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As a tourist, it is normal for individuals to visit Dubai and enjoy their stay so much that they wish to stay longer. In such cases, you ask yourself, Can I extend Dubai Visa online. This article will help you to know about Dubai Visa Extension.

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On request and after the successful approval of the relevant authorities, all types of visit and tourist visas can be extended twice for a duration of 30 days. This can be done without the need to depart the country.

Tourists and Visitors can apply for the second renewal of their visa before their first renewal expires by paying AED 600 for each renewal.

As mentioned above, visa overstayers who do not renew will be liable to pay a fine of AED 100 for each day of their overstay, to be fixed 10 days after the expiry date of the visa.

If you fall under one of the following categories, you can not qualify for a UAE visa extension:

  • You are a tourist or visitor and you are a resident of a GCC country.
  • You are a resident of the GCC that is accompanying a GCC resident
  • Or if you hold a special entry permit
  • You're having a 96-hour permit for special tasks/missions


With the growing development of the country, tourism in Dubai is rising. Every year, unique buildings and stunning architecture attract more and more visitors. A person can visit the country for a limited period with the help of a tourist visa and enjoy the beautiful architecture it has to offer. This is a non-renewable visa, and if the person stays longer than the specified time, the monetary penalty will have to be paid extra for each day.

There is also a range of several choices for entry visas that can be used by visitors. This visa is specifically intended for regular business travelers and also for travelers on the same trip who have multiple visits to Dubai. If a traveler's trip schedule allows him to enter Dubai more than once, then this form of visa is required. In the case of business travelers, to use this visa, they need to be linked to a local UAE company or a multi-national. To be eligible for multiple entry visas, it is required first to qualify and take tourist visas. A Dubai multi-visit visa is non-renewable.

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A tourist visa is valid for 30 days and a visit visa is valid for 90 days. The validity of a tourist visa will not be extended. For citizens of the following countries: Eastern and Western Europe, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Albania, Russia, Hellenic Republic, Saint Kitts-Navis, Saint Lucia, Mexico, Cuba, Bermuda, Belize, Guyana, French Guiana, Martinique, Antigua, and Barbuda, Saint Vincent, Jamaica, Palau, Thailand, South Africa, Singapore, China, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Vincent, Palau, other undefined American nationalities, Malta and Cyprus can get their tourist visas with 10 AED fee for delivery.

A tourist visa only allows a traveler to renew the visa twice, for a maximum stay of 60 days. You have to go back to the country of origin and return after one month if you want to renew it again. If you surpass the last visa renewal date, however, you will have to pay a fine of AED 100. To avoid paying penalty fees, it is best to renew your visa before the due date.


You will normally have around 60 days to use it to enter the country when you receive a UAE visa. The number of days you are permitted to remain in the UAE upon entry depends on the intention of your travel.

You will stay for up to 30 days as a tourist. You are only permitted to stay for up to 4 days if you are traveling. UAE Employment Visas are issued for a maximum duration of 2 months, during which time you must turn your visa into a residency visa or leave the country.


This visa is available for people who do not qualify for a visa-free entry or a visa upon arrival. If a woman is traveling to the UAE, her parents should accompany her to get a visa. Minors who wish to visit in the company of adults are entitled to a free visa between the period from 15 July to 15 September each year as per Cabinet Resolution in July 2018.

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This article answers the question, Can I extend Dubai Visa Online and covers all other related topics.

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