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How to Get Dubai Visa for Sri Lanka Passport Holders in 2024

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If you are a Sri Lankan passport holder and you want to get yourself a Dubai visitor visa then you will have complete knowledge of the process of applying for a Dubai visa. In this article, we will discuss every step of getting a Dubai visa for a Sri Lankan passport holder.

First of all, you need to understand that there are different kinds of Dubai visas and selecting an ideal visa is important. If you want to stay for less than 30 days then 30 days Dubai visitors visa will be enough. If you want to stay longer then you can choose 90 days visa or there are also multi-entry visas available for Sri Lankan citizens. Express Dubai visa services are also available if you want your visa in less amount of time. When you are in Dubai and you want to extend your visa then you can choose from the different options available.

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The complete process of a Dubai visa takes around 2 to 3 working days. However, it is possible to get an express visa within 8 to 24 hours of a single working day.

Get all the necessary documents that a Sri Lankan citizen needs to apply for the Dubai Visit visa. You will need to submit documents along with a filled Dubai visa application form. Given below are the requirements when it comes to documents for Sri Lankan passport holders,

  • A recent color photograph.
  • A copy showing a confirmed return flight ticket.
  • Scanned copy of passport (it must have 6-month validity) along with front and back pages.
  • A family member works in Government or private, a Shri Lanka national identity card, a phone number, and an address proof. Also, a UAE residence visa page of a friend or family member works fine.

Also, you can choose our services and provide all the required documents along with a scanned copy of necessary documents for Sri Lankan passport holders. You will need to make the payment and you should get a confirmation email.

Our highly qualified, visa processing team will verify and check the visa application and your documents. After verification, the application will be sent to Dubai immigration.

In some cases, Dubai immigration authorities ask for additional documents for verification and you will need to submit them later.

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After the complete processing of your Dubai visa, you will be provided with a soft copy of your visa that you can take to Dubai airport as well.

  • Confirm with your visa provider that has issued the "OK to board" a minimum of 48 hours before you start your flight to Dubai.
  • Ensure that you bring your passport when you take the flight for Dubai, a copy of your ticket and other documents on the day of your departure is a must. Please make sure that you reach the airport counter at least 3 hours before your travel was to initiate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers that want to enter Dubai more than once on Emirates or Fly Dubai Airline as per their itineraries are allowed to apply for all their Dubai Visitor visas at the same time. Visas would be processed according to the date of application and date of travel for Flying in Dubai Airline to enter Dubai.

Generally, Dubai is a very safe place to visit. A person-on-person crime is not a concern for Travellers because Dubai is a heavily monitored City. Crime can be considered as pickpocketing and scams along with sexual harassment. However weapons are not involved at all.

Sri Lankans who only have possession of the Shri Lankan passport are not eligible to get a visa at arrival and they will have to apply for a visa before entering Dubai. However, those who have dual citizenship and have dual passports are eligible for a Dubai on arrival visitors visa for Sri Lankans. This is also dependent on your country. The process of visiting visa for Dubai is very easy and the government is always trying to simplify this process more and more.

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