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dubai desert safari guide

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Dubai Desert Safari Guide Tours are arranged by several tour operators in Dubai. These tours are open, online and offline, for questioning and confirmation. When you are booking with an operator, you must be very specific about the Desert Safari Tour. Take a fair amount of information from them such as inclusions, exclusions, danger covers, tour guide specifics, language communicable, timings, type of vehicle you are being given, what can be clubbed for all activities and what you will have to pay on the spot, etc. Because of the discounts that are offered, most tourists choose to pay online. But make sure that your Dubai Safari Tour is not spoiled for just a few bucks. Morning Desert Safari Tours and Evening Desert Safari Tours are typically scheduled. 

Dubai's endless deserts have offered its tourists unforgettable moments. It evokes romance between couples as the sun raises its head. And it provides a great Bedouin environment to rejoice as the sun dips down. Most events take place during the daytime. As the weather changes its behaviour, so does the frequency of desert incidents. The Arabian landscape with dusky hills was one of Dubai's inhabitants' homes. They were nomads, known as Bedouins, who used to wander from place to place to sustain their lives. But today, with 4x4 vehicles daring to ascend and take a dive into the sandy waves, these deserts flourish. Depending on the intent of your visit to the desert, you have many choices to choose from. E.g., an adventure, a cultural visit, a romantic dinner, etc.

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Dubai Desert Safari Tour in Morning

When you want to feel cool winds blowing through the sands of the Gulf, the Dubai Desert Safari morning tour is the best. For those who want cool weather combined with desert sports such as sandboarding, safari, breakfast and camel riding, this is best enjoyed. The advantage of the morning is that you have plenty of free room to explore and leave your mark as far and wide as possible. A hot air balloon trip is great if you wish to give the morning safari an exclusive edge. As the first ray of the sun kisses the desert, you will capture beautiful clicks. This way, you can spend the rest of the day and enjoy the city of Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari Tour in Evening 

The Dubai Desert Safari Evening Tour is for those in the deserts of Dubai who are essentially searching for an experience. When the sun prepares to cool down, these tours take off in the late evening. Activities such as quad biking, sandboarding, belly dancing shows, tanoura shows and Arabian cuisine buffets can be used during the evening. As you head to the Bedouin camps for more activities, you can take a camel ride. Enjoy the famous Arabian coffee with picturesque views of the landscape as the stars begin to lighten the dark sky.

When you book a Dubai Desert Safari Tour, you will come across both budget and luxury tours. You can book any, but you can certainly enjoy any of them, according to your choice and adventure activities that you want to indulge. Before you make the payment:

  1. Take complete data about the trip.
  2. Compare yourself with other operators. This will allow the best one to be narrowed down.
  3. Log on to Dubai Visa Center if you would like reliable tour operators and Dubai visa online services.

Combos are also planned for Dubai Desert Safari Tours. With Desert Safari tours, you can take Dubai City tours if you have a time crunch. But when you opt for combos, prepare well. Or else you could land up not enjoying any, just to save money.

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Points to Remember While Booking Dubai Desert Safari Tours


The tour operators will mostly arrange to pick you up and drop you back from your hotel or place of stay. You can notify the operator and schedule accordingly if you have other plans. In deserts away from the city, safaris occur. To keep the heat at bay, make sure you bring your water bottle, light snacks and a scarf.


In the Hatta Mountains, Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and the Lahbab Desert, desert camps are often held. But at all three sites, you will have distinct experiences. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is full of wildlife experience, while the Lahbab Desert shows an authentic desert culture.


You will be thrilled with the dune bashing ritual at the start of the Safari tour. You can then opt for various desert adventure sports, such as a dune buggy ride, quad biking, sandboarding, and the favourite camel riding of all.

Breakfasts and Dinners

Meals are included in the safari tour, according to your preference. Breakfasts are included in morning safaris, while sumptuous buffets are shown in the evening tours. In the desert camps, continental, Arabian food, and Mediterrane food are eaten. Please let your operator know if you have any desire for food so that you are not left starving in the middle of the desert.

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Quick Recap of Dubai Desert Safari

  • When on a safari, wear comfortable and breathable clothes. As you are going to participate in many desert sports, open shoes or flip flops are preferred shoes.
  • Always follow your instructor while conducting activities. It will help you to be safe as you explore the deserts of Arabia.
  • Keep light with your camping bag. Some of the things you should not forget are sunglasses, sunscreen, a water bottle, light snacks, a scarf and a handtowel.
  • For a Dubai Desert Safari guide tour, choose the best time. Mornings are enjoyable and calm, while activities and desert lovers fill the evenings.

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