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Situated at the crossing of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road(E311) and Al Ain Road(E66), Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is an advanced technology park and free zone. It is one of Dubai's only open places to live and work. There are private residences, city homes and luxurious villas as well as office space, multi-purpose storage and development facilities. DSO delivers the new hardware and business facilities in-house, as well as a breakthrough for technology startups. The project was started in 2004, with over two thousand enterprises founded there by 2016.

The DSO is composed of four components: manufacturing, commercial, school, and residential. Both town halls and villas are situated in the two major residential districts, Cedre Villas and Semmer Villas. In Silicon Residences and Silicon Park, multiple high-rises, low-rise residential buildings are located. Properties may be bought or leased. More accommodation continues to be developed around the district periphery. The GEMS Wellington Academy and the Indian High School are two schools, as are medical centres, community centres, shopping areas, banks and a post office.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a common family, bachelor, and worker neighbourhood. In Dubai, it is seen as a famous technology and creative business field. Dubai Silicon Oasis is a nice spot in the city for locals, or DSO for short, as the neighbourhood is composed of apartment complexes and well-kept neighbourhoods, where services are busy. This city is also a popular destination for entrepreneurs, so silicon oasis in Dubai is a perfect place to live in if your job is in the region. Ultimately, it acts as an ideal platform for working and families in Dubai, looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Dubai Silicon Oasis provides residents with a wide variety of leisure, residential and industrial opportunities to enjoy a pleasant and thrilling atmosphere of a total of 7.2 million square metres. Many expats from diverse cultures and backgrounds live in the Silicon Oasis of Dubai, and there are many young professionals and startup startups residing in the technology park in the city. The citizens of the UAE prefer this place because of the many facilities and its central role in different parts of Dubai.

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Dubai Digital Park

Dubai Digital Park (DDP) is the Dubai Silicon Oasis smart city project which began in 2020. It promotes and contributes to the growth of the Dubai geoeconomic map and sets a new global benchmark for intelligent technologies.

  • Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority is the leading emerging organization.
  • From the Silicon Oasis, Dubai Mall can be easily reached by car in about 20 minutes, Palm Jumeirah in 30 minutes, Burj Al Arab in 29 minutes and the JBR Stroll in 33 minutes.
  • It's about 25 minutes drive from the airport of Dubai International (DXB), and about 37 minutes drive from the new Al Maktoum international airport. Both times are measured on Google Maps and in normal traffic conditions presume the shortest path.

Facilities Offered in Dubai Silicon Oasis

  • Close to City Academic
  • Near to IMG adventure worlds and global village attractions
  • Near to Dubai
  • Group Centre of Cedre Villas
  • Quick access to large centres such as Dubai Outlet Mall, Dragon Mart 1 and 2
  • Close to the centre of Mirdif
  • Shops such as Spinney and even a Starbuck drive are here.

Dubai Silicon Oasis provides many services for families since the city has many shops, malls, gyms, kindergartens and schools.

Spinneys, a kid's playground, restaurants and more are the most popular entertainment venues for the local residents.

The region has fantastic facilities - Dragon Mart 2, 15 minutes away, Academic District, Global Village (17 minutes), Mushrif park (15 minutes), Mirdif City centre, 20 minutes away, etc. within convenient reach of the resort. Dubai Silicon Oasis will open its Avenues Mall in 2020 with new services for local residents.

There is a straight path and convenient access to the International Airport of Dubai from the Dubai Silicon Oasis.

In Dubai Silicon Oasis, there are two schools, and there are a number of nurseries to send to.

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Dubai Silicon Life

  • In neighbourhood centres or below your house is all you need.
  • Not perfect for those not commuting and using public transit
  • Heavy rush hour traffic
  • Not many places of interest
  • Specializing in professionals and workplaces
  • Home for many young families

Dubai Silicon Oasis is essentially an active culture in Dubai city. Coming here ensures anything you need in your vicinity can be found without ever leaving.

The area is well-connected, offers convenient access to the back roads of Dubai and provides a variety of optional residential facilities for any use you might be looking for.

The neighbourhood is appealing to young families because there are many services for the value of money invested. Supermarkets and restaurants provide luxury services or standard facilities.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is also known for its proximity to the Academic Community, which is a centre for education and employment and is also known for attracting higher learners, young professionals, and families of students or expats who are studying in the region.

Day at Dubai Silicon Oasis

You will be able to see parents sending their children off to nurseries by wandering through Dubai Silicon Oasis streets by day, bachelors waiting for the RTA bus transport, professionals going to college, etc.

And because there's life in the city every day, you'll see shopkeepers, vendors and businessmen doing business transactions. There are also several mothers and babies who drive a cottage while walking around the park in the Silicon Oasis of Dubai.

Night at Dubai Silicon Oasis 

This area is much more vibrant at night as parents return home, and people complete the day's work shifts. Many children play under the apartment building or in communal parks.

Parents and bachelors also dine out for dinner or drink a hookah at dinner. The streets encourage footpaths to walk and to cross the streets with ease, thanks to footpaths and traffic junctions.

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Final Words

Dubai Silicon Oasis is an excellent place if you are planning to stay in Dubai for a long term. You must require a Dubai Residence Visa to stay in Dubai for such a long time. You can contact the team of Dubai Visa Online and get your Dubai Resident Visa to remain in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

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