dubai adventure activities that are provided here make it so popular among the people to experience the amazing desert life.

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Sand dunes and desert are a great combination for fun. The vehicles that have more than enough power in their wheels and flat tires can easily race into the desert sand with smashing the sand after them. This is a sport that brings around the best 4x4 world into the desert world and offers a thrilling experience to the visitors.

Strapped into the seats of a hummer, land cruiser, or a similar vehicle, you will experience the adventure rollercoaster ride as the vehicle rides you over the sand dunes with speed and thrill.


These are one of the most accessible vehicles that you can take with you on the desert sands. These bikes come with easy riding techniques anyone can master. The bike comes with a light body and heavy tires along with a powerful engine to take you bashing through the sandy desert. These bikes also make the dune hill climbs a lot easier. 

Quad biking could be one of the best adventure games in Dubai.


You may have heard of snowboarding which is done on mountains covered in snow. Sandboarding adventure is done on the inclined desert sand. The smooth inclines lets the boards pass smoothly and is something you should experience once in your lifetime.

There could not be a better place than Dubai to experience a sandboarding adventure. Just strap yourself into the board, which is similar to the snowboard and slide down to the sand dunes to enjoy this extreme thrill sport in the city.

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This is yet another adventure that you can ride on while being in the desert. These are one of the most popular desert activities in the city. The buggies are designed to drive off the tarmac and are a wonderful and exciting way to enjoy.

The thick special tires easily move across the sandy desert with enough speed without getting stuck for a moment. There is abundance of safety and power which makes this one the most chosen option among the adventure rides in Dubai.


You can indulge in these adventure activities if you want to beat the temperature of the city. This may be ideal for you if you had been looking for something new and unique to try in the city. You can enjoy kayaking, catamaran tours, deep fishing, wakeboarding, jetpacking, water skiing, and many other things here.

You will get the option to carry them out in a group or individually, you can choose whatever option you are more comfortable with.

The visitors also get the option to choose their preferred time slot. Necessary safety measurements are taken while carrying out such activities. Hence, you don’t need to worry about that.

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It is interesting that the city houses the world’s longest zip lining as well as the longest urban ziplining in the world too. In the Xline, Dubai Marina, you can experience gliding through the bird's eye view of the wonderful marina from a distance of 170 meters. The speed can reach up to 60 km/hour during this activity.

You can also experience the second largest zip lining in the world present in Dubai, the Jebel Jais flight which is at a height of 1860 meters above ground. The speed here reaches up to 150 km/hour. The view from here is extremely magnificent. You should surely add this activity during your Dubai tours emirates.


This activity has gained much popularity during these past years. Now, most people love to indulge in this activity when they visit Dubai. These are organized in the desert, and one can easily participate in one of them. The calm winds and the perfect desert scenery makes it one of the best things to try here.

You will get a chance to fly 4000 meters above ground level and get to view the stunning Persian Gulf alongside the modern city of Dubai.

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Hence, if you are looking forward to visiting this amazingly lavish city, make sure to enjoy the Dubai adventure tour and get to do something unique, as well as thrilling.

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