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getting a dubai visa for south africans in 2024

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Dubai is known for offering the most vibrant tourism in the world, which is the primary reason behind the country being a hot favorite travel destination among tourists, and South Africans, too, couldn’t shield themselves from the charm of this Emirate. A considerable number of South African travelers visit Dubai each year and if you have planned a holiday in the country in 2022, this article has everything you need to visit Dubai this year.

Here is the Dubai visa procedure and requirements for South African citizens who are visiting Dubai this year.

Dubai Visa-Free Entry for South African Nationals

The first thing that a traveler checks before visiting abroad is if the country allows a visa-less entry. If you’re a South African national who is visiting Dubai, you won’t be allowed to immigrate without a valid Dubai visa. Thus, it is necessary to get your visa beforehand before visiting Dubai. 

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Dubai Visa for South Africans

Though Dubai visa-less entry is not a thing for South African nationals, they still have an option to get their Dubai visa online (commonly known as a Dubai e-visa). E-visas or electronic visas are short-term visas that permit visiting a country for holidaying, tourism, leisure, and sightseeing. 

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most-visited countries by South Africans out of the seven Emirates in the UAE, all thanks to the convenient visa process and abundant tourist spots in these countries. 

Dubai E-Visa Rules 

The visa policy of the UAE is published by the UAE’s Ministry of Interior. This policy lists the guidelines and rules for different types of visas issued by the country. Here are these policies. 

  • South Africans can get an e-visa for tourism-related purposes only
  • The maximum stay duration allowed is 30 days
  • Entry will be granted only through an international airport in the country
  • The validity of the e-visa is 60 days and it has to be used within this time period. 

Another important thing to know before applying for an e-visa in Dubai is that the visa is not valid if you’re visiting the country for employment or business-related purposes. A physical application has to be submitted at the nearest consulate or embassy for all other types of visas, be it a business, employment, residence, or student visa.

Types of Dubai E-Visas for South African Nationals

There are multiple types of e-visas that a South African traveler can apply for in Dubai. This differentiation is done on the basis of stay duration, the number of entries allowed, and the type of visa issued. 

Here is the list of all the different types of e-visas that can be applied for visiting Dubai.

  1. 14-days tourist visa (single-entry)
  2. 30-days tourist visa (single-entry)
  3. 30-days tourist visa (multiple-entry)
  4. 90-days tourist visa (single-entry)
  5. 90-days tourist visa (multiple-entry)

Apart from the above-mentioned visas, you can also apply for a Dubai transit visa online. Here are the 2 types of transit visas offered by Dubai.

  1. 48-hours Dubai transit visa
  2. 96-hour Dubai transit visa

Requirements for a Dubai Visa for South African Citizens

The best part of a Dubi visa for South Africans is that it can be applied quite easily by submitting only a handful of documents. You just need 4 basic documents to get your visa issued online. Here is the list.

1. Original passport

  • Must be valid at least for the next 6 months
  • Must contain at least 4 blank pages for stamping

2. Passport-size photographs

  • Clicked on a white background
  • The subject must have neutral expressions
  • The face must be visible clearly 
  • Caps/masks/hats/sunglasses are not allowed

3. Flight tickets 

  • Round-trip flight tickets to Dubai
  • Must be confirmed for both ways 

4. Hotel booking

  • Confirmed booking in a registered hotel in Dubai

How to Apply for a Dubai Visa Online

Given below are the steps to be followed to apply for a Dubai visa online

  1. Visit the Dubai Visa Center visa application portal
  2. Start a new Dubai visa application by selecting your residence and citizenship country
  3. Select the type and duration of the visa you want to apply for
  4. Fill out the visa form completely.
  5. Pay the visa fee

And you’re done! Once your visa form and fee are received, we will start your visa process immediately. You will receive an email containing the credentials of your application. Make sure to keep it safe.

Dubai Visa Center is a one-stop destination for all Dubai visa-related services. You can not only apply for a visa but can also track your application within a few seconds. We haven’t failed even a single time and have processed with a 100% success rate. We offer 100% accuracy on Dubai visas and are looking forward to becoming your “visa partners”.

The Bottom Line

Clearly, the Dubai visa application process is quite seamless if you apply through our website. Start applying today and get a visa in the shortest time.

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