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all you need to know about dubai visa overstay information in 2024

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Dubai is a thrilling country, filled with tall buildings, luxurious places with a touch of culture and tradition in all of them. Thousands of tourists visit this place to enjoy the royal touch of the city and indulge in the lavish lifestyle.

Many people visit this city to seek jobs while on a tourist visa. And while they do so, they somehow tend to overstay the stay validity. In this article about the Dubai visa overstay information, and what steps to take someone overstays in the city.


The tourists can typically stay for a period of 3 days to three months in the country with a tourist visa. The visa you avail depends upon your travel itinerary and how many days you want to stay in the country for. If you want to work in the country, and luckily you find a job there, you need to convert the tourist visa into a work visa. If, somehow, you are unable to convert your visa, or you overstay the stay period as mentioned in your visa, you will have to face severe consequences.


If the tourists overstay the stay validity, they have to pay the Dubai overstay fine. The tourist visas are issued generally for a short period of time. The maximum validity of this is for 90 days. They are issued on both the categories, that are single entry and multiple entry. Oftentimes, the people visit the place for business related meetings or conferences. Sometimes, the meetings may be postponed or cancelled on to another day, which in turn leads them to overstay in the country.

If something like this happens while the person possesses a tourist visa, he/she gets a grace period of 10 days. This basically means that for a period of 10 days you will not have to pay the penalty for overstaying visa. The fines are however imposed right from the eleventh day.

The fine imposed for one extra day overstay in the country is AED 200. From day two, an extra amount of AED 100 is charged till the last day of overstay. Apart from this, when you exit the country, an extra amount of AED 100 will also be charged from you. This is charged as the service charge.

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The people who are the official residents of the country and those who possess a valid resident visa get a grace period of thirty days. The overstay fine in UAE for residence visa is different from the tourist one and one needs to have in depth knowledge of the same.

After a person overstays in the country and completes his/ her grace period too, he will not be fined from the thirty first day.

However, if you have plans for leaving the country on the thirty first day, you will have to pay the ICA overstay fine of AED 125. After that, for every day, until six months, a sum of AED 25 will be added into the fine. After you have overstayed beyond six months, the fine goes up to AED 50 per day. The fine also goes up to AED 100 after you have overstayed for a year.

This fine is also imposed on the spouse, children, or any other dependent of the person who has overstayed with a resident visa in the country. 


You may think what if someone does not pay the overstay fine after the visa expires and continues to stay in the country. Well, if something like this happens, he/she would have to face a lot of consequences.

  •         Their name may get blacklisted.
  •         They may face ban on immigration
  •         Now, can you go to jail for overstaying your visa in UAE? The answer to this is yes. You totally can.
  •         A deportation order may be issued against them.


It is possible to re enter the country. However, you will have to seek special permission from the ministry of interior. The person’s deportation order may get returned only if the following happen:

  •         If the case is taken back by the employer.
  •         Any legal rehabilitation
  •         If court decision has been passed for deportee
  •         And if there is any amnesty law or pardon decree issued.

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You can not only reduce the penalty, but also totally get it waived off. The federal authority for identity and citizenship has announced that stated earlier that the people who have been staying in the country illegally after their visa expired before the 1st day of March, 2020 will get to leave the country without paying a penny fine before the 31st of December, 2020.

You can follow these steps to avail this facility:


  •         You have to reserve a flight ticket before 31st of December.
  •         You need to have a valid passport and airline ticket. Bring that to the airport.
  •         You need to visit the Dubai civil aviation security centre 48 hours before your flight takes off.
  •         After that, these actions will be taken
  • All financial penalties will be exempted
  • All the administrative restrictions will be abolished
  • The visa will be cancelled 


  • Book a flight ticket before the 31st of December.
  • Take along your passport and flight ticket and reach the airport four hours before the flight takes off.
  • These actions will be taken thereafter
  •         All the financial penalties will be exempted
  •         All the administrative restrictions will be abolished
  •         The residence will be cancelled


There are, however, certain conditions to get the cancelled visa overstay fine benefit. They are:

  •         The violation must have occurred before March 1, 2020. And the person must leave before December 31, 2020.
  •         Departure must be made through one of the airports in the UAE.
  •         The violator is needed to cancel his participation in the institution he/she is working, or liquidate his/her company.
  •         If the violator has personally sponsored someone, he/she has to leave the country with them.

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You can see how difficult it could get for visa overstaying in the country. It is hence advised to renew or leave the country before something like this happens. We hope that this article on Dubai visa overstay information provided you will all the details regarding the same. 

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