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Over the years, Dubai has developed into one of the most prestigious and popular tourist attractions in the world, drawing tourists from various sectors to its shores to experience what the 'must-visit' destination has to offer. It's unsurprising that people flock to its shores to set their eyes on its great accomplishments and achievements as a place famous for superlatives, such as the world's biggest skyscraper and largest mall. 

This article will cover everything related to Dubai Visa on Arrival and all the countries which are eligible to apply for a Dubai visa on arrival.


A visa upon arrival means that travelers must obtain a visa to reach the destination country, but it can be obtained upon arrival. You don’t have to apply beforehand for a travel visa.

Visa on arrival is when, upon arrival in the country of destination, applicants and travelers will be issued a license. You will need to wait more than an hour at the airport to get a visa on arrival, the authorities will check your documents, and make sure you have all your documents with you. If your journey is unplanned and you need to visit a country in an emergency, the best option is to obtain a visa on arrival.

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30 Day visit eligibility-

No advance visa arrangements are required to visit the UAE if you are a passport holder from the country or territory listed below. Just depart from Dubai International Airport and proceed to immigration, where a 30-day visit visa will be stamped with your passport free of charge.






 Hong Kong 







New Zealand 

Republic of Ireland 

San Marino 



United Kingdom 

Northern Ireland 

United States of America, Vatican City.

90 Day visit eligibility-

If you are a holder of a passport from one of the countries or territories mentioned below, your passport will be stamped with a 90-day multiple-entry visit visa valid for 6 months from the date of issue and for a total stay of 90 days. Citizens from the European countries mentioned below are also eligible to apply for a pre-arranged visitor visa if their 90-day visa has been fully used upon arrival.

Argentina Chile El Salvador Hungary Luxembourg Paraguay San Marino Spain,
Austria Colombia Estonia Iceland Maldives Peru Serbia Sweden
Bahamas Islands  Costa Rica Finland Italy Malta Poland Seychelles Switzerland
Barbados Croatia France Kiribati Montenegro Portugal Slovakia Uruguay
Belgium Cyprus Germany Latvia Nauru Romania Slovenia  
Brazil Czech Republic Greece Liechtenstein Netherlands Russian Federation Solomon Islands  
Bulgaria Denmark Honduras Lithuania Norway Saint Vincent and the Grenadines South Korea  

180 Day visit eligibility-

You are entitled to a 180-day multiple entry visit visa valid for 6 months from the date of issue and for a total stay of 180 days if you hold a Mexican passport.

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To increase security measures in Dubai, the immigration authorities at Dubai International Airport are now performing a random eye screening test for Dubai visitors.

A hard copy of their visa or a printed version of the visa number confirmation page at the screening counter is required for visitors requested to continue with eye screening. A fee of AED 30 per copy applies if you do not have a copy with you - payable in AED only.


Please check your visa requirements before you travel to the UAE and make sure you have a valid visa if necessary, or if your passport needs to be valid for a minimum time. There may also be different entry conditions for holders of non-standard passports and travel documents: find out whether you need to apply for a visa and other passport requirements.

As of 29 April 2016, before arriving in Dubai, GCC residency permit holders would need to apply for a UAE visa.

Residents of any of the GCC countries are not exempt from visa requirements such as those of GCC nationals, but if they travel with GCC citizens, they are entitled to a facilitated online application method.

As of 1 May 2017, Indian nationals holding a normal passport valid for at least six months from the date of arrival and a visit visa or green card issued by the United States valid for at least six months or holding a residency in the United Kingdom or the EU may upon arrival, obtain a visa for a maximum stay of 14 days for a fee of AED120 (subject to change). For AED25050, they may apply to extend their stay for an additional 14 days (subject to change).

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You will normally have around 60 days to use it to reach the country when you obtain a UAE visa. The number of days you are permitted to remain in the UAE upon entry depends on the intention of your travel.

You will stay for up to 30 days as a tourist. You are only permitted to stay for up to 4 days if you are transiting. UAE Employment Visas are issued for a maximum duration of 2 months, during which time you must turn your visa into a residency visa or leave the country.


Two forms of transit visas are provided by the UAE. One for 48 hours, free of charge, and one for 96 hours for just AED 50. Transit visas are only sponsored by airlines operating in the UAE and must be processed and accepted prior to entry into the UAE. Both kinds of Transit visas are non-extendable.

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You may enter Dubai and any other emirates in the UAE without a visa if you are from one of the following countries and as such, you do not need a UAE transit visa:

  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia

You have freedom of travel if you are from one of the above countries and can enter the UAE with your passport or ID.

If you are from Mexico, you are allowed to access the UAE for up to 180 days without a visa.


The procedure of UAE visa application form for Visa on arrival is the same as other types of visas. Dubai Visa requirements are also the same as the same general documents are required like Passport copies, Photographs, Proof of accommodation, Return flight ticket, etc. 

This was a guide for Dubai Visa on Arrival and the process of UAE visa online is simple and quick with the Dubai Visa Center.

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