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dubai transit visa immigration laws

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Dubai has always been in limelight for its strict immigration laws. Whether you talk about a tourist visa or a Dubai transit visa, the country is very particular about its visa laws and expects every traveler to abide by them.

In this article, we’ll look at some immigration laws regarding Dubai transit visa along with the rules and regulations to be followed if you’re visiting the country on a transit visa. By the end of this article, you’ll have a nice idea about visiting Dubai on a transit visa and how you can get your visa without much effort. 

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What is a Transit Visa in Dubai?

A Transit visa is a type of visa that allows you to visit Dubai while in transit to some other country. In other words, you can get off at Dubai airport and explore the country (if your flight halts there). Getting a transit visa is extremely popular among travelers and is a great way to explore the country. 

Types of Transit Visa in Dubai

Dubai offers 2 different types of transit visas to travelers - a 48 hours transit visa and a 96-hours Dubai transit visa. You can obtain your 48-hours transit visa without paying any charge while a 96-hours visa can be obtained by paying AED50.

Important Transit Visa Laws in Dubai

According to Dubai’s transit visa laws,

  • Your transit visa must be sponsored by a recognized UAE-based airline or a travel operator. 
  • It must be approved at the immigration before entering the country. 
  • Both of the above-mentioned transit visa types are non-extendable under normal circumstances.
  • If you’re eligible for a visa- entry or visa on arrival in Dubai, you need not obtain a transit visa

Who Can Apply for a Dubai Transit Visa?

As mentioned above, only UAE-based airlines can sponsor a transit visa in Dubai. However, you can also get in touch with a travel operator to get your transit visa but all the approval requests have to be routed through a UAE airline only. 

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Validity/Duration of the Visa

You can choose between a 48-hours visa and a 96-hours visa. It must be noted that you can extend your 48-hours transit visa to 96-hours. 

1. 48-Hours Dubai Transit Visa

A 48-hour Dubai transit visa can be obtained without paying a penny. It is available at UAE airports and has to be applied beforehand through a UAE airline. It is a non-renewable visa and the holder must leave the country within 48 hours from the date of arrival. 

2. 96-Hours Dubai Transit Visa

All the rules regarding a 96-hours Dubai transit visa are the same as a 48-hours visa. The only difference is the validity of the visa. This visa is valid for 96 hours, which means that the holder needs to leave the country within 4 days after approval. 

Documents to be Submitted for a Transit Visa

The documents for both visas are the same. Here is the list of documents you’ll need to get a transit visa in Dubai.

  • A passport/travel document holding a minimum of 3 months of validity
  • A passport-size photograph clicked on a white background
  • Flight tickets or proof of travel to your final destination

You can contact us for more transit visa-related queries.

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The Bottom Line

We hope that the article could bring some value to your life. Get your Dubai transit visa today and explore what this city of wonders wants to offer you.

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