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Dubai Dream Dinner Show - Escape to Fantasy Land

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When you are in Dubai, you don’t have to wait with your dinner in front of you, scrolling through Netflix to find the perfect show to watch. During your stay in Dubai, you can stop worrying about what to watch during your dinner because Dream Dinner has got you covered.  Every year Dubai is constantly re-vamping the tourist scene so you always have something new to look forward to when visiting Dubai. This year, Dream Dinner was introduced in the Address Beach Resort which has been receiving a lot of hype.  

If you are visiting Dubai and you are looking for new places to visit, then you are in the right place. This article discusses everything about the Dream Dinner and the hype that surrounds it. Stick around if want to figure out what the hype is all about.  To visit Dubai, foreign nationals need a valid visa. You can obtain your visa through Dubai Visa Center by applying for it online.  


Dream Dinner takes place in Address Beach Resort, JBR. It consists of shows and dinners. However, the experience transcends the simple and blunt description.  

There will be shows with 15-minute intervals and you will not have to be distracted from your dinner for more than 10 minutes as the shows are lesser than 10 minutes long. With evenly spaced shows, the audience can enjoy their dinner and the shows without having to split their attention between two different things.  

Apart from the shows, the menu has also been upgraded with international cuisines. Hence, the Dream Dinner becomes everything that you can hope for to have a great time.  

They are by Sun Hospitality group, and they have re-vamped their menu and performances with new acts and fresh meals. Sun Hospitality group is the same team behind the SUSHISAMBA Dubai and AURA Sky Pool & Lounge.  

Thus, in short, the Dream Dinner will transport you from an ordinary world to an extraordinary world with exotic and magnetic shows that will arrest your attention. And a dinner that will leave you wanting more.

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Pierre Khadra is an award-winning Arab choreographer. He is the creative director of the show which will light up the stage and your dinner time. The best part of the dinner (besides the food of course) is definitely the show.  

Even though the restaurant opens at 8 pm, the shows start around 10 pm. The beginning consists of a singer warming up the room with melodies both contemporary and classic.  

The real fun begins with the show. If you have not secured a front-row seat, then please don’t worry because the performers will be all around the room, putting on their alluring performance.  


The show is designed to capture the sequences of a fever dream. Everything from aerobatics to a dance-off at Ancient Rome to Lil Nas X takes place.  

The dancers will be adorned in glittering and bejeweled outfits with a mask on. You can even find them suspended from the ceiling.  

Walking into the restaurant, you will immediately be transported to a new world where everything is magical as it seems. The performance is slow and soft at first and then slowly increases its crescendo to something lively and bold.  

Everything about the show is arresting and addictive. The performance makes its way from Broadway performance to Moulin Rouge. And a cabaret performance transitions to Beyonce’s songs. You can also be the audience to Bollywood songs being performed in kaleidoscopic outfits.  


If you want to have a casual dinner with pizzas and pasta options, you can go for that. Or if you are looking to have a fancy dinner with oysters and lobsters, then you have options for that as well. Dream provides its customers with all the options to fulfill their perfect dinner fantasy.  

The wide range of options available in the menu helps Dream ensure that its customers are never disappointed.  


Several other dinners and show venues place less importance on the performance. However, that is clearly not the case when it comes to Dream. With an award-winning creative director and performances that will steal your attention, Dream places its primary focus on entertaining the guests with performance and theatrics.  

The venue also has a terrace called Garden of Dreams where there is a DJ booth and a bar. The dream becomes the place where you can leave reality outside the doorstep and step into a new world to completely relax and be mesmerized.  


Any foreign visitor when visiting Dubai will be required to have a valid visa for Dubai in order to enter. Dubai Visa Center will assist you with that. You can apply for your Dubai visa online through Dubai Visa Center and get your visa processed and sent to you within 3-4 days.  

The visa application and acquisition process are online. Hence, applicants will not have to leave their houses to get their visas. Dubai Visa Center makes the visa acquisition process easier and more comfortable for the applicants. 

An easy guide for Dubai visa application 

  1. First, visit Dubai Visa Center 
  2. Enter your living country and citizenship country 
  3. A list of visas available will be listed along with the number of entries, visa validity and stay validity 
  4. Choose the visa of your choice and proceed to apply 
  5. Fill out the application form and upload the documents mentioned as requirements on the website 
  6. Submit the visa application 
  7. You will be taken to checkout and you can choose the service type which will let you choose the processing time 
  8. Pay the visa fee 

Once your fee is paid, you will receive an acknowledgement message with an application ID and making use of this ID, your visa status can be tracked on the website. Besides that, you will receive updates on your visa sent to your mail as well. 


The best part about visiting famous tourist destinations like Dubai is that you always have something exciting and new to look forward to. Most often, these experiences can never be found anywhere else. Although show-and-dinner venues are not sparse in Dubai, Dream dinner is one of a kind with exotic and spell-binding performances.  

If you are visiting Dubai and looking to fill your itinerary with the best things Dubai has to offer, then Dream dinner should not be missing from your list. The dinner you have here at night will be one of the highlights of your trip.

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