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reasons why you should visit dubai during christmas

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Dubai is one of Christmas Bells' most exciting towns! High elevations, stunning fireworks, parties, club scenes, the pomp and the show, make it exciting. Everybody can do so much for Christmas that Dubai has become one of the world's most successful end-of-year destinations. In this article, we have jotted down some of the great Reasons To Visit Dubai During Christmas. So read and find out.

Dubai Shopping Festival 

The festival takes place around the same time, even though the dates change. You can shop at Christmas here and get nice discounts on clothing, electronics, furniture, jewellery etc., between 40 percent and 90 percent. The DSF lasts for a whole month and is open to all the tourists in Dubai. Everyone participates in the festival, from high-end malls to small shops in souks. Millions of merchandise is sold. You can also win incredible rewards in the daily raffle draws, if you have any chance, like cars, cash, gold and more. DSF remains the main reason for the Christmas holidays in Dubai.



During the summer, temperatures can easily reach 50 degrees Celsius, and longer heat exposures can even lead to death. Therefore, nearly every building is air-conditioned. It's impossible to get out during the day. But the best weather is during Christmas. The weather is nice and warm even during the day, the nights cold and chilly. You can really visit the city and have a nice time. So Christmas time is the best time to enjoy Dubai for those who are unwilling to heat.

Offers & Packages

In most parts of the world, Christmas is a holiday time. Schools are close, and the parents take time off their jobs as well. So many tour operators and organisers have great discounts and offer to attract tourists to take advantage of this fact. These offers are an excellent way to save money and enjoy a holiday in your preferred destination. There are also attractions like Burj Khalifa Tour, Desert Safari, Dhow Dinner Cruise and many others that you can combine with matching and matching your tour. Go to Dubai in the Christmas season, therefore, and receive all the additional attractions.


Around this time is the Dubai Shopping Festival, but Dubai still celebrates Christmas in a great way even though not. All around the city, there are Christmas themed events. Famous city restaurants have special breakfasts and dinners where special Christmas dishes from around the world are served. There is a special snowball struggle for children in Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Yes, only children can enjoy it with snow. In addition, there are many Christmas events and parties in leading locations throughout the city. But groups aren't left behind. Each club is planning to put up an extravaganza of Christmas in order to beat everything you've ever experienced before, making them a good reason to visit Dubai during their Christmas holidays.


Santa's Grotto

Without Santa Claus, what is Christmas? If no Santa were involved in the Christmas celebrations in Dubai, it would be criminal. You can find it in all parts of the WAFI Mall. The mall has a large number of grottos (Santa's workshop) in place, where children can sit and express their wishes to him, while the gift they want can be bought. Don't forget to take a camera, which is a memorable place. Get in early in the day as the mall fills. WAFI mall also has a lot of entertainment avenues.

Despite the nearby Dubai Shopping Festival, Christmas is just as big in Dubai. This is one of the year's best times when tourists take advantage of special DSF packages and enjoy Dubai. Dubai is a wonderful year-round destination. Every time you visit, people who visit Dubai frequently discover many new things as this city is changing and evolving constantly. Dubai promises you will never have a dull time here, ranging from magnificent architectural feats to adventures that cross the border. So plan your holiday to Dubai and prepare yourself for the best holiday ever.

We hope that the reasons listed above are enough to convince you that Dubai Christmas is indeed one of the world's most special events. And just if you plan a trip, we can help you.

So now you must have a clear Reasons To Visit Dubai During Christmas. So get your Dubai Visa from Dubai Visa Center and explore this beautiful nation during the season of Christmas and enjoy your holidays.

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